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It's probably because it isn't a 9th conference game. I guess I get it, but what makes me, well not give a hoot about what anyone thinks here is that nobody is ragging the ACC for 8 conference games. Just because we hold onto a cupcake week until November, and they burn all of theirs by week 6, why do they get a pass? Don't worry, I'll answer. It's because Klatt and Cowherd and old Danny Boy hate the SEC, not because we only play 8 conference games. Not to mention, half of the East plays the ACC annually during hate week. We have Tech, Scar gets Clemson (good luck boys), Florida has State, and Kentucky gets Louisville. If we go to nine games in conference, them we either drop these rivalries (hell no) or we have to play 11 of our 12 games against P5 every single year to get any cool noncon games.
You can also guarantee that next time, the starter will get demoted after game 5. Might come across as dirty, but IMO, bailing after losing you starting job is low trash. I point to our situation last year, at least Eason had the fortitude to stick it out. What Bryant did was immature. Like retiring at halftime.
At least when our players are dropping the ball before the endzone we recover...
It would be an interesting if season exercise for this website or 247 sports to go back and rank some of the SEC's greatest players as recruits just to see what they would have been, you know? Herschel or Bo? Spurrier or a Manning?
You mean the way Cameron Sutton put his shoulder pad on Keith Marshall's knee up there in 2013? Full speed straight into the side of it? That kind of dirty hit?