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Phat Phil.....that says it all lol. Brumbaugh fell on the sword for Pruitt...Pruitt has learned that from Patrick Phil
Thanks for the truth..anybody can beat anybody on a given day in this league. Teams better put their purses down, pull up their pantyhose and be ready for a fight. This is big boy football. Been many games I thought UK players were caught with their pantyhose down lol.
Whatever makes you feel better about getting curb stomped
Tool or not....that doesn't excuse a kick to the nuts. The UK player didn't touch the UT player....bottom line was the UT player in that instance was undisciplined
Thank you for the congrats...Class. This rivalry may become something of importance.
Fat Phil will have Pruitt fall on the sword for him like all assistants have in years past. Its the ghost of Fat Phil
I'd agree with you on that...or SEC QB's are terrible.
It wasn't a great offensive game for to UT defense early on, but take away the 17 points via interception, its still a Cats win 17 pts of offense...not great but enough to do the job. If the UT defense gave up at halftime, then shame on them and the coaching staff. Bottom line was UK defense still had to make the plays, they did ..granted vawl QB helped.
I meant that as a compliment, not being a smartellick
Unfortunately for us, Stoops is so stubborn and loyal to seniors, it will take a total meltdown or injury (don't want any injuries) in order for Stoops to make a change at QB. The arm talent is obvious with Gatewood, he can put so much more velocity on his intermediate throws than TW can, I'd bet he also can go through all his progressions/reads. TW quite often never sees wide open receivers.
Gatewood isn't Cam Newton, but I bet he will be a far better passer than Terry Wilson. Gatewood appears to have a much quicker release and we shall see if he is able to see the whole field because Terry sure can't...he rarely ever checks all of his reads. TW just isn't a QB who is going to typically win you games with his arm.
And either of those total offense numbers typically aren't going to win you games.....very fortunate to have some key interceptions in that game. UT, USC, UGA, UF, fact all teams left on Cat's schedule would for the Cats to only have 200 yds total offense......
Typically 205 total offensive yards isn't going to win you a game against a typical SEC team. We were fortunate that the D finally showed up for a game and that MSU and the air raid are in their infancy. Only accumulate 205 yes of offense this Sat against the dirty vawls and the Cats will be walking home declared. Funny thing is, had UK showed up and played defense the first two games like they did against MSU, cats would've won those games since they did have good offensive output. Gotta have both
NFL coaches should be salivating for a ST weapon such as him, he constantly flips the field.
I agree with you on your thoughts. TW is a game manager....aside from his running ability, he typically isn't the type of QB that is going to make the throws needed to be a game changer as the field general. As I noted previous, Gatewood showed a flash of his arm strength and quick release. One pass isn't enough to gauge if he is going to be an accurate passer, but if I were a gambler, I'd lay money on him being a QB that can be a game changer, the plays that I did see him make at Auburn were very encouraging and he easily could've been their starter if Bo Nix weren't a legacy recruit.
Since they were stacking the box, if we had a QB that could throw an accurate intermediate pass, we could've moved the ball. Crossing patterns 15-20 yards over the middle were open with then stacking the box, but TW doesn't check all his reads and isn't accurate. I don't think Gran and Co. trust him much with those throws. Joey Gatewood showed in that briefly appearance a flash of his arm strength and if receivers will step up, the ball is there for them to catch. Clevan should've caught the lone ball he threw.
Landon is talking about the National media, not SEC media/coaches. I agree there is some lack of respect, but I also say if they want overall respect then they have to start beating off and on teams like UT, UF and UGA. If they do that every couple years, then they'll get plenty of respect. It starts with winning games you're typically not picked to win. Beat UT every couple years and you have a really heated rivalry.
Well, actually UK has 20+ 4* players and a couple 5*......
It really shouldn't come down to Sankey on any in conference player transfer being eligible. If the NCAA clears a player and both schools agree to it, then it should be a done deal.
Now that's funny....I don't care who you are, just goes to show what alcohol will do to you in mass quantities. His buddies probably dared him and with the magical bravery powers of Jack Daniels, he obliged his buddies and showed them his bravery and open field skills lol.
I don't care how bad the ref is or how bad the call was.....these two should be banned from high school and college athletics, charged with assault/ battery and taught a severe lesson. This is what's wrong in our country today....a lot of folks have no respect for human life or others and have not fear of any punishment for their actions. They should have to spend a year in the prison system avoiding picking up the soap in the shower.........they may then have a new found respect for others and the law. I know it doesn't always reflect how their parents raised them...but it makes me feel that they didn't grow up in a family where discipline and respect were taught, nor did they get their butts whipped. 0 tolerance for actions like these.
Ohio St. could pull the surprise.....but if Harris is going anywhere outside Kentucky, my money would be on Bama. I pray it's UK but if it's Bama I'm ok with that since Bama is my second team. Anywhere but a Little 10 school......
UK has to rep SEC pride this Saturday.......the odds are against them, but if they play like they're capable of playing, they can win this game. Happy Thanksgiving to all my SEC brethren!
Kiffin is a social moron......but the cat is an offensive mind.
Dak may have come out flat....but the Cats DE's were harassing him constantly. Both QB's played very well. Dak had some great runs and good throws. It was an entertaining game to say the least....UK still has a lot of growing to do.