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I would agree with most of this article, but UGA's backup QB and 3rd string RB just scored again.
All-time, Ohio State is 2-13 in postseason games vs the SEC. It is their worst record against any conference.
I hope you're right, VFL. Stoops is 4-1 in bowls the last 5 seasons, and usually does a great job prepping the team and working around opt-outs. Thanks for the encouragement! I think the Vols beat the brakes off of Iowa.
Always the same old comments between UK and UT fans... UT fans talk about us sucking in football, UK fans fire back with a jab. It's so tiresome. Neither program has done anything of note on a national stage in decades, save for Tennessee being #1 for a week last year. I live in Tennessee and most of my friends are UT fans. I hate the stupid comments on "inbreeding" and "cousin loving." Tennessee dominates kentucky in football. Anyone with a brain knows that's true. It always ends with moronic insults that have zero to do with football. It's a shame to watch grown adults throw dumb ad hominems around when both states are so similar financially and socially. I hope both teams win their bowl games. Tennessee, go show Iowa why the Big Ten is overrated. Go vols and go cats.
Big yikes on the draw for Kentucky. Our best player (Ray Davis) is sitting out. He accounted for a higher percentage of our offense than any player in power 5. Clemson wants to keep the streak of years finishing top 25 alive. I see a brutal loss for the Cats.
And if Milroe is so bad, Michigan shouldn't have any issues shutting him down. My friends are from Monroe and Jackson. I am cheering for the Wolverines to win (sorry to my fellow SEC folks, rare exception), but there's no sense in complaining over who got in at this point. Just go beat Bama if you are truly the #1 team.
@Hail2TheVictors... if saying that saying is Lamar 2.0 is a "dig" in your opinion, you need better material. We are talking about the NFL MVP, Heisman-winning Lamar, right???
This year, probably! In all seriousness, Kentucky beat Louisville by nearly the same margin on the road. If that's the second best team in the ACCA, yikes.
Okay, that's a good point. I didn't think about how bad that loss truly is.
Am I missing something?? Texas beat Bama, UGA didn't. Texas is a 12-1 conference champ. UGA is a 12-1 conference runner up. I want the SEC to get teams in every year, but it seems pretty obvious to me.
Wow... what a great game... that 30 yard run by Milroe was clutch. Really wish both of these teams could get in.
South Carolina looking SOLID this year!!
I would think it would be Kentucky vs Duke in the Mayo Bowl, TAMU vs WVU in the Texas Bowl, and Auburn vs Northwestern in Music City
Oh, and LSU. I thought they would be 11-1.
The only major surprises to me were Mizzou and Arkansas. Everyone else is within about a game of where most thought they'd be. Really thought Arkansas and Mizzou would be around the 7-5 mark.
I was rooting for him either way, but very happy he is staying. Consistency is hard to find in sports these days. Stoops Troops, baby!
I think any realistic UK fan knew this day was coming. Stoops has done all he can with UK's resources. I hope he does very well with TAMU.
Very thankful for all Stoops has done. We were a 2-3 win program before he got here, and now 8 straight bowl appearances. We may never have reached the elite level, but just being a competent team that people have to take seriously has been a huge step forward. I wish him nothing but the best in Aggieland.
Thanks, guys! Always happy to make the conference look better! Both UGA and LSU have looked very impressive.
Wow... Worst unit since 2020 and still find a way to spoil Louisville's dream year. L's down, baby.
My thoughts exactly. ESPECIALLY if Mizzou, Ole Miss, and LSU take care of business this weekend. That gives victories to UGA/Bama over 2 teams each that will finish top 15.
The three words I'd best use to describe this game are as follows, and I quote: Stink, stank, stunk! In all seriousness, congrats to South Carolina! November magic continues... now, go beat Clemson!
Of course you're my friend! I don't have to know you for that. I'd give you the shirt off my back if you needed it. The world is too cold of a place to not be friends with as many as possible! We're all just trying to make it one day at a time, with a smile!
All in jest, my friend! Just trying to be weird! I'm sure Freeze will turn it around. Kentucky has had plenty of embarrassment to go around over the years. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!
Not me, Ronald. Your other brothers and sisters on this site. Your hatred and vitriol doesn't go unnoticed. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh. Look into your heart, Mr. Mexico. Find the love for your fellow man that Auburn has buried deep inside you.
Because you always seem like you've been sucking on a lemon since you exited the womb, Ronald. I've never seen someone quicker to call everyone idiots and morons on every article than you. After noticing your sourness every season, I am convinced that logic, reasoning, and intuitive discussions don't reach you, so the only thing left is the intervention of the Almighty to pull you from the depths of mud-slinging and bring you to the light. Shalom.
Praying for you and your War Tigers, my brother?