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Making the SEC proud baby!! Can't wait for our match up next month!!!
Absolutely nail-biting game... great offenses, horrible defenses. Glad we were able to put up 525 yards against a conference opponent. HUGE hats off to Mizzou for the fight they showed when it looked like it would be 28-7. Best of luck with the rest of your season, Tigers.
Congrats, Aggies! Hopefully King is able to return soon, but that defense was STOUT. Pac-12 with a pretty good showing today.
4th? A little high for me. We are still mid-tier until we prove it against a quality opponent.
Should be a great battle this weekend! I expect a one score game that could go either way.
Another SEC beatdown of Louisville to end Labor Day? Yes please. Thanks Rebs for the late evening treat!
I think Tennessee can pull it off against Pitt! I see them going 6-6 this year, maybe even 7-5.
Kentucky at 6? Maybe a bit of an overreaction.. I would say 8th is more accurate until we see them against a team with a pulse
That's fair... I do think we have 9-3 potential this season, but we will need to bring our A game in October. Brutal month.
I would hold off on any Kentucky praise until next week's matchup. The game against you guys should be great, and I'm looking forward to Bazelak vs Levis!
As a Kentucky fan, I've learned to temper my expectations. We looked great against a bad team, as every SEC team should. Let's see what happens next week against Mizzou.
Yeah I would put Kentucky in that discussion with Vanderbilt just based on football. We have been historically bad for large portions of our history. Arkansas had a phenomenal program when I was younger.
Don't forget Kentucky without a QB playing 8-4 Virginia Tech in 2019 and playing #23 NC State with a 4-6 record and winning both of those games.
I agree. Probably another 7-5 season if we don't do well in the passing game. Potentially a 9-3 type year if we develop some modicum of an air attack.
I think most Kentucky fans (including myself) understand that winning 8 or 9 games a year is the realistic benchmark, with an occasional surprise here or there.