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Tennessee is definitely trending in the right direction, but I wouldn't say they have flirted with the Final Four often. They've only made it past the sweet 16 one time in the 80 year history of the tournament.
I would say we are placed pretty accurately. Around #23-25 in most polls. We lost our #1 playmaker, and a lot of the offensive line. We definitely have a chance to be a top 15-20 team next year, but we have to prove it first.
Thanks!!! You guys looked UNREAL last night.
LET'S GOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Against Stoops' Alma mater with 7 starters out.... what a season... beautiful ending drive.
Congrats, Hogs!!!!!!!! UGA takes down UM, Kentucky takes down Iowa, and Arky takes down PSU! WHAT A DAY AGAINST THE BIG TEN.
Wow... unbelievably bad stoppage of forward progress by the ref. Obviously giving up 50 points doesn't come down to a single call, but that's just terrible.
Wow!!!! What a performance by the Gamecocks! I know a lot has been made about the SEC starting 0-4, but I had a feeling this SC team was hungry. 13 point underdogs and won by 3 scores! Congrats to Beamer's Birds!
Ole Miss vs Pittsburgh: First one to 50 wins! What a fun game that would be.
Great game, Dogs. Will Rogers is legit. I am embarrassed to think that I believed this could be an 11-1 team. Our ceiling is and always will be 9-3 it seems. Levis has 5 TDs and 6 turnovers against teams with winning records. Time to move on.
That's what I thought! Michigan gave up one 75 yard run on a busted play, but was near perfect defensively outside of that and ran the ball with ease. I would love for 33-7 to be considered "struggling."
Wow. UGA is incredible. I've been watching football for a long time, and I don't remember a team as complete as this one in quite some time. They are definitely head and shoulders above the rest of the country. Hats off to the Dawgs, and here's hoping we can go at least 10-2 now.
I would love a chance to beat the Spartans! My best friends are all from Michigan, so if the Wolverines and the Cats could both beat Sparty, it would be a sweet year
Arkansas vs. Auburn is going to be a phenomenal game in my opinion.
Don't sell yourself short. UT's offense and run defense look drastically improved from week 1. I wouldn't be shocked if Tennessee puts a 7 or 8 win season together.
Good win, Auburn! A lot of people wrote the Tigers off after a close loss to PSU, but I think they are still a high quality team. Probably the second best team in the West behind Bama.
I'm in tears right now. I know, it's pathetic to fans of teams that have always competed for national titles. But for Kentucky, this was a beautiful culmination of hard defensive work, pouring money into the program, and a concerted effort to make a football a priority all coming together. Man, I'm proud of this team. It was ugly at times, but what a season so far. Hats off to the Gators for nearly giving me a heart attack at the end
I think Tennessee definitely makes a bowl... they should beat SC, Vandy, South Alabama, and then split Mizzou and UK
I don't know about how you'll finish in the West because of how crazy it is, but I definitely think you will go at least 8-4
Listen, I love Kentucky football, and I will bleed blue until I die. But Florida's offense is leagues ahead of ours, and Emory Jones has made HUGE strides in the last couple weeks. I'd like to think we win, but something tells me Florida 31 UK 17
Kentucky currently ranks #9 in the country in total defense. Offense? #40. That won't be good enough against Florida, LSU, and UGA. We will be very fortunate to pick up ANY of those wins if we keep playing this way. Looking like 8-4 right now.
Alright, let me give my take on this Kentucky offense.... First, FUMBLE!!! And then, they really need to wo- FUMBLE!!! Coen has to open up the playb- FUMBLE!!!
Great job, Hogs!!! Been rooting for you guys all year! Best of luck the rest of the year from Lexington!
I still believe we have the potential to be a 9-3 team. After Chattanooga, I may be leaning more towards 8-4. The SC game will determine our season basically.
I don't think it's an indictment on Bama as much as praise deserved for Florida. Florida is a top 6 or 8 team for sure. The cocktail party will determine if they get to have a rematch with Bama in December.
Wow... VERY impressed with the Gators. What a game by both teams. Even with a loss, I have to say the Gators have proven they are among the elite. Hats off to the Gainesville Gang.
Making the SEC proud baby!! Can't wait for our match up next month!!!
Absolutely nail-biting game... great offenses, horrible defenses. Glad we were able to put up 525 yards against a conference opponent. HUGE hats off to Mizzou for the fight they showed when it looked like it would be 28-7. Best of luck with the rest of your season, Tigers.
Congrats, Aggies! Hopefully King is able to return soon, but that defense was STOUT. Pac-12 with a pretty good showing today.
4th? A little high for me. We are still mid-tier until we prove it against a quality opponent.