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That's retarded. Does Derek Mason get SEC Football coach of the year for winning 3 conference games over Kirby Smart or Saban going undefeated? No. This is also Calipari's least talented team. There is one projected NBA first round draft pick on this team. Auburn, Georgia (#1 pick), VANDERBILT, all have higher projected picks than Kentucky. So Calipari not only won the conference by 3 games, he did so with lesser talent, no matter what people want to say, recruiting rankings don't always mean draft rankings. The only other coach who had a claim would have been Pearl if Auburn had been closer, because like Calipari he lost his whole team last year, but in the end it's not about mediocrity its about acknowledging achievements.
This. Bear was going to Bama regardless if he left UK for AM or not. Its also documented that the lighter/Cadillac crap is an urban legend. Just like today Coach Ktdudhkwski and Saban would not be able to exist in one department. People forget coaches have egos and when you are the top of your respective sports there's not enough air in the room to support. UK screwed the pooch forcing football coaches to fill the roster with KY athletes. While in the day the basketball team was able to do this, since basketball was a cheap sport for rural schools to field, which lead to great bball prospects in state. Football on the other hand was reserved for larger more urban areas, which are few and far between here. Coupled with past ADs trying to do everything on the cheap and football has historically stunk here. Finally starting to try to compete, but UK really screwed the pooch by not bringing home Howard Schnellenberger, and letting him resurrect rival UL.