A Kentucky fan! Go big blue!!

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We pretty much have singers come and sing it. For Florida, it was an American Idol contestant who is from Kentucky. Mizzou, they had a guitar solo. Sometimes, they have our opera professor sing it or in the case, conduct it.
At this point, Kentucky is playing with House Money the rest of the reason. If/when the Cats lose to Georgia, so what? You lost to the #1 team in the country at their home, no harm in that. Especially with Bama’s loss, the pressure is on Georgia to finish this thing strong.
So what South Carolina has been doing under muschamp?
What do you mean see if we can back it up. Kentucky has beaten 2 Top 25 teams, both by double digits. South Carolina got exposed by Georgia and has played... Coastal Carolina and Vandy.
Will never understand the SC hype. Bentley is overrated in my opinion and what has changed on their defense other then skai moore? maybe cuase muschamp is the coach.
" I need to see it on D first" Im pretty sure our defense has been a huge reason why we have beaten SC 3 straight times. 2014-gamewinning pick 6 2015-huge fumble return for 2 points and a interception, 2016- holds SC to 10 total points. I think our defense will be fine against SC.
Tennessee might have lost alot of good players, but yall also still have some good players returning as well. I think UT will be fine.
Gotta agree with you. McElroy was out of line to specifically call out a player, even if it is true. Hopefully the Wildcat defense can take this to heart for 2017. Good Luck to the Vols by the way! I expect a great game vs yall this season.
I think Stephen Johnson just needs to be more consistent. He literally outplayed Lamar Jackson when we played UofL, but layed a egg vs GT. if he can be more consistent and be better overall, we wont have to live and die by our excellent run game. Defense is a year older and should be better, hopefully our pass rush improves as well. Overall i can agree with these picks. Too bad UGA fans forget that their O-Line is trash.
Kentucky had 2 1,000 yard rushers last season and easily one of best O-Lines in the SEC. UGA's O-Line was bad and therefore your rushing game was limited vs good defenses. UK returns all but one O-Line man and Snell is gonna be a beast. AJ rose and King are just as fast as boom easy.
Still got a lllooonngggg way before these commits become official
The timing for the rename was so bad. UK should have renamed it during the renovation instead of hyping the fanbase with this #NewCWS stuff. Besides it shouldve been named Kroger Field @ Commonwealth Stadium in my opinion
Maybe you should worry about Vanderbilt and Miss. St. Both teams UK beat
Honestly could've been worse. Kroger Field at Commonwealth Stadium doesn't sound too bad.
Isnt gonna happen, like the last 3 years.
I will admit that the throat slash probably wasn't the best move by monk, however, that leaves no excuse for what the 2 Arkansas players at the end of the game did. The calls were pretty close. 20 FTs for Arkansas and 25 for UK. Arkansas played a poor game lets be honest here. When you go 7 minutes without even scoring, it isn't the refs keeping you down. The few calls that were missed wouldn't have much influence on the result of the game. It was pretty obvious that Kentucky was the better team and outplayed Arkansas through most of the game.
Kentucky is gonna be tough here this season and beyond with stoops at the helm. Beating Louisville was the best thing that has happened in recent memory for UK Football.
Has to Be Steven Johnson for UK, they aren't winning 7 games without him this past season.
Maybe there needs to be a certain time period where coaches can leave. I would probably say before National signing day. Maybe as soon as their teams season end and like a week or 2 before Signing day. This well allow coaches to have ample time to move, but still hive recruits knowledge of the situation before NSD.
Plus we have had siheam king also. He has been returning punts and Kickoffs and he looks fast as well.
True. every time I've been to a UK game whether that be football or basketball. Lexington has always been great to visit.
Kentucky is gonna be improved this coming up season, or at least should be. This team looks like a SEC team and has a favorable schedule where most of the big games are at home. The offense is gonna be fun to watch and this past recruiting cycle brought in several good D-Line men and other defensive players. I don't know about a 3+ win improvement, but UK will be a dark horse in the SEC East this season. That i do know.
True, but hey at least he is keeping up with him and still trying. I wouldn't be too shocked though if Kentucky does flip him to the Cats tho. They've been working hard for him
Kentucky is gonna be fun to watch this coming up season! Stoops has done a great job.
Beating Louisville was the best thing that happened to Stoops. Has like 8-10 recruits commit since beating UofL. UK could be in for a fun season next year.
Sad. Really will miss watchimg him in Blue, Good Luck to him!
Kentucky, according to ESPN, Has the 25th class right now. Ole miss is #40. Ole Miss is going down hill. If Kentucky continues to improve, dont be shocked when UK is favored over OM this season.
2 in one day!!! Beating UofL and making a good bowl is helping UK out TONS! Kentucky is gonna be a tough team to beat in the coming years!
Thats actually pretty sick. Cant wait to watch the Cats and Dawgs battle!!