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Ya know Georgia used to be my 2nd favorite team. I always rooted for them but never again. I figured they would beat us but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a fan base as belligerent and disrespectful as Georgia’s. Congrats on your win tonight. I’ll be sure to post a comment when Alabama whip your all’s a$$ in Atlanta and Tua hangs 50 on your so called elite defense
I was in the stands last week. If it gets any louder we’ll need ear plugs! Lol
The anti UK bias on this site is really amazing. Did anyone bother to look at the results Calipari has produced?? All those final fours and national championship games? We have one bad year and these nut job “analyst” come out of the wood work crying the sky is falling! I’ve never been a fan of the one and done trend Cal has brought to Kentucky but there’s no arguing with his success. I wish we’d go back to keeping our player 4 years so the fans could get to know them better but come on man. I think Calipari has a 82% win record at UK. I guareentee Roy Williams doesn’t.
I read on 247 sports that there’s grade issues with him. Idk but they say he’ll probably end up taking the JUCO route. I hurts our class either way but if players don’t sign in December now it’s obvious they’re still looking around and may flip. I wish the kid well where ever he ends up
Paris Your a Louisville troll aren’t you? Your to stupid to belong to any other fan base. Snell didn’t fish btw he finished. Dumb a$$
Congratulations Dawgs and Tide!! We were rooting for you both up here in the hill of the Bluegrass. Now I gotta root for the Dawgs and the Eastern Division but I happy either way it goes because it’s another championship for the SEC
I think with the ATM UK games being poorly officiatedby ooc officials there’s absolutely concern for other SEC match ups. This was blatantly biased officiating. There is resentment because two SEC teams made the play offs and now the conferences left out will let their officiating crews do the damage that their teams are incapable of doing. I’m proud of our team for not quitting and playing hard till the end. Our program is improving and clawing its way toward becoming a solid presence in the SEC East.
I don’t think I’ve ever heard of an AD going on the road recruiting for one particular sport. I thought an AD oversaw the internal workings of all the sports programs. I’m now knocking him helping them at all if the new HC is on board with it. But am I wrong? Do ADs at other schools do this? I know Barnhart at UK doesn’t.
Ain’t got no coach on floppy top. It should have said . Instead ain’t no got no. Sorry Vols but I couldn’t resist poking a little fun
Glad I ain’t on old floppy top down in the Tennessee hills. Ain’t no got no coach on floppy top recon they never will. Floppy Top you’ll never be winners of the SEC. Good ole Floppy Top Floppy Top Tennessee.
Congrats State fans I hope he does a great job for you guys.
Congratulations Dawgs I hope you guys win out the rest of the way. I’d love to see an East team win the Sec championship. But we hope to return this favor to you next year on Kroger field! Lol
What Stoops really said was thanks for the extension and raise idiots. You pay me well to put you back in the basement!
How’s that working out for you guys? You fired Miles for not winning the west and your nowhere close to it this year either. Maybe you guys would have been better leaving a Championship winner in the position versus an Ole Miss re-tread. What do you think?
If they win out does Brady Hoke have a shot at their Head Coach position?
I think we have the same record as LSU so what title are you gonna relish?
Coach Stoops contract extension has nothing to do with being a “Basketball School” idiot. It’s called an incentive. He also got a 250,000 dollar bonus for winning the seventh game this season and will get 250,000 for each additional victory. Kentucky is finally trying to claw our way out of the basement in SEC football and people like you ignorantly take it as something negative. The extension clause was put in for stability in the program. So we don’t have a carousel at the head coach position. He gets a 2 year extension for winning 10 games in a year also. I think I speak for all UK fans when I say I’m sick of hearing the “basketball school” crap
I feel sorry for Vols fans. This situation is becoming a national embarrassment for a true blue blood program. There’s no love lost between UK and Tennessee on the field or in sports generally but even so I feel bad for their proud fan base.
Thanks dv. Tennessee played their hearts out last night. That young quarterback is gonna be special. Imo. He held his poise and made the throw time after time knowing he was gonna take a hit. The future is brite for both programs with the talent they have. I look forward to seeing this game become a true rivalry that's competitive every year.
Coach Stoops isnt going to be on a hot seat because of this game win or lose. Will our fan base get more vocal if they lose? Probably. But the administration is firmly behind him at U.K.
Your in way out in left field again seven T. Tennessee has no problem recruiting just look at their last 4 classes. They cherry pick the best talent at home then bring in the athletes from elsewhere to fill their class. Coach Stoops was speaking of the Vols play against Florida and South Carolina. I listened to his Monday pressed when he talked about Tennessee. They were both tough hard fought games the Vols were very competitive and could easily have won.
I know I'm being a homer. I just get aggravated at the lack of respect these so called analyst give U.K. I really believe it'll be a tight game I just got a little carried away! Lol I also was very wrong to say State is the worst team in the West. I actually have a lot of respect for State and the job Coach Mullen has done there. I wish you guys all the best after Saturday night.
Did you see States last two SEC games? You know when they got steam rolled? State beat LSU but I think that was a fluke. U.K. Is gonna run all over State Saturday evening. A win is a win my friend if it's by 1 or like Auburn and Georgia beat Mississippi State! You guys need to wake up and smell the coffee your the worst team in the West again. I know it stinks. Lord above know as a U.K. Fan I can sympathize but it doesn't change anything. Ring your cow bells till the last whistle blow but get ready cause you got a butt whipping coming!
You guys crack me up. U.K. Is 5-1 and should be 6-0. Mississippi State has gotten embarrassed the last two SEC games and because they beat BYwho? They'll just roll over U.K.? This game will be close Kentucky will grind the clock with the run game and keep States offense off the field. Grathams defensive couldn't stop this same team last year in Louisville and Mississippi States offense couldn't get it done in Lexington. U.K. Wins this game! A tight one by a td or less
U.K. Beats Mississippi State 30-24 Alabama destroys UT 66-0 Auburn beats Arkansas 45-21 LSU beats Ole Miss 35-28 Missouri destroys Idaho 66-24
It's sad to see these young guys throwing themselves into the fire to try to protect Butch Jones. They obviously care a lot about their coach. He should return the love and resign so the players can move on and get better. I'm no Tennessee fan but I think any true fan of the game has to appreciate this show of devotion by these players