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Michel Drennen 4 star athlete signed with UK over USC.
I'd say there are several programs who would take a look at Stoops. When he was first brought in he hired OC's to run the Air Raid but changed gameplans to suit the teams he had. Tough teams with strong offensive line, great run game, and a solid defense. Saban won his first 5 championships in similar fashion, before Hurts and Tua made the offense more dynamic. (Not comparing the 2, just the style of play)
Probably not top 2 but a health Terry Wilson could be a top 5 SEC QB for UK.
No kidding, This coaching staff is not afraid to recruit against the bigger programs. A previous coach said something along the lines of big time 4/5 star recruits would never come to UK so there is no since in wasting time trying to recruit them.
Depending on how the rest of the recruiting cycle plays out this class could be top 20. We are in the running for at least 6 more 4 star players and are highly favored to sign anywhere from 4-6 of them.
Too many people are discounting the cats here especially with both teams losing major contributors. Losing Wilson is huge but The Gators losing their most explosive offensive weapon in Toney and their top CB in Henderson can’t be overlooked.
UK actually has one of the better offensive lines in the SEC. Smith has a stronger arm than Wilson but Wilson is a better runner. The bigger issue will be on the intermediate throws where Smith sometimes struggles.
You learned google, congrats! You still mad though.
You sure do love talking about men’s asses but it’s 2019 so you be proud. Terry Wilson won 10 games as the starter yet you hate him, it makes me wonder why? What could you possibly dislike about Wilson? Hhmmmm
Paris is getting sassy, must have hit a nerve. It’s ok, your unwavering support for the UL Cardinals is an admirable trait.
Yeah you mad, but I respect how much you love your Louisville Cardinals.
You hate on Terry Wilson a lot, any particular reason for that?
Do you ever get tired of spewing the same idiotic nonsense? Did Barnhart fire you at some point or are your beloved Cards such a dumpster fire that trolling an SEC site running UK down all you have in life?
Are you mad because UL is considered one of our baby seals?
Stoops is the best UK coach since Jerry Claiborne, hands down!
Drake Jackson the center for UK for also make the list for the Cats. He is on a couple of preseason watch lists, but he is the anchor to a pretty good offensive line.
2, 4 star linemen in a few days. Good pick up for sure.
He is trolling the Wildcats, he's not a fan.
Ignore him biscuit he is a troll not an actual fan trying to make a sincere comment.
Did not say they would make up for Benny Snell, I said we would fine. Anything close to 1000 yards and 10-12 touchdowns between them is fine. I am a huge fan of Benny and while he was a leader the leadership and steadying hand of guys like Allen and Mike Edwards will be missed more. Lynn Bowden can make up the slack of emotional leader of the team.
As a UK fan it would be nice to be ranked but I understand why we are not. Certain teams can lose the talent the Cats did and be fine others it make take a season or 2 to restock talent. I think the running back position will be fine and our O-line is still really good. Paschal will pick up some of what we lost from Allen, but he is not the player Allen was. The biggest loss is in the secondary where all the starters from last season are gone. If the young guys learn fast them maybe we have another great season. Realistically 6-7 wins is baseline and 8+ is a great season.
Since the season is over and he declared for the draft and signed with an agent he can buy whatever he wants. It's not uncommon for players to get advances from their agents to live on or make unwise car purchases. While he will be first round I have not seen many draft boards with him in the lottery, so maybe a more fiscally responsible car should have been purchased.
That was a tough win for the cats, Houston is legit good. Auburn might be playing the best of any team in the tournament right now. UK has to defend the 3 and dominate in the paint since it seems Auburn may be without the best big man.
Houston is not to be overlooked, if he can go I would bring him off the bench and just log some minutes. I'd rather he get some time under his belt should we make it past Houston.
Well deserved, watching my Cats face the Razorbacks during the 40 minutes of hell was some amazing basketball.
Cal is actually on record as saying he does not like the 1 and done rule. He prefers a model that allows the best to go straight to the NBA and those that go to college to stay a minimum of 2 years so they can at least earn an Associates degree.