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Ignore him biscuit he is a troll not an actual fan trying to make a sincere comment.
Did not say they would make up for Benny Snell, I said we would fine. Anything close to 1000 yards and 10-12 touchdowns between them is fine. I am a huge fan of Benny and while he was a leader the leadership and steadying hand of guys like Allen and Mike Edwards will be missed more. Lynn Bowden can make up the slack of emotional leader of the team.
As a UK fan it would be nice to be ranked but I understand why we are not. Certain teams can lose the talent the Cats did and be fine others it make take a season or 2 to restock talent. I think the running back position will be fine and our O-line is still really good. Paschal will pick up some of what we lost from Allen, but he is not the player Allen was. The biggest loss is in the secondary where all the starters from last season are gone. If the young guys learn fast them maybe we have another great season. Realistically 6-7 wins is baseline and 8+ is a great season.
Since the season is over and he declared for the draft and signed with an agent he can buy whatever he wants. It's not uncommon for players to get advances from their agents to live on or make unwise car purchases. While he will be first round I have not seen many draft boards with him in the lottery, so maybe a more fiscally responsible car should have been purchased.
That was a tough win for the cats, Houston is legit good. Auburn might be playing the best of any team in the tournament right now. UK has to defend the 3 and dominate in the paint since it seems Auburn may be without the best big man.
Houston is not to be overlooked, if he can go I would bring him off the bench and just log some minutes. I'd rather he get some time under his belt should we make it past Houston.
Well deserved, watching my Cats face the Razorbacks during the 40 minutes of hell was some amazing basketball.
Cal is actually on record as saying he does not like the 1 and done rule. He prefers a model that allows the best to go straight to the NBA and those that go to college to stay a minimum of 2 years so they can at least earn an Associates degree.
You are legit losing your mind, I have never said anything about you being a UL fan. Just let it go.
You old senile ignorant troll. Why would he face any consequences for mental health issues. He had a breakdown over the summer and posted several incoherent and rambling social media posts. Just recently he posted several paranoid posts about the police on Twitter and made his profile private. This is the second college he has left and he currently has no transfer location.
The guy played well for UK, but would not have started had Landon Young not went down with a knee injury. Young will be back this season and will take his spot back. The Cats actually have depth at the O-Line. Unfortunately this kid has some emotion/mental health issues and has multiple breakdown on social media over the past few years. I hope that he and his family get him the care and support he needs for his recovery.
Wow your posts get more incoherent and off the rails each time you speak.
Jay Ward also just committed to LSU, I was really hoping to keep him in UK's class. Congrats
Actually every time you mention we had a good year it was sarcasm, if it were real you would not be so negative. You are absolutely not a fan and it's quite obvious. The stats you cherry pick to degenerate the program are idiotic if you are a legit fan. If you were you would have enjoyed a 10 win season which you never have done. Yes the offense could be horrible at times, but we still won 10 games, a true fan would be ecstatic at that fact regardless if offensive woes. Also while we are not close to recruiting at the level of more established SEC teams we are recruiting better that the previous head coaches. Yes both Mississippi schools had teams in the top 10 and fired coaches but 1 was fired for NCAA violations and the other was fired for the program regressing under his watch and not meeting expectations. Kentucky exceeded expectations this year as we were picked to finish 5th in the East. You hate Benny I get it, but he finished this season 6th in rushing yards and tied for 9th in rushing TD'S but you want to harp on yards per rush. Also your claims of our running back only carrying the ball 6 times last season is incorrect as AJ Rose who will be the starter carried the ball 71 times for an average of 6.2 yards per carry and 5 touchdowns. So yes, you are just a troll, I'm sorry I even gave you the benefit of the doubt.
4 STAR CB MJ Devonshire just committed to UK, hopefully Ward will as well. Would love if D. Lee pulled the trigger and came to UK but I think he stays with LSU.
UK has a marketing budget just like every team in the SEC does, but you guys are right teams like Bama, LSU, Florida, Clemson, Georgia are big names with storied legacies that sell themselves. UK football has to do what they have to do to get their name out their and build on their season. UK Basketball would never have to run a commercial like that, but I would not begrudge teams such as Bama or Georgia if they did.
I loved this commercial, Kash is a kid this team would follow to hell and back. It's especially great to see a mountain kid and lifelong Cat fan get to live his dream and play at a high level.
Ok Paris10 based on your references to Mr.Bojangles and the Pinkerton Detective agency you are obviously an older gentleman. Being someone of advanced years you have seen all of the good and the over abundance of bad, I get that, but this staff just had the best year of any coach not named Claiborne. My question to you is if you truly are a UK fan why is every single comment you make negative? I'm not trolling, I'm legitimately curious. You do on occasion make a reasonable argument that if presented differently would lead to legitimate conversations. I don't see how a true UK fan would not be excited about a 10-3 team despite all the ups and down it took to get there. There is a difference in being critical and trolling, so please explain which you are?
The SEC has dominated the football landscape for so long that people sometimes forget that it has been a pretty good basketball conference as well.
I wonder if you look as stupid as you sound? Your "arguments" are incoherent drivel. I'm not afraid to call out UK for any mis-steps they may make, but all my points stand.
Yep that's also the same Southern Miss team we beat the following year with one of those JUCO quarterback you love to hate on.
You question people’s maturity but you call them names on a comment thread which I find hilarious. To your point you are the one bad mouthing UK to be a terrible team because they schedule 3 non power 5 teams yet as I pointed out so does Alabama so my point holds. For the record even if UK lost to all 3 non power teams they still would have been bowl eligible. You really don’t have any argument about schedule when almost every team has a similar schedule makeup. Now go yell at kids to get off your lawn or at your neighbors because he is too loud, whatever you do make everyone around you miserable when you are not on here spouting incoherent nonsense.
Since Alabama plays New Mexico St, Southern Miss and Western Carolina in 2019 does that mean they are also using the sacred six game formula to get to a bowl?
The argument that App. St, Boise ST., Houston, UCF etc have all made over the last 10 years.