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"The year after Saban won his first national title at USC, Pete Carroll left the Trojans for the Seattle Seahawks." Do you guys proofread AT ALL? =P
if you think "we just beat the hell out of you" is trash & classless than you need to reassess some things buddy. or, you know, beat alabama maybe once this decade.
i just cant believe they did him like this after he turned down the michigan job to stay at lsu. 3 losses in a row sucks but it could be much worse.
hi dawgs fans. hows your season going? LOL
the fact that you completely left clemson out of this article is completely ridiculous IMO.
this. if you are actually a doctor and dont support at the very least medical marijuana than i honestly cant take you seriously as a person at all..
regarding rammer jammer...last time i checked we only OFFICIALLY sing it is AFTER we win, not before the game, and the lyrics are "WE JUST BEAT THE HELL OUT OF YOU" (assuming we did), not "WE'RE GOING TO BEAT THE HELL OUT OF YOU". just saying, newspaper.
we win in the state of georgia more than the bulldogs do at this point. sad.
DD2 2012 SEC championship sound familiar? HUGE CHOKE. how about the blackout in 2008? EVEN BIGGER CHOKE at least weve WON a championship (wait, we've won FOUR) in the past 30 years.
also the only thing the dawgs are "on top of" is poor game management & losing a LOT. 2012 SEC championship anyone?
remember 2008? im sure you do. expect a repeat.