Played for the great Stallings and Dubose

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AInt got me know love for his team but Coach Orgreron always a class act and i dont thank that ferler woud say that to his face
Suddnly its the Bo Niks experence One play like on leav it to beaver when the beaver caugt a pass and made a touchdown and was a big heroe and then they done up at the drugstore made a ice cream sunday after him and he didnt practece and the the next game he done went and droppd the ball Ward we got a problem with the niks
Gideon and Solomon were rithous and they Solomon had 700 childbearer wives and 300 hunderd concyubines Why should Uran Mayer not have his? Differnce is Mayer didnt get gay merried so remains on the strait and narow path which doeth lead to salavation I hope this helps
Lack of punctuaton can completly change the meanin of a sentance. Should be "Kids, don't skip middle school." im a real stikler when it come to gramer and spell-ing.
Anyone else think that Mullin looks like Goober from the Andy Griffen Show?
When it said he shares his impression i got scared. Thought hes gone do an impression of the guy you dont never no with this kiffin guy
Only shows that at Alabama our players is real men with manly yearnins
I aint so sure. Was General Lee really a good genarel or was the yankees just that bad up until Gettisberg? Were Tennasee that good or were Missoura that bad. Aint gonna wanta bet on this here game
Vaenderbuilt stopped being a college power when the aministration started supporting that gay marrige mess. We must learn that the rigghteous prevail in football Aint no sodommy at Alabama. Just a lot of champonships
Im actully more intersted in that there Red River game. I aint no sooner or no horn fan but its a really great envirernment down there what with the big tex and corn dogs
Actully mediocracy is a word. But he arta used an article in front of it "a mediocracy" But i no how you feel about these most odious and sublime errors cause i two am a reel stikler fro spellin and grammer
Another coach what come to mind is Chad Morris. He was just gettin started at Arkinsa when they yankd the rug from under him and is teh reason for the Razerbacks current success LSU could benefit from his lightning offense
I thank they arta keep THe OgerMan around. But if they cant then they should hire the Great Houston Nutt. He lit the britches of Less Miles many times. The NUTT is tanned and rested and ready and he calls his own plays so that saves money
Old Paul Stankbomb didnt say the reel truth that they done lost ever future game when they hired sniffel boy to coach there team
Thank ya for pointin that out. I wernt too botherd by the first one i seen that second un...ol man grabbing a colleg girls snatch pack... aint no good
Your right that the flag didnt change nothin. But they were too many flags over nitpicky things. Just SEC refs doin anything they could to try to keep a reel game of football from being playd
Well the average Alabama lineman got more muscle in is underware than the whole Georga defense.
i was watchin that game as i got ready to see Alabama whoop up on the Old Missus. THe dogs is just the better team and they have been building up for years. The Hawgs was just never gona beat em. But the dogs got shut down a few times and The Razorbacks didn't never give up. I think Arkansas can take anyone on their schedule except Alabama of course. Two years ago under Sad Morris they couldnt of beat Joplin Barber College. Truly amaized at what has happend so fast in Faytville
Aint gonna be no runnin game when he comes to Alabama. Mr. Nick Saban gonna take him to the fifty yard line and yank down his britches and spank him and make him call him daddy
They awt to just be at Alabama evry week. Aint no other team that most peopel want to watch. And Alabama awt not have to do any road games caus were the best and the amateurs awt to have to come to us for they whoopins
Always look forward to this game where Mr. Nick Saban gona whip little Opie Dimwiz and make him regert comin in a mans confrance.
Aint got nothin aginst kiffin. But the only one whats allowed to talk about him like that is is Daddy Mr. Nick Saban.
Last year Nick Saban after the game made Corral wear a Bama chearleeding dress and holler Role Tide Role tied. Gonna happen agan this year.
aww poor little lane mad cause the country aint gone see him get whooped agin by his Daddy Nick Saban. Last year after the Mr. Nick Saban whomped little lane, Saban put Kiffen on a dog collar and leash and made him wear an Alabama CHeerleading dress and Yell Role Tide Rolde Tide. I was there and i seen it. Gone happen agin.