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What has this site come to? I aint gonna read not poorno grapic artical about Samuel Jackson roastin some guys Flopper. It sounds a lot like that Armie Hammer creepo
That Daniel-San (wax on wax off) gives me the heeavy jeebies. I just get a feelin he sneaks into the locker room to sniff things when no ones around. Kinda like fellers taht order used lingerie in the mail...but with Danilson it's not women but fellers stuff he sniffs.
I second Osage-a-Rage. ANd get a better trophy. Durned thing they got now looks like the took the window frames outta a old mobile home...twisted into shap and sprayed 'em with Krylon.
That's pretty good of Drinkin-Schlitz to say. I also think its mature of the AD at Arkansass. Someone has to make a statement against these buyouts and nonsense. Now if Sam Pittman were a total buffoon like Chad Morris, then ya fire his butt. But Pittman is still puttin in the effort. He made a couple of coaching blunders this season. I doubt he'll make em again. Why on earth he hired Dan (P)enos is beyond my brain level. But thats done. Enos is done. Now i dont think Pittman ever gonna win the champion ship. I nver thought that in the begining. I think hes just too nice a guy. I think to go all they way, ya gotta be a bit of a "somebich". Heck. He could hire Pertino as is OC. That somebich would get Arkansas winnin again. I always calls them Hogs cept for when they plays Bama. Arkanas. Yalls got a beautiful state. Peopel their is always nice when i visit. But Bama got better barbecue.
Aint care none if yall far Pittan are not. But i aint gone take no cotton to what some feller like this says. Durned hermapherdite. Whats he/she know about foot ball
Says the man who cared enough to respond. HARHARHAR Its folks like you what give Us Bamans a repetation of bein ingorant. But yous about as dum as they come cousin. HARHARHAR
Well if yall reads yalls Bible their shouldnt be know confusion over what happend. Why are teams from the Godly south failing? Its because this is the Age of Dark Lord Lucifer. No i dont mean Kirby Smart. The real Beezlebub. He is aiding the pagan teams of the west coast cause of there pandiering to the woke left crowd and the consumation of the manloving gayoriented and lebanese marriage. now Rveletions says this will end. Bezzelbub will be cast down and the kingdom restored and football gonna go back to being a game thats about virtue. and a world where payton manning dont carry bush beans in his drawerers.
People got it all wrong. It aint the coach. It aint never the coach. The moral tone of victory is set higher. Arkansas is poisd for great things because the people of yalls state elected a moral and virutous governor. Sarah Huckabee Sanders is leading the state from the top. No more soddomous ways in Arkansas. No more Darwin taught in the schools. No more Payton Maning with his underware full of baked beans and the woke left agenda that brought the loathsome pederast Alan Ginsburg to give half time speaches. One thing needs to be done. And that is change athletic direcotr. The obvous choice is Mike Huckabee. Hes a natural athlete and Godly man. Put him in charge on the HIll and yalls gone be invincibel
You sure git triggerd over a remark about a monkey. Last week it were us facing the monkey in the jello bowl. this week the monkey were in your jello bowl...at least for the first half. my point was ever teem in the SEC has had the monkey in there jello bowl so far this year. the monkeys in a lot of jello bowls this year. My thoughts could not be more clear and concise even if Schopenhauer had written them. Not ever comment is meant to enrage. I hope you are takin your blood pressure pills if you gots this kinda anger problem. Namaste!
Well, boys. Looks like the monkeys in the Jello Bowl again. Haha
I'll take Florida over any team this year. That righteous DeSantis is freeing the state of the satanic Mouse City and the purveyours of man-on-man cornholery. The Almighty will guide them to the CHampion Ship even thoug they got a sloppy backfield.
TAMU got what they deserved and more. These contracts is insane. 95 million...no matter what. Jimbob could come to pratice ever day and sit down on the fifty yard line and play with his danglewhomper for two hours and still get paid. THey fire him he still get paid.
Yeah. I won't pick on him if it's congenital. The old boy coulda been a lifer at Miss State. Got to big for his drawers.
That poor and rigthous womans gotta travel everwhere by airplane now cause the wicked folk out to get her. Too much lie spreadin about that beautiful and sultry woman. I used to think that Hillary was a hottie. Than along comes Sarah Sanders. Its like seein Mike Huckabbeee in a dress. Whats not to like?
Now you arta capatlized Sport, if substitute it for a proper name. And "First things first." ??? That arta be 'First thing's first' if your meanin singular. It what us educated people calls a contraction. If you meant things plural then in arta be "First things are first." Us educated people call that subject verb agreement.
now i retract that comment myself. especially if Mullens has some kind of disease or somethin. But he stands with his back all scrunchy. maybe old injury
Whats supposd be funny. I got no problems with you lgbtq+ folks. Dont get me wrong. I just aint one of em. I see that Herman feller kissin all his players and his pants is bulgin at the same time. Well id jest have to hit the transfer portal.
Yalls team is protectud by the divine. You got a rightous Governor Woman whos puttin scripture back on the Capital Lawn. Recruits is flockin to Arkansas cause they know the peopel is part of the remnant and theyll be able to develop there minds and bodies at a campus where chastity and sobriety is respected. Now that runnin game gonna be a problem.
The Hunchback of Starkville never impressd me much
Florida gonna win this on account of virtu and adhering to Jehovaws commandmants. The almighty doth reward the righteousnesss. Governor Saint De Santis has been cleaning the satanic temple of The Mouse. And hes been getting the teachin of Darwinism And Onamism out of the schools. The spirit of Tebo gonna be strong in Gaynseville come a Saturday. I fearless predict Florida 49 Tenn 2
Yeah. They won and they won good. And i admit i always sorta liked Texas. I didnt like old Tom Hermaphrodite. That boy gave me the heevie jeevies. Not the sorta feller id want to share a shower head with. Its a long ways to go. I actully wish them well. But that Red River Game is never a shore thing. I seen Sooners lose it when they was on a role and then it just ruint there season. Seen the same thing happen to the horns.
Yeah. Everyone wants to be a sports writer. Few are any good at it. The field is so crowded that they just end up rehashing what the others have said in other articles.
Like I said i think they can do some trickeration with the contract. Keep Jimbob as HC, but appoint Pertino as Supreme Head Coach. That way perterno is runnin' the show and Jimbob is bring him coffee and foot massoges. Perttinos the futur of the program. Get him a motorsickle and a haram of hot blonds and let him do what he can do.
Massive amount of talent. Yeah...the first half the offense was just a big brown air biscuit. But they adjusted. You look at almost any team that won the championship and they all have a game like this. Best to have that game early and learn. No. I aint bettin' on the Hogs to get no Nat. Champ. But theys gone be alright. Dont wory yall. I even got a bad premonition that theys finally gonna whomp Alabam this here year.
I wonder could the Aggie folks do some trickeration. Jimbo remains as head coach. But they appoint Petrino as SUPREME HEAD COACH or somethin. lol. Jimbo would still have his job but he'd be workin for his former assistant. Might not even violate the language of the contract.
The days of motivatin by fear is over. Saban cant be the Reich Fuhrer anymore since these boys got emancipated. They aint indenture servants no more and they can take there money from mcdonalds NIL and go off and play another team where they are free from Sabans superviced onananisms
Well. I seen it in a vision. This is the year our sins catch up and we lose to Arkansas. Bama got away from the rightious path...endorsing the man/man matrimony. God wrath upon us now.
Thou reap, thou sow. Kind of a pun there. Still think gettin rid of Bielama were a mistake. Probly been a Natty Champion Ship by now. He sure give us some scares when he was Head Hog.
We gotta know that victor and morality is inseprable. I knowed the glory days was gone back when the formerly righteous Saban began supporting the gay marriage. If The Saban wants to play for another title, he best get his team out to a good charismatic church like the one i attend fatefully. Some Old Testament is what this team needs...or a new coach. And I believe the best coach is Judge Roy Moore. What he lacks in football chops is offest by his morality. Coach Judge Moore is the answer. It grievs me that LSU will soon come to town and we'll get it handed to us by that Papist leprachaun they hired from Noter Dame