Played for the great Stallings and Dubose

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They woudnt never won if it werent for cheatin refs and rules that allowed all them transgander athletes on there team
hes just tryin to show some emotion and engery so Mr Nick Saban might let him have his old job back cause he knows he needs a few more years studyin under the Football Yoda before he cease to be a padowan
im gona say they did cause Alabama could do that to any team What college football is is a hunderd college teams..and then Alabama that they all aspire to be its Alabama what teaches them other teams to be humble
Rightousness will prevail Baylor is a paragon of virtue where the men do not grow long hair and the women ware dresses and their aint no dancing Can such be said for Ole Miss No. Lechery doth prevail their Go Bears. Go virtue. Vanquish those who would desecrate your land
yeah. how bout you was married to him? ANd then as soon as some other Sugar Daddy comes along and buys him fancy duds and a sportscar he up an leaves you? Youd be back to lookin for a new man and youd think twice about the thing. A commitmant is a commitmant and if a man caint honor that he may as well go eat the grass of the field like Nebuchadnezzar.
good man exept the fact that he already done got marrid back in my day all playaers was expected to reamain chaste and virginil until they gradated s it was a era of rightoeus
Yes i am not alone in seeing his great abilities and shoulda been given more time at arkansas and shoulda been hired by texas after herman was gone
bye the time Arkansas play Penstate it aint gona be 0 an 4 cause Alabama and Gorgia gona beat wilbureesn and the scaredcats
yeah like the other feller said UGA stopped em pretty good Arkansas oughta beat Penstate but i reckin this here fella oughta go back and look at some of them games and not having trailer burts at receever gona be tough
Gona eat me a mess of biled pea nuts today and watch AlaDangBama whoop em 72-3
aint gonna be nothin to this game just a warm up for Mr. Nick Saban on the way to a nother champonship but it good cause lets us show the women up north that if they want find em a real man they need to take em a trip down to Tusckaloosa We get lots women down here that way
and this particula auther of this articel is also a lover of soddom and bad speller who dont want the turth known so he block me
caint criticize the writing cause this author...a lover of soddom wont never approve my comments and he caint write neither worse conjugation than wally hall
if theirs a boys tight end bein waved i reckon Brian Kelley is there to watch
i been lookin for a can of that gasparilla but cant find none
And he also reveald the uniform for Ryan Day After the game Saban gona make day shave his legs on put on a pretty floral print dress and bring him ice tea and give him a foot massage Thats what Mr Nick Saban does to little boys who gets too big for there britches
That Danies is sur pretty I aint the gay or nothin but he gives me yearnings
Reason he run off is what the Mr. Nick Saban did to him. After Bama whomped Aubern Saban made Bo put on a pretty dress and bring him ice tea and give him a toe massage. Saban the Mighty done run off another one
What this here is is clickbait and that makes the writer a clickerbatur and hes gona get hair on his palms
when them players sits out a bowl game to go pro they oughta have to reimburse the school for theyr college education and meals and books and everthing
Missing as always is the much need discssion of rightousness College Football is the game of the Lord. Were it not so, he woulda schedled it on sunday when he had other things to do and who is prevailing? Verily I say unto you it is the team from rigthous states LSU with its mardy gra and voodoo? You see what theyr unrepentent ways done to there football Florida? Loose women nearly nude on the beaches. The Lord doth smite them and mightily. Tennesse? With their sinful and sendsual country music. God aint smiled on that team since the Tammy Wynette was queen of Nashville music. And Georgia? The wanton women and man-lovin bars of that humid soddom hath truly condemd them. Not so "Smart" to disobey the Lord is it Kirby. Standing like the wall of Jeruselum are the linked states of Arkansas-Missisipi-Alabama. Their teams and coachs march to Saintly victery because the people pay homage to the Almighty. LSU may return to gridiron glory by bringing in Kelly maybe. But as long as they got that mardy gras there team gonna be cast into outer darkness where there shall be weeping and gnashing of the teeth.
Mr Coach Saban done showed Kirby who the man Now he gone take old harbaw to the woodshed. Already whoop him good two years ago. This time gona stomp a mudhole in Michigan and then stomp it dry
i was jet tryin to be magnanomous and use a big word yeah gorgia aint no good after the game Mr Coach Saban made kirby puton a pretty dress and bring him iced tea and give him a foot massage