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Well Bubba I dont think you need to become on psycic or fortune teller. Aint lookin like too many of your predictions comin true. Only a fool bets agains The Mr. Nick Saban. We got him leadin Alabama in teh football and Mr. Tommy Tubberville in the Senate. We folks in AlaDangBama is gone fix this country and save it from the communists in media.
A true man and a bacon of rightousnees in this world. Im glad our Mr. Nick Saban dont take no guff off'n the socialist mainstream media whats tryin to ruin our country. We must hail and venarate him.
Har Har Har. The Hunchback of Tallahassie aint the answer for the swamp. Here in AlaDangBama we drain swamps. Wes gone drain yours when we meat up. No I wont make fun of Dan Mullins if'n hes got the scoliosis or somethin. If he aint got that why does we walk around like he got cornholed by an Elephant?
I told you before to quit flirtin with me. I aint gone on no date with you.
Things gone get good at Arkinsaw once yalls coaches restore morality and rightousness to the program. There was too much gay marrying goin on startin with when Bert Bulimia took over. It is a sin for two men to lay together. The wages of sin is football losses. Here at AlaDangBama, the Mr. Nick Saban dont allow his players to get gay married or play no weiner games with each other. Such was the case when i played under the great Gene Stallings. He wanted his men manly and rigtheous. I played for grid iron glory, gradute with my degree. Then i got my masters and PHD and come back to Bama where I teach English and shape the young minds that will keep are state as football winners and intelectuals for many years to come. Theres reasons we win football games and keep our state RED. Its cause we dont gay marry. Arkansas will learn that lesson and return to gridiron glory.
HAR HAR HAR. I luv hearin yalls slobberin about how Aw Burn is on the way up. Yeah. Chode Morris is ten times the coach of MalodorsZahn. HAR HAR HAR. But ten times nuthin is still nuthin. Word is that Saban is gonna save money on the iron bowl. Hes just gone rent a mini-van and drive a few players there cuz thats all hes gone need to whoop yore littel chorus girls. Then he mite jist go rip them trees out of the ground while yalls too scared to stop him. HAR HAR HAR.
Its feller like you what sometimes make me ashamed of my fellow fans of AlaDamBama. What you did was an ad-hominen attak that shows just how low yer iq is. You probly like getting homo attaked too. I bet you enjoy a little man lovin I played at Bama when Gene Stallings led us to grid iron glory. Only glory you ever had was on the wrong side of a glory hole. Mean Gene Stallings taught us to be gentelmen even when we was whoppin our competetion. You on the other hand like your men to be gentle when they are parting yer rear cheeks. I learnt my lessons from Stallings. Gruduated from Alabam then did my phd at Columbia and come back to Bama to teach english. Role Tide
Good to see yall got a AD with a set of nuggets that hang plumb down to his ankles. I got a feelin he's gonna give them SEC dumbficials the woodshed treatmant. If'n they done a call like this on my beloved AladamBama, I'd take that whole crew out behind the woodshed yank down their britches and give em a good ol Tuscaloosa cornholing.
Aubrun is gone whip every team cept AlaDangBama this year. Malzone wised up and hired Chad Chuck Norris Morris to be his offensiv cordinator. Morris is the Saban of the plains. I know these things because i playd for the great Gene Stallings before graduated Bama to pursue my PHD. Now I am back at my Alma Matter teaching English and studying the football. Auburn is on the way back to Grid Iron Glory. I fear that the Mr. Nick Saban is the only thing saving us from them. When his superior mind is gone then we is doomed. Doomed, i say.
He got the perfect voice to sing the Oscar Meyer weiner song. I be he loves them weiners.
Dang, Son! That there was funny.
I caint wait til old Mouth Leach meets the Mr. Nick Saban. His dang old pirate ship gone burn and sink in a Crimson sea. This heres the best dang AlaDangBama team ive saw since i played for the great Gene Stallings. Makes me proud that i returned to AlaDangBama after gettin my Phd to teach English.
Dont make me no diffrance that Ole Miss lost. I just cant stand bad reffin. Aint gone matter when Auburn meets AlaDangBama. Even the boys in stripes aint gone be able to throw the game when the Mr. Nick Saban puts up 77 points. Malzone better quit bribing the refs and use hi money to buy some depends. Otherwise his pants gone be showing stains when the Mr. Nick Saban takes him to football school. I hear this year that Mr. Nick Saban aint gone shake hands after beating Aubern. Instead, he gone tell Malzone to kneel down and kiss his Champeenship Ring. Rings, that is. Aint gone matter though cause Morris gone be yalls coach by the end of the season. Plane to see hes the one that got the brains on yalls sidelines.
Aint gone find no sucksess when they meet the Mr. Nick Saban and AlaDangBama. Har Har Har. Arkinsaw gots a good team this year but there downfalls gone be the gay marrige. We aint got the gay marrige in Alabama so The Great Lord God Jeehavoh blesse are team. In Arkinsaw most of the playars is gay marriged and lay with each other in sin. This is agants deutaronomy. The Mr. Nick Saban dont allow the wiener games with are good AlaDangBama boys and the almitey smiles on us. Aint no room on are stadiyum so God can watch his team play. Abandon yer sodomy Razerbacks and you can again enjoy Gridiron glory. Yalls team done good with broils and holtz and hatfield and nut. Then yalls teams brung in the soddomite Pen uh Petrino and and Beelama and Smith and Boris. I dont thing Pittman is a soddomist. He must get the playars back to God and yalls team will win. Role Tide
Har Har Har. So the Ohio Butt Flies think they got a chance to beat the Mr. Nick Saban. Har Har Har. The Mr. Nick Saban done run Turban Myer out of Florida and then run him out of Ohio. Har Har Har. Then he made Michigans Jim Hardbone into his little tranny girl. Saban wins cause he got morals and valus. Aint no gay marrage in AlaBama. Role Tide. The Mr. Nick Saban opposes the gay marrige and his players dont get gay married. That per pre praserves the integerty of our manly-hood. Up in Ohia the mens lay with another as with a woman. That is sin. Sin leads to wages of death and defeat in champeenships. The Mr. Nick Saban dont allow the wiener games with his team. That leads to grid iron glory.
Yalls team is doin sorta good but dont get to thinkin that nothin you do is ever gone let yall triumph over the Mr. Nick Saban. He places a value on morals thats why his teams always vanquishes the doers of sodomy. I played unver Mean Gene Stallings and come back to AlaDangBama after i got my Phd to teach. I often meat the Mr. Nick Saban in the mens room and give him a little something to think about before the next big game. Im studying up on yalls teams defense and im sure ill be able to make the Mr. Nick Saban reel happy the time we go to the mens room together. Yall done good lickin the Kiffin.
Aint gone happen. Yalls team has seen its last gridiron glory under Ed Ogre Man. He dont even talk good. The Mr. Nick Saban had the corn virus last time they playd so yalls team got away with a win. But the Mr. Saban is healthy this year and hes a coming with a wrath of rigthousness to vanquish yall folks who live in the swamp and eat spicy food and drink ardent spirits and play wiener games. I played at Alabama for Mean Gene Stallings. i met the Mr. Nick Saban whan i come back to Bama with my PHD to teach and i talk to him a lot in the bathroom at pizza hut. I give him some tips on upcoming games. And i can tell you that wes gone be Nationel Champions this year cause of what me and the Mr. Nick Saban does with each other in the mens room. Role Tide
Aint no rivalry no more. The Mr. Nick Saban aint never been whipe by yalls team and we gone keep wiping your butts every meeting. i played for the great Stallings and i come back to AladangBama after i got my Phd to teach and i sometimes talk to Mr. Saban in the bathroom at pizza hut and give him play ideas. I can tell yall that yall aint got no chance after what me and Mr. Nick Saban was doing together in the bathroom on Tuesday.
Har Har Har. Yalls glaring insufficincies is more about intelect than football skills. The Mr. Nick Saban recruits brains first and brawns second. He knows it requirs top notch think on yer feet people to run his offense. So he gos looking for that type. It was the same when I was playin for the great Nick Stallings. He didnt let no dummys on his team. He kept me cracking the books til i got my degree in English and encouraged me when i pursued my masters and come back to Alabama with my Phd. I often meet the Mr. Nick Saban in the bathroom at pizza hut and give him ideas for plays. Its great when to intelectuls can sharpen each other's brains like knives on stone. Yalls gone get better when Kirby learns the lessons that the Mr. Nick Saban was tryin to teach him all those years on his lap.
Yalls gone be fine once yall fire Malzone and let Chad "Chuck Norris" Morris take over. He wouda done fine at Arkansas cept he was persecuted for his family values. Hes gone be the man next year and return Auburn to its days of grid iron glory. He will become the Saban of the planes.
All the top ten is on Alabama. I do dispair of the bias i see in reporting. The Mr. Nick Saban expect the best and get the best. They a reason we aint gone lose no games this year and that reason is the Mr. Nick Saban
Yalls got no disipline is what the trouble is. At AladangBama that sort of chicanary woulnt be tolerated by the Mr. Nick Saban. Role Tide.