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Let's not forget how we always get stinchcomb calling the game. He's usually pretty biased against Arkansas. When he says the fumble was recovered by Arkansas and it's a bad call then turns around and says the target call was bad, you know Arkansas got screwed lol
Did they give the game balls to the refs for the 2 games they should/would have lost without the last second game saving calls by the refs?
But hopefully he has grown as a person since his playing days. I remember the interview after the cowboys lost to the lions in that game where Megatron torched them. Jerry Jones had previously stated deion could have covered him and deion basically said he wanted no part of that. maybe as he's gotten older the ego isn't as big as it used to be. Would be great to bring him on as a d backs coach if his ego was in check
Gotta remember this is from 1998-current though. So I would say the list is about accurate
Debate the catch all you want, blame the officials all you want, but it will never change the fact that the ncaa is a business and pays the officials to do what's best for business. I remember when Arkansas was blatantly screwed by an officiating crew when Florida had tebow and were the favorites to win the national championship. That is 1 that will always stand out in my mind. Know what happened to that crew? The NCAA switched the conference they were officiating in. They're still officiating. The only outcome changed by OSU losing to Clemson, is who lsu is beating in the national championship