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Disclaimer: as Ole Miss alumnus what Freeze did while at Ole Miss was wrong but when confronted he owned up do it and is this to imply that Orgeron is guilty. When something happens in your program you address it. Every head coach and AD should have taken notes and learned from what happened at Penn State. When your school or program have accusations like these or when someone your your program sees something illegal, you address it, investigate it and be transparent. Yes there are gold diggers out there and yes there are some (not all) players who feel entitled because of their celebrity status and years of being catered to because of their talent. In this case and in many others the truth is somewhere it between. The media and the public have 20/20 hindsight especially when there is a hint of coverup and you will find yourself in the middle of an NCAA and legal rectal exam. With all of the pressures that come with being a head coach and living under a microscope at a major university with a high profile athletic program, I can't imagine there is a head coach that is not on Prilosec.
I have been to Tiger Stadium several times. On the last trip the LSU fans were so polite I could have sworn I was at Augusta National. Not.
Yep. Snowed a few times when I was there. And okay, UPD, unless there is property damage, let them have some fun.
Like other top tier programs, Alabama loses a Ferrari and replaces it with a Porsche.
Agreed. Trash talk looks stupid even more so when you lose the game. Let your play on the field do your talking.
OSU players may have already dealt with this privately...
I should have gone into coaching. Getting paid millions for performing a job worse than your peers and getting paid handsomely not to show up for work.
Your comments are spot-on. Yes we need to take precautions especially for those at risk but for 8 months we have been conditioned that testing positive = death. Not true. Many who test positive never show symptoms or even know they have it and the vast majority who test positive recover. O'Gara should know better.
Hopefully Kiffin wins and sticks around for us to have consistent long-term success. Shoring up the defense is first priority and a good safety and DL are a good start.
Yes. We broke the rules and accepted the sanctions. Hopefully our boosters and others can refrain from stupidity and stop making play in the SEC harder than it already is without the handicap of reduced scholarships. Meanwhile as stated above, "Kirklin enters his senior season." No suspension. No loss of playing time. Not even the tried and true "community service" so a player can say he "learned his lesson."
So let's say they decide not to play football but catch virus at frat party or athletic dorm cafeteria.
What will PAC-12 and Big 10 do in March 2021 when COVID is still here? What will they do in August 2021 when COVID is still here? "But we'll have a vaccine". What have had a flu vaccine for decades.
Let me say up front that it is tempting to paint all college football players with the same brush that stems from negative behavior of the high profile players (DUI's, illegal drugs, domestic violence,etc) and give a strong impression of the whole that is simply not true. I will concede that the percentage of football players that do that is small but that is the perception. Having said that, as one of countless college graduates who paid their own tuition via loans, grants, and what a parent could sacrifice to help with tuition, pay back those loans, and not graduating was not an option, it is hard to feel for student athletes who use college football as 2-3 years to hone their skills to go to the NFL and have no interest in a diploma. It is from that same group that high profile players bolt from school who will get 7 figure salaries. True many come from low income families but so did I. Make no mistake I am all for free market and anyone is free to collect in salary what their knowledge, skill or training will merit but how can the public feel sympathy for college players who have no interest in an education and the day they walk off campus an agent tosses them the keys to an Escalade. If college football players get paid above NIL, tuition, room, and board, then I want them to sign a contract that they will not forgo any eligibility and will remain in school for the duration of their scholarship. I have seen too many players who did not get drafted working minimum salary jobs because they did not take their college education seriously. In 2019 the average annual tuition for USC was $55K. Hard to feel sorry for someone who does not appreciate that.
Does playing a conference only schedule reduce chances of catching Wuhan virus? Every university across the nation where all the programs share the revenue from college football is looking at a huge financial loss this season. Please show me the math where SEC schools UGA, UF, and USCe that have ACC rivals and cross state lines to play conference games are are a greater risk playing an in state non-conference rival.
It would be nice if predictions about the Rebels could translate into consistent play. We have a few good years and then shoot ourselves in the foot with acts of stupidity (NCAA sanctions). We have some great offensive talent in Plumlee, Ealy, and Moore. The question is will the defense keep the opponent out of the end zone.
The first conversation in history that required a Gaelic-Cajun translator!
Many of the problems can be traced to a lack of discipline. Penalties that kill drives or give the opponent a first down. The latest example was the offensive holding call in the 4th quarter against Auburn. Erased a great play that would have put us in a chance to win. The teams that make the fewest mistakes win. Watch Alabama and LSU. They make few mistakes.
The same points being a pivotal game could be made for us as well. Why Luke pulled Plumlee in the 2nd half against Mizzou is a question even the Mizzou announcers asked during the game. We have talent but we make too many mistakes. Top tier teams don't make the mistakes that cost them games. When those teams make mistakes, they lose. Just ask UGA.
Yes there are rewards when the kid who turns their life around because a good head coach or assistant coach took the time to be a mentor but how many people would take a job where your job security depends upon the maturity, on the field performance, and off the field behavior of highly competitive (and in many cases immature) 18, 19, and 20 year olds? Almost gets to the point where a head coach dreads picking up the paper or turning on the news.
UGA is a running back factory.
Galen Hall ring a bell? Every team in the SEC has been on probation or received sanctions at one time or another.
Remember Will Redmond, wide receivers coach Angelo Mirando, or Denton Herring? People who live in glass houses...
Remember Will Redmond or Denton Herring? People who live in glass houses...
Please once again, explain to me why college football players should get paid above a full ride scholarship?