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They'll stop doing that when they stop doing the same with Justin Fields (UGA), Jacob Eason (UGA) and Jalen Hurts (Alabama). Hmmm ... Justin, Jacob, Jalen and Joey. All (very) highly touted coming out of high school too. Add that to Jordan Jefferson's star-crossed career at LSU and maybe QBs whose names start with "J" should avoid the SEC ...
Good points for using that ND education against me.
What the polls do and what the committee does are two different things. Also, there is a big difference between now and early December. The pollsters regard Baylor and Minnesota as frauds that will get exposed by better competition or even tripped up by lesser teams like Wisconsin to (now bowl eligible but still not in the Badgers' class talent wise) Illinois. If that doesn't happen and the Bears/Gophers win out, then everyone will adjust. But like I said for 8 weeks with respect to Alabama vs LSU, folks will only believe that it will happen when it happens. Ditto with Utah/Oregon. A Pac-12 team with a shot at the playoff almost always trips up because of the paucity of elite athletes in that conference (especially at programs other than USC and UW) so folks are thinking that UO may trip up in Tempe against ASU and then knock off 11-1 Utah in the Pac-12 title game (or something).
12-1 Baylor gets in over any 11-1 SEC team.
Penn State loses 1 game by less than a TD on the road to #7 and they are ranked behind UGA, Oregon and Utah teams with much worse losses? Makes a lot of sense. And it looks like the coaches are also trying to do their level best to keep the winner of Baylor/Oklahoma out. Would they be doing so if it were Texas/Oklahoma instead? Of course not.
Stuff like this is why I am glad we no longer rely on the AP poll. Remember when the AP poll was incredibly biased against the SEC? Cost Auburn alone two titles. It is too late in the season for undefeated teams like Baylor and Minnesota to be ranked so low. There is NO REASON for Oklahoma to be the lowest ranked 1 loss team. Get this: they have UNDEFEATED Baylor behind OU but no 1 loss team behind them. There is NO REASON for Penn State, whose only loss was due to an INT in the end zone on the road to the #7 team in the country and has wins over two ranked teams, to be behind Iowa. Penn State's resume is actually basically equal to UGA's in that PSU hasn't beaten anyone quite as good as 2 loss UF, but their loss wasn't to South Carolina, who should have fired their coach too. And I would like to know why Cincinnati, whose only loss was at home to #2 Ohio State, is ranked so low. If they were one of the western mid-majors that the media likes so much like Boise, BYU or Fresno they'd be in the top 12.
Huh? UGA is irrelevant. Meaning that if they go undefeated the rest of the season they are in. If they don't, they're a 2 loss team and they aren't. Period. Alabama no longer has "the eye test" because of 48-16. As Alabama no longer has a dominant defense and really hasn't since 2012 (in 2015 and to a degree even 2017 they had to win shootouts) their "mystique" since 2nd and 26 has been the idea that Tua is the best player in the country. Now that Tua has lost back-to-back head-to-head matchups against other future high NFL draft picks (Trevor Lawrence and Joe Burrow) that's gone too. Yes, Tua was injured in both games, but you can't punish other teams for Tua's inability to stay healthy. Especially since we don't KNOW that a healthy Tua would have beaten LSU or Clemson because the only elite team that Tua has actually beaten was 2017 UGA, and that was a game that Tua came in at halftime after UGA spent the entire offseason gameplanning for Hurts. Sorry, but at present Clemson is the #1 program in the country right now. They've won 2 of the last 3 titles and - unlike Bama - they're undefeated with their current QB.
I am not predicting the future. I am going on the committe's own history and their own stated criteria. But if you have an example of the committee picking a team with an inferior record over another, let's hear it. It hasn't happened and it won't happen because the committee - made of current/former coaches, ADs, university presidents etc. AND NOT JOURNALISTS - would have an impossible job of explaining themselves TO THEIR OWN PROFESSIONAL BRETHREN why a team with less wins and/or more losses got leapfrogged. The media is willing to belch out ridiculous nonsense like USC is better than LSU or Washington is better than Miami all day long because they aren't accountable to anyone. That's why we got rid of the polls, first for the BCS and then for the playoff, in the first place. But the committee members are accountable to other memberrs of their profession. Meaning that if 12-1 Utah gets left out in favor of 11-1 Alabama, they'll have to explain themselves to the Utah AD and the Pac-12 commissioner. That's why the fantasies that everyone is slinging is exactly that. It would be one thing were Alabama and the SEC still dominating college football. They aren't. Alabama lost title games to Ohio State and twice to Clemson with their defense looking terrible each time. Add that to Auburn losing to FSU and there is no reason to give Alabama and the SEC the benefit of the doubt anymore. That is why the people talking about leaving a 13-0 Clemson out were nuts. The ACC is 3-1 against the SEC in the past 4 title game matchups. (Alabama beat Kelly Bryant's Clemson in the first round.)
And a lot of Alabama fans are pretending as if LSU played this perfect game, was 100% healthy and have no room for improvement in a second game also. Next game: punt the ball out of bounds instead of straight to a kid who will be a top 15 NFL draft pick in a few months. And play deep zone instead of press man when you are up by 2 TDs with less than 2 minutes left. That's 14 points off the board for Alabama right there. Look folks. I am going to use your own self-serving argument on Clemson 48-16 (really 55-16) against you. Where Alabama has gotten to coast against unranked teams and a terrible OOC schedule all season long, LSU had Texas in the best game the Longhorns have played all season, had to play then-undefeated Florida plus a jacked-up Auburn squad with 6 legit NFL prospects on defense trying to save their season. Meanwhile the best team that Bama has played prior was a Texas A&M team that Clemson and Auburn had already broken in half. This LSU team isn't being led by Jordan Jefferson (who had some ability but was ruined by horrible coaching). This LSU team is being led by the Heisman winner and #1 pick in the draft. So yeah, keep thinking that it is 2011.
Will people quit it with this? Sincerely, will they? FOR THE UMPTEENTH TIME THE COMMITTEE HAS NEVER CHOSEN A TEAM WITH AN INFERIOR RECORD OVER ANOTHER. It has not happened. It will not happen. If Minnesota, Oregon, Oklahoma, Baylor, Clemson or Utah finish with more wins than Alabama by virtue of winning the conference title game that Alabama isn't going to play in, they get in. Period. You know what? If LSU goes 12-0 and LOSES in the conference title game to UGA, THEY STILL GET IN OVER ALABAMA. You know why? Because 12-1 beats 11-1. (And then there is the matter of HEAD TO HEAD IN TUSCALOOSA.) Alabama has no realistic shot at the playoff. Ohio State and Alabama got in the playoff in the past because there were only 3 teams with better records those years. That isn't happening this year.
Playoff discussions must take other leagues seriously. BTW the next green or even good offense and QB or RB UGA plays this year will be their first. Wont happen till the SECCG.
And that the Pac 12 title game will likely be 11-1 Oregon against 11-1 Utah.
Amazing how everyone is ignoring that 8-1 Oklahoma plays 9-0 Baylor soon.
For the millionth time. LSU winning the national title does not benefit UF. It will help LSU recruit players that would otherwise consider UF. Ohio State recruits mostly midwestern players plus southern players looking to leave the southeast anyway. Their winning the title doesn't affect UF. Clemson is in the southeast but they are still an ACC school. They don't directly recruit against UF that often. (Maybe against UGA more due to sharing a border but that's UGA's problem.) Your interest is UF being the first SEC team since 2010 to win a title other than Alabama. Not LSU, UGA or anyone else.
They will have to beat Penn State - who is still a good team - and Michigan and then play Wisconsin again. Their path won't be easy.
I admit. I criticized the Ed Orgeron hire as recently as ... well prior to this game. I was wrong.
Alabama won't get in the playoff over a 1 loss conference champion. Even if that conference champion is Clemson. Thanks to losing this game and the SEC West being down, Alabama's best win is going to be over a 4 loss unranked Auburn team.
Simple. LSU hasn't won a game that matters since midseason 2011. Until they beat Alabama no one will - or should - take them seriously. And Alabama isn't #1 because they lost 2 out of 3 to the undefeated defending champs. So Ohio State by default.
Why would you want to be a way around it? Clemson is not only in a P5 conference but they play A&M and South Carolina OOC. Exactly what is it that everyone wants to punish CLemson for? Other than beating Bama twice when no other SEC team (but Auburn) has been able to beat Bama once in years?
Huh? Penn State beat Michigan. Remember Michigan 45 Notre Dame 15? As for Clemson. they are going to have like 20 guys taken in the next 2 drafts and have a coaching staff that has proven they can get it done against anyone. Agree or disagree?
The same way they reacted last year ... a blowout win including a second half shutout and doing what Saban infamously refused in 2009 against Texas which was to take a knee in scoring position instead of tacking on another meaningless TD. Good grief. Not saying that Clemson will win - or even make - the playoff again but the way everyone pretends as if this program hasn't proven itself at the highest levels of football consistently since 2014 is absurd. The only program that has accomplished more since 2014 than Clemson is Alabama. And no one else is even close. Yes Clemson plays in the ACC. So what. Unless you are an Alabama fan they're still more talented and better coached than your team. At least Ohio State has an argument ... in 2014 they beat Bama in a game that matters and went on to win a title. No SEC team can say the same since Auburn in 2010.
Is that so? I recall Maurice Smith saving a game for UGA (against Auburn I think?) in Smart's first year. And then there is Lawrence Cager(and Eli Wolfe) this year. Who were the transfers in 2017 and 2018? Other than those I can't recall any starters or key backups that weren't signed as recruits from high school or JUCO.
@weagle: Adam Spencer's a ... oh never mind. The Mizzou guy wasn't saying that you should drop your Tigers for War Eagle. Only that they should keep theirs.
You win the day with that. Also let them know that Mizzou is one of the SEC's 4 AAU schools (Vanderbilt, Mizzou, UF, A&M) for those of us who still think that, you know, academics actually matters to football.
Folks this is what losing 2 out of 3 to Clemson does to Bama fans.
There is no evidence that this is true. Everyone points to the Baylor/TCU thing in 2014 but in reality Ohio State had 12 wins that year by virtue of the Big 12 title game against Baylor and TCU's 11. The committee explicitly said that year that Ohio State's winning an extra game was the tie-breaker. (Just as it was in the old BCS system for LSU over USC in 2003 ... LSU played 12 games to USC's 11.) If Baylor goes 12-1 this year with wins over KSU, Texas and Oklahoma in the Big 12 title game they're in.
@bayou tiger: We don't know that. Auburn will lose to Alabama - giving them 3 losses - and may even lose to UGA (though the game being at Auburn gives them a shot ... were the game in Athens they would have none). It is very possible that KSU ends the season 10-2 with Auburn ending it 8-4. What Oregon has in its favor is Oklahoma going to the playoff so often without winning a game or even coming close (save against UGA in 2017 ... the only time since 2003 they haven't lost a playoff or BCS title game by at least 2 TDs). Meanwhile the last time Oregon went to the playoff they knocked off defending champs FSU. Oklahoma's defense really hasn't improved and now we all know that they just can't win by outscoring everybody. Especially with Hurts at QB, who isn't as good in their offense as Murray and especially Mayfield were. Oklahoma not only lost to KSU but actually could have lost to KU and Texas. If OU had Mayfield or even Murray, they put up 50 on all 3 and win easily.
No they didn't. The only reason why Alabama got in that year was because the Big 10 and Pac-12 champs had 2 losses, leaving only the ACC champs, the SEC champs and the remaining team with the best record. Alabama (or LSU) will not get in over a 1 loss conference champ, and neither for that matter will Ohio State.