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How much money do you think CNS wants? He just said he and Miss Terry are happy in T-town and want to stay there. Do you really think that he would convince Miss Terry to pack up and move to India-frickin-napolis??
It's Spring Break, man, c'mon. They were all down in Cabo getting sh*t-faced.
Agreed. We're Bama; we're bigger than that. C'mon guys, man up.
Rotate the entire backfield in and out - QBs and RBs alike. Give everyone meaningful playing time, keeping everybody fresh and keeping everybody on campus. Losing Bo in the NCG killed us, and it shouldn't have been that way. We are soooo deep, and we're crazy not to use it to our benefit.
They don't have to worry about a self-imposed bowl ban. It's the "opponent-imposed" bowl ban that counts.
Look no further than Eddie Jackson. I remember watching videos of Tide practices when Eddie was a freshman; he couldn't do anything right and Saban rode him like a two-dollar horse. Now look at him. Eddie's a beast and likely to go in the first round. I wonder what he has to say about Coach Nick Saban. RTR!!!
Unfortunately, this is common in the Crimson Nation. We are more interested in YPG than present perfect verb tense. RTR!!!
That's what I'm thinking. Lashlee makes a parallel move to UConn of all places? I smell a rat.
They should treat it as any assault - 15 yards and player ejected.
Minkah wants another shot at that interception.
Although it is said that defense wins championships, you can't go anywhere without a top-notch offensive line. Mario has done a great job at Bama and deserves to make 700k or more. We have the money. Spend it. RTR!!!
I think Coach Sark will continue to open up the playbook, but will operate with a lot more discipline within Coach Saban's parameters. RTR!!!
Lefty here. I'm with ya, Dawg. Pretty, limp-d*ck white boy can't ride.
What size ring do you wear, son? Please measure four fingers. RTR!!!
Nobody proofreads this crap. They just chew it up and spit it out. Who cares about facts anyway?
Coach is right. If we play that way against the Barn, our whole season will be shot.
There is significant political advantage to be gained by keeping people pissed off. Angry people don't make rational decisions and are easily manipulated.
The outcome of the Bama game should not decide Orgeron's fate. Holgersen would be a horrible choice.
LSU always presents Bama with a "rough-ass" game, "grown-man football" as Trent Richardson described it. Nothing has changed. The Iron Bowl is always emotion-filled and anything can happen (Punt, Bama, punt... Rallying from a 24-7 halftime deficit in 2013). The only issue is whether they hate us more than we hate them.
They're going to pour it out, alright... at the office Christmas party.
Remember Dan Devine, head coach of the Green Bay Packers at the time, getting his leg broken after getting creamed on the sideline? Circa 1971.
Of course it's fine with you, after he hangs 84 points on y'all in his first 2 Iron Bowls. He's not going anywhere until he gets a real sweet offer.
None of this matters. We control our own destiny. Make it to the playoffs, then steamroll everybody in our way. Simple. Come back and talk to me after the TA+M game, after we beat 3 ranked teams in a row. RTR!!!
Remember that Nick Saban went 7-6 his first year at Bama. After that, he was mopping the floor with the opposition. Let Kirby do it his way. He is still working with Mark Richt's boys. Give him 2 years to populate the team with his own recruits, then LOOK OUT!!