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So, he only has a good defense if he has good players? Thanks Captain Obvious. I do agree with you on the late calls. That was probably the biggest problem last year.
It is the coach's job to coach them up. Need to call the defensive set quickly, put the players in a position to succeed, and get off the field on 3rd down.
Signing Tim will sell some season tickets and jerseys. If he makes the roster, he will definitely sell some regular game tickets. If he can't catch or block, they can cut him with no real loss. With his work ethic, I think that he will do fine and be a contributor.
Would really like to see him and White get down to 350 lbs.
The Gators are the SEC’s least-penalized team, averaging just more than 4 penalties a game. I didn't think I would ever read this. The Gators have collected penalties like Mardi Gras beads for as long as I remember.
Derek Mason should get a pass in my opinion. The best you could possibly hope for would be 2-8 in an all SEC season. I think Vanderbilt should see what he can do in a normal season before they give him the boot. Everyone knew that LSU was going to stink it up this year, they lost way too much talent to the NFL and opt outs. Bo Pelini needs to go and never return to major college football. If Orgeron gets canned it is going to be because of off field issues.
Tebow did not win a conference championship his Heisman year (2007).
I think Florida wins but Arkansas covers. Trask is just faster at finding the open receiver than Franks.
Did you just pick Saban at number one, flip a coin over Kirby and Mullen, and then fill in the rest with a random number generator? How is Pittman not in the top half while Leach is? The world wonders.
There can be no doubt that it was a late hit and there was no flag. That is on the refs.
Un-classey? It's a football game. The point is to score and win. It's not like it was the end of the game. You are a douche.
Coverage of Florida Missouri was also horrible. Started with the SEC alternate channel not switching to it on Direct TV and some Xfinity locations. Apparently only had two cameras with film school drop outs manning them. Head scratching pass interference calls and totally missed what should have been targeting against Kyle Trask going into half time.
At this point, the teams in the running for Trevor are: Falcons, Vikings, Washington, Giants, Jets, Chargers, Bengals, Texans, and Jaguars. The Falcons, Vikings, Chargers, Bengals, and Texans have decent QBs. That leaves the two NY teams, Washington, and the Jags. I would rather play in New York than for either Washington or the Jaguars.
I can already hear Bill Murray doing the Cinderella Story bit from Caddy Shack before the Cocktail party as CBS flashes highlights back and forth between Bennett and Trask.
Georgia's offense is basically a ground up rebuild. They have talented players but they are all raw. If Smart can get a good season out of this offense, he will really have earned his pay.
To be honest, Joe Burrow torched everybody, so there's that. WE need someone with a nose for the football to step up.
When writers predict what play will win a game, I know they're full of it.
Herd immunity is a pipe dream. There are 4.4m documented cases in the US. Assuming that there is 10x that including undocumented and you have 44m. There are roughly 330m people in the country and you need to reach about 80% for herd immunity,or 264m. Our current documented infection rate is 66k per day, so assume total of 660k cases per day total. 264m divided by 660k equals 400 days minimum.
Put all the team names in a hat. In reverse alphabetical order, draw ten names. If the Vanderbilt picked Texas A&M, then Texas A&M picks nine, otherwise they pick ten. Once your schedule is full, your name gets removed from the hat. Fairest way to do it. University does not count as part of name.
I think Felipe hurt his knee against Michigan in the 2018 bowl game. If you watched him get up after being hit last year, he really seemed to be hurting. I hope he is all healed up and is able to play to the best of his abilities.
Trask can't be #1!!!!! You didn't use 5 exclamation points!!!!!
Spencer Rattler has thrown 11 passes and Myles Brennan has throw 70 in college football games. They both may end up being great players, but it is ludicrous to rank them in the 10 ten for the Heisman at this point. Fools and their money are soon parted.
You have 6 from Alabama and 17 from the SEC in the first 32 picks. Neither one of these is going to happen.
If the Falcons haven't retired it, it's up for grabs as far as I'm concerned. Let's face it, Sander's pro play never matched the hype.
I like the change of possession idea. Easier than having to keep an eye on the clock. Should only apply if the training staff comes onto the field. Give an injured player a little time to get to the sidelines (maybe 15-20 seconds) without a penalty.