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Being a backup in the NFL is not a bad gig. The money is good and the chance of injury is greatly reduced. If you can manage 5+ years as an NFL backup, you are set for life financially and you might not be a physical wreck when you're 60.
Those who think that Emery Jones can't throw are in for a rude awakening. If Trask had not played so well last year, Emory would be the presumed starter. He has more physical skills than Trask, and may have a higher ceiling. What Trask brings is a quick release, great accuracy, and the ability to read the defense before the snap. He improved at avoiding sacks as the year went on
How Jonathan Greenard is not on this list is beyond me. 52 tackles, including 15.5 TFL and 9.5 sacks, three forced fumbles, recorded an interceptions, and had four more pass breakups. The guy is a beastand will tear it up on Sunday.
Franks looked really good at the end of last year and was in a leadership role for the team. Unfortunately, it did not seem to carry over to this year.
I worry about how Florida is going to respond to the cold. The forecast is for 43F at kickoff, which is colder than it has been in Gainseville at any point this fall. If Trask can throw it and the receivers can catch it, Florida should be ok.
If Florida can protect the ball, I see them scoring 28+ points. I don't think Georgia can cover three Florida wide outs and Pitts with Perine coming out of the backfield as a safety valve. Somebody is going to be open and Trask has been good at finding them. Florida may not be able to run the ball much but those little swing passes work like a running game. The real question is can Florida contain Georgia's running game?
I would love to see them play this week, but if they are less than 75%, we are better off resting them and playing the backups. They really need to be ready against Georgia. I would probably start the backups regardless and see how they do.
It's because South Carolina is in the East. If Florida beats everyone in the East, even with this loss, they win the East. The conference rankings go by, overall conference wins, wins in your division, then head to head.
I'll buy your 400 yards passing for Burrow. 100 of it is to Florida Defensive Backs. Chomp!
I think this game is going to come down to Burrow versus the Florida pass rush. If they can get to him or at least rattle him, the secondary will feast.
I would like the SEC to add one more rotating cross conference game and drop one of the scrub games.
In the first series, Williams was taking two steps and firing the ball, and it was working. After that he tried to setup in the pocket, but there was no pocket. Enos should have given him plays were he could get rid of the ball in three steps or less. I don't know how making a public statement like this is going to help. If the kid is getting a big head, deflate it in private or at practice. You got to coach them up. That's your job.
Miami's front seven is pretty good and controlled the run, but they only had 1 sack for the game. I'll take that and a win from a relatively untested offensive line. Florida turned it over 4 times, gave up a 4th and 34 on a PI, and still won. I'd rather have that then get outplayed.
The ball to Hammond was 45 yards through the air. There are a lot of P5 quarterbacks that would have to rainbow a ball to get it that far. One of them is named Fromm.
I watched the replay of Missouri/Florida last week, and Drew Lock was on fire. He looked like Tom Brady junior. Bryant has his work cut out for him filling those shoes.
I think Jalon Jones was the only Mullen recruit. Seems like he is doing a pretty good job of house cleaning.
That game was no fluke, it was a trip to the woodshed. What I am most afraid of is loosing my 12 character password for this site. It's like they are trying to secure the Pentagon.
I would be in favor of rotating through Miami, UCF, and USF
Holy cow! Did you really just write that? Women should resign for being pregnant? Just to be clear, the job of an equestrian coach is not to ride a horse, it is to tell athletes how to ride a horse. Having kids is part of life. As a matter of fact it is the most important part of life. We have laws that support this position because people like Wolfman just don't get it.
You rarely see super low body fat combined with great strength. If it seems too good to be true, maybe it isn't.
Good luck TJ. I hope you have a great year.
I think the torrential downpour during the SC game had something to do with his lack of success. Neither team could pass while it was pouring, and it killed Missouri's momentum.
It's funny that he had to make an Old Dominion shirt!
This is going to be an interesting game. Both teams have looked good against everyone but Kentucky, and the Kentucky losses were similar. The Florida defense looked much better against Tennessee and the special teams have been playing lights out. On the other hand, Florida historically has not played well in the state of Mississippi. I think whatever quarterback and offensive line can step up is going to make the difference.
Totally bogus penalty. Official should be suspended for unsportsmanlike behavior. Sports are supposed to be fun.
Coaching is a profession and there is nothing wrong with moving on to a better or higher paying job, providing that you have treated your current employer fairly. Mullens worked at MSU for 9 years and raised their program up to levels it had never been before. Kiffen had one mediocre year and then skipped town. I beleive that a coach should commit himself to three years at a school before he moves on.