Uga grad 1980

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In 2019 ( most recent state available) Georgia ranked 4th as birth state of mlb players. 9nly far more populous Calif, Florida and Texas had more. Yet Dawgs rarely sign top players from Ga or Fla
Just once, could you actually contribute instead of trolling?
It was time for a fresh person on sideline IMO. Dowdle tbh didn't give you much. Cheering pretty much was it
Has Grantham put in his new shoe toss defensive alignment yet?
Bobby the brain Negan needs a new hobby . And could someone disable the caps lock button on his keyboard? Mrs. Brain I'm talking to you.
Not a troll.?just asking a question. Which you didnt answer. The answer to your question is "No way". If UGA were to lose e.g. 3 straight against Fla or lose to Tech more than once a decade..yes. We haven't thrown the 1980 gorilla off our back yet but UGA is in a better place now than any time since then.
Georgia has top high school baseball. Not everyone can be in the Top 5 but Ga should be. We dont recruit well in Ga or Fla, two fantastic high school baseball states. Thats on the coach
Mullen better worry about how own a$$. My question to Gator fans: Assuming Bama beats Fla this year, if UGA beats Fla in 2021 and 2022, is Mullen in trouble?
We need a word limit here like with Twitter.
For the non Cajun fans like me.. I went to Google for translation Laissez les bon temps rouler...Let the good times roll
The tailgating at LSU is world class. Best in SEC IMO. The stadium and atmosphere is great too, but no better than the ones you mention. Tennessee stadium belongs in that discussion when they are good. Auburn fans also can really rock when they want to.
Stricklin . Would a simple edit function for this site be too much to ask?
At some point a coach has to produce. Strickland has underachieved IMO. Uga should be a Top5 program and we arent
I worry if this is good enough for our new AD, that Crean might get extended. Please No
I believe this is a mistake. Georgia is mostly middle of the pack in the SEC and the few times we have been highly ranked we spit in our hats and lost early. We don't get our share of great players from a great baseball state. Very disappointing because it means we are OK with a Super Regional ceiling.
"I mean the biggest thing is that this league is GOOD "
Reminds me of the phone commercial. "I like tacos "
Im not an Aaron fan but I think Jordan does a good job on SEC Network.
Cannon played RB in college but was drafted as a TE and played TE in the NFL. He is listed as a TE in all 1961 draft lists.
I like Leach but having MSU at 8 blows up the credibility of the poll. It is useless and inaccurate
Kiffin is a coach who absolutely gets it when it comes to social media. He is great for the SEC