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I posted the above comment saying he would be in the portal by C H R I S T M A S. my comments were flagged for moderation. I changed it to New Years Day and message went through. SDS has C H R I S T M A S on their banned word list!!!! Unbelievable
Richardson be in the transfer portal by New Years Day. I mean, why play in the Birmingham Bowl?
Every remaining game on Ky schedule is winnable. 11 -1 is very possible imo.
Dictionary dot com can be a valuable resource for people like you who think bear and bare are interchangeable. Im just wondering , does a wild bare spit in the woods? And is a bare with no clothes going bear?
Ok they should have coveted and would have if Stoops hadn't taken that timeout. I guess he took the points
looks like a time out with 3 seconds left proved you correct. Although I kinda understand it, it still seems Bush league to call a ti e out there. I think Stoops must have taken the points
Its 0k to try and justify your ignorance by insulting others. Thats what stupid people do.
Im too cheap to do anything but parlays but I've hit 5 team parlay 3 times this year out of 6 weeks including yesterday. I never bet on the Dawgs cuz my heart gets in the way. and Ark game was too close too call. I hit on the other 5 SEC games
Karen is for overly anal authoritarianism. Bad spelling is just ignorance. Not the same
Those Auburn spelling skills show through again. Im "bearly" surprised lol
Mullen needs a scapegoat to save his own hide so I expect Grantham to go.
Grantham is just a result of the problem: Mullen is a great offensive schemer but a horrible head coach. Hiring and recruiting are his weak spots.. Blames everyone else for his shortcomings. Seems to take no responsibility in the Gators slide to mediocrity. Hoping he is at Fla for a long time.
What an incredibly idiotic post. Last time I checked it was the head coach who hired his staff and directed the recruiting effort. Nature Gator is in total denial. This is who Mullen is. Not a surprise to anyone but Gator fans
Even though that last TD after the timeout blew the cover AND the blocked PAT blew the over, I dont have a problem with the last time out. KY is building and that was a positive result to end the game. That will mean a lot when it comes to confidence in future games. No prob with me. (Even with this I went 5-2 in SEC games vs spread so that eases the pain lol). Congrats to Ky on a hard fought game
and the fact remains that the SEC officials are mostly horrible
I recall when Braves fans showered the field after a horrible infield fly rule call in the mlb wild card game in 2011. I was embarrassed for all of the 99% of good Braves fans like myself. Same thing here. Don't judge all Tenn fans on the actions of a few.
Embarrassing behavior from the Tenn fans. It perpetuates the common stereotype of Tenn fans as low rent rednecks. I know that isn't true but the actions of a few paint a broad stroke
they are hilarious . Only the thin skinned fans who can't laugh at themselves dislike SEC Shorts
don't let the door hit you in the a s s on the way out.
Dintclutter your brain cuz it would hard to remember all of the dumb stuff wolfman posts.
Well my picks were 5-2 vs the spread and it took Ky calling a timeout with 3 seconds left to score a final td to spoil that. Not only that , the blocked PAT blew the over. Thanks Coach Stoops. Hey Matt, I'm available for consultation next week lol
these days if you are attracted to anything , you get your own letter in the se x ual orientation moniker. I mean now we are up to this: LGBTQIA+ Why not just add BL after the + ?(Boot Lovers)