Uga grad 1980

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Vol fans: your stadium is average. Its big, old and noisy. welcome to the club. The state of your stadium has zero influence on coaches or players. Why even bring that up?
If you truly believe that then you just proved my point. You guys are more worried about Dawgs than your own sorry situation. I think Granthams D just let in another TD. Your coach is a head case. Its awesome to see u lizards squirm
I just hope Matthew can find some friends since he looks so lonely in those car ads lol
He was highly thought of at UGA and was hired due to Kirby liking his work with him while both were at Bama.
This is a headline story here? Pathetic. The Dawgs are in the Gators head so badly its ridiculous. Is it because they know last year was a one off? . The Gator fans who run this board have Kirby Stress Disorder.
Sounds like a team I know :)
Being a Gamecock fan is pretty depressing. Knowing your two biggest rivals will drub you most years
Have you been there? I have. Its a generic old dump with too narrow seats. Bama , Ga stadiums put it to shame. SC and Auburn are better too imo. Lsu about the same. Ive never been to Swamp, just Jax
Trying to recall a Fla QB who has even started an NFL game in last 25 years. Tbow?
Seems like a great hire but he should distance himself from UCF`s laughingly ridiculous claim to the 2017 natty.
They arent giving up on their state. They're giving up on the football program at the state university. Big difference . And who could blame them?
Does Smokey have any eligibility left ? He's prob looking to leave since he loves Mc Donalds and is ticked he didnt get a sack full of goodies like everybody else. I mean, he didn't need cash. A bag of cheeseburgers would have been fine. I hear he is in the portal and talking to Ole Miss about ditching their bear for him, a live hound used to losing.
Dawgs could use a DB if we don't sign Arnold.
Good. Getting drafted by the Lions is a player's worst nightmare. I'd like to see him land in New England but Minnesota might make more sense. Or Philly.
Id like to see Elliott get the job to disrupt Clemson staff if for no other reason . Fleck to me is too much bluster. Dykes, yawn. What about the Buffalo coach ? He was hired by White at Buffalo.
May i borrow your rose colored glasses? Arch Manning??? Thats hilarious. Top 5 stadium? Ridiculous. Maybe SEC Top 5 . Maybe. National Brand? Yeah , Vols have one allright: Its in the discontinued section .
I crack up at the posts complaining about "todays youth". That narrative has been going on forever. I can remember when my generation ( the 70s) was the one that was going to cause ruin. Todays young people are not bad, just different in different times.
the ACC was so awful in 1969 that SC as champ went to the Peach Bowl. When it was the worst bowl of all
How does one lucky win prove anything?? A blind squirrel will find a nut every now and then. Bottom line is that SC has sucked for 100 years
The endless ads at the bottom of every page are so annoying. At least give us a chance to x out of them after a few seconds.
Put yourself in a Vol fans shoes. We all care so much, events like this hurt. Weve all been there: losing I mean. Uga and LSU in the 90s, Bama between Bryant and Saben (except for Stallings) . Fla for 100 years until EG showed up. Auburn off and on. I feel badly for my Vol friends.
Dude, you give all Dawg fans a bad rep. Dont be such a loser.