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Butthurt Bob is having a hard time accepting reality. Below are the stages of grief. Bob is at #3. Hoping he works through to. #6 1.Shock and denial. This is a state of disbelief and numbed feelings. 2.Pain and guilt. 3,Anger and bargaining. 4.Depression. 5.Reconstruction and working through. 6.Acceptance and hope.
embarrassed ? That is hilarious. Embarrassed to whom ?
Go back to your ranch and smoke some cow chips. Everything will be ok
I agree. Sec wants 12. I'm just saying let the whiners be the ones who look at the options and grudgingly agree that 12 is best. The SEC doesn't need to lead that charge. Sit back and let the whiners work it out . It will still happen.
** correction ..should have said no Group of 6 teams would never get in
A viewpoint that shows zero awareness of how business works and a vast deficiency of awareness of basic economics. This is a business. In biz, you make decisions that are best for your organization and then and let the competition react. You don't make decisions worrying if your competition will be agreeable. If the competition is strong, they will be fine. If not, other competitors will emerge. Its the American way
If there is a super conference that emerged, Nebraska won't be in it. They'll be hanging with Illinois and Purdue in Tier 2
Its rich that a fan from a team that left the Big 12 is criticizing this move. Whats the difference? Nebraska has been closer to Kansas than Ohio State since they went to the Big 10. Maybe Sumter 23 is just upset that Nebraska is no longer a blue blood.
If it stays at 4 teams, then no Group of 5 team will ever get in. Most years PAC 12 will have no team in. If Clemson loses 2 games, the ACC will have nobody. Is that what the non SEC conferences want? I thought they wanted more inclusion,so I fail to see how keeping the playoffs at 4 teams works in the favor of those who are unhappy with the SEC expansion. They are cutting off their nose to spite their face If I were SEC, I wouldn't fight the jealous backlash. You want to keep it at 4 teams? Fine. Not going to affect SEC inclusion. We will be there and we will win.
So JTF, Sankey should have ignored Texas and Okla request for confidentiality and divulged the ongoing negotiations to everyone..to the detriment of his employer but for the good of college football? That is laughingly ridiculous and naive. Have you never been in serious negotiations about anything? Doesnt seem like it.
Texas will feel like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz..."I dont think we are in Kansas any more".
Who cares if the other commissioners are not happy with Sankey? Sankey's job is not to keep the other commisioners happy. They are unhappy cuz Sankey was playing chess while they were playing checkers.
JTF..Of course NOT that Sankey should have told Butthurt Bob. Why would he? It had zero to do with the discussion of of 12 teams were better than 4. of a 12 team playoff. Not his problem that Texas and Ok were on the down low to BHBob. Sankey is the Comissioner of the SEC. He does what is best for the SEC. If he outsmarts the other guys, who's fault is that?
Confidentiality while negotiating with potential business partners is not disturbing. Its normal. Who should have the SEC told? Texas AM knew about it as did all schools. Its nobody else's business. That includes the CFP playoff committee.There is no reason to let the cat out of the bag to that committee. That lack of knowledge wont change anything. The 12 team model is a slam dunk. If you don't believe it, tell me which conference , including the Big 12, would vote the 12 team playoff down TODAY. Not One. It still is the best plan for the lesser conferences to be included in the CFP. The only change is now the Big 12 is a lesser conference.
Absolutely on #60. IDK anything about Tommy Nobis' college career but I do know about his pro career. Nobis was a great player and an even better man. Tommy Nobis was an original Atlanta Falcon in 1966 and was the best Falcon player in each of his 11 seasons. Only Butkus was a better LB in the NFL at that time. Nobis was a great man off the field as well. He established the Tommy Nobis Center in Marietta,GA, dedicated to job training for disabled people. (Started because one of his children had Downs if I recall correctly). That center has helped hundreds of disabled find gainful employment people and is still operating 4 years after Nobis' death in 2017. He is deservedly in the Falcons Ring of Honor.
Dude, your obsession with this is weird. You're in full panic mode. Seek help for your obvious insecurities