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Rat poison for Georgia. It’s one game. Running the SEC gauntlet is incredibly hard. Even if the Dawgs are better than last year, so are Bama and Ohio St. I’m not ready to crown the Dawgs after one game against a PAC team.
How 12-team playoff would have looked in '21 assuming it’s the format previously discussed. UGA in first round since they were not conference champion. 1st round 12 *Pitt at 5 UGA 11 *Utah at No. 6 NDame 10 Mich St at No. 7 Ohio St 9 Ok St at No. 8 Ole Miss Quarters 1 *Bama vs. Ole Miss/Ok St 2 *Michigan vs. Ohio St/MSU 3 *Cincy vs. ND/Utah 4 *Baylor vs. UGA/Pitt
16 sounds like a lot of teams. I’m concerned it will lessen the importance of the regular season games. But hey, it might be fun.
The article is confusingly written. If you read the ncaa statement it’s actually saying the school they are transferring to has to guarantee up to a 5 year scholarship even if they don’t play. The school they transfer from is off the hook.
I just hope he doesn’t pick my team. Kiss of death for the season.
Negan might actually spend more time on the FL site. I wish we had a upvote/downvote like Reddit does.
Texas isn’t thinking about the Big 10. They evaluated BIG, ACC, SEC and decided to join SEC. They will stay there. ND decision depends on the difference in contract dollars between staying independent and going to a conference.
I think you’re right on this. I really hated to see Todd depart especially on 3rd down. After his time here I couldn’t believe FL hired him.
Does anyone at Tennessee call the offense “Blur Ball”? Or is that the author trying to get that started? I don’t hate the name - I’ve just only seen it twice and it was both in Haynes articles.
I think he stays with Bama. It seems with the “legacy” players they sometimes want to blaze their own path. So I’m not really surprised. Just hate to see him at Bama. Nice recruiting win.
Great win hogs! Hope you go all the way. I agree with the Twitter post above - this is an Arkansas win, not an SEC win. Whatever that means.
I’m not sure. With so many departures on defense I expect a drop off from “generational” to “really good”. So the key will be if offense can balance it out. It’s probably more likely to get back into the mix the year after. Plus running the SEC gauntlet is just hard. For example, it would be easy to underestimate Miss St who has shown they can be very dangerous.