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That’s completely ridiculous. How many SEC teams were in NY6 games? And this was a DOWN year? Delusional statement. Roll Tide
I mean it goes both ways. Sure trask did more with lesser talent around him but the fact that he throws every single down is gonna automatically pad his stats. REAL TALK how many more TDs would Jones have had if we hadn’t handed off to Najee all those plays inside the 5-10 yd line. When Kyler Murray won over Tua, I congratulated him on an outstanding season. But you...You’re just an ignorant hater with no grasp on the game. Happy New Year and Roll Tide!!
Let’s be honest. The playoff committee isn’t supposed to decide who’s earned it and who hasn’t. Their job is to get the best 4 teams. Ohio State is def one of the best 4. (ND should’ve been left out though, for sure) Bama is a more well-rounded team and should prevail. If the Buckeyes can match the intensity they brought to the Sugar Bowl, we could get a “barnburner”. Roll Tide