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Cool moment. Always liked him as a player, even if he was a gator!
Mark, you not only have a lot TN knowledge but are a really good writer. Nice article that brings back a lot of not-so-nice memories!
I’m glad they did, but why did Duke stay in the zone for as long as they did in the second half? The Vols picked em apart.
It’s his first season and he lost his best player halfway through SEC play, pump the brakes!
You sure Levi’s wasn’t trying to throw another interception and accidentally hit Hyatt in the hands?
I don’t blame college coaches for bolting to the NFL. Between recruiting, transfer portal, snd NIL, it must be exhausting.
Always liked him. Smart, tough, snd always had a smile on his face. Hope he dies well in the Assiciation.
Super sharp guy who will be successful in whatever he does once his playing days are over, be it coaching, management, or business outside of basketball.
Yes, ton of respect for Coach Staley. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
Umm, you do know she’s won two national championships, right? And she doesn’t believe in competition? Just cuz she says things you may disagree with or that make you uncomfortable? Oh, and the opposite of woke is sleep, that rhymes with sheep…
You know, for all the flash with coach Prime, he’s really a thoughtful, bright guy, who seems to get it. Jimbo could learn a thing or two from him.
No Hendon Hooker next year, his stock will never be higher. He should go, as much as I’d love to see him come back.
I’m looking forward to the Orange Bowl vs. Clemson, especially after Dabo’s burger comment.
Thanks Hendon, both for your on-field exploits and for representing the university with class.
To think where UT’s program was 2 years ago, this is truly amazing. C’mon, admit it, the SEC is better when UT is good!