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Why do the photos on this "new" SDS look like copies of old Poloroids?
Not true... Toll is rated a .8887 3 Star and Criswell is a .8883 3 Star so they are almost the same but Toll is ranked #1 in Arkansas by 247 and Criswell is #2.
He was at UAPB like 12yrs ago, more recently he was with Taggert at Oregon and Florida State
Well, I guess we will see just how bad a team we will have next season.
The deal is supposedly $16-$17 million a year which works out to 80-85 million over the course of the contract.
DJ Derrick doesn't do practices, they have recorded music and it is not all rap, there is classic rock and country.
You have no idea the direction the program is headed, you only have your beliefs/opinions that are based in nothing. You say we will lose to OM, maybe we will maybe won't but you don't know it will happen.OM squeeked out a win on a last minute drive and beat us by 4pts last year. OM is replacing it's QB moving to a new offensive system lost half it's offensive line and its three best WR's. They are also transitioning from a 4-3 defense to a 3-4. That didn't go so well for Bielema now did it? Bottom line OM is in what could best be described as a transitional year. Arkansas is in year two of the same offensive and defensive systems a QB who knows the offensive system, four returning RB's, a rebuilt offensive line, almost everybody back on defense and a great recruiting class. It seems like a toss up to me, but then again I'm not a negative fan like you. Oh and that HS Offense you deride? It has now won two National Championships.
And the Walrus wanders in as the Tweedledumb to Londons Tweedledee.
Oh, London is a bitter old pucker. At this point he loves nothing more than to bag on the Razorbacks and yet he considers himself to be a Razorback fan. It seems he is a lil conflicted.
"Great hire...Excellent on the field coach, but a dynamic recruiter" Rodney Saulsbury Head Football Coach Memphis Whitehaven Sounds like a home run hire to me.
Too bad, he seemed to have turned a corner last season, was our second most productive receiver. I hope he finds success elsewhere and wish him nothing but the best.
Joe Barrow didn't even have that before his expllsive 2018 season where he threw for 1,500yrds on 53% passing, Guess what Corndog? Barrow made LSU better and Hicks will make Arkansas better.
Morris isn't bringing Hicks in to paint. If he thought Noland was the answer he would be working to get him ready not seeking a grad transfer. LSU didn't bring in Joe Barrow because they thought their young QB's were the answer they brought him in to play. I see Hicks much like Barrow, he won't set the SEC on fire but he will make us better and he will make the younger QB's better.
Great pickup, will be another coach on the field. He will give the young QB's a chance to mature and learn the system also will help with the development of the WR's
Saw that. Crazy how negative Hog "fans" will jump on the tiniest thing.
Bama fans see London for the know nothing negative idiot he truly is. Ok...well StobyJoe likes him but they give each otner the dutch rudders while posting their crap.
Wish him the best...hope he does well at his next stop.
Wow ya got me. State was the better team and whooped us good this year. Mmmm... Last Year: Myles Mason Ladarius Bishop This year: Greg Brooks All time: Arkansas Leads 16-12-1 Mullen...he gone!!!
Bush announced he would be signing with the Hogs on Twitter.
Careful, that band wagon may run you over while you're trying to jump on.
You do realize Brooks is was the highest rated CB on your board? Right? No? Not surprising. Further more you do realize Brooks said yesterday after signing with Arkansas that Mississippi State wasn't in the mix at the end, it came down to Arkansas and Kansas State? No? Nothing? Keep on laughing and hold on to DJ James...he's all ya got.
Reading comprehension... “Arkansas used to have a ticket to all the players in Texas, and not just players, but students — students who wanted the Southeastern Conference experience could go from Texas and the Dallas-Fort Worth area to Arkansas and pay in-state tuition and have that SEC experience."
The last several years there have been more students from Texas than from Arkansas at the UA but yeah McElroy keep showing your ignorance.
Ty wants to go into coaching and would like to be a GA at Arkansas, he is already working on a Masters.
Good. We need the staff to be stable for at least 3yrs and Trayllr is one of our best recruiters.