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$180,000 less than bammer paid fat Albert Means who couldn't even make the team.
If your fanbase is so small they can't make enough noise in that crackerbox stadium to support it's team, crank up the volume on the big screen and ring cowbells.
Thanks for the laugh. A good way to start the day.
Anyone remember that hack, Pete Thamel predicting Pearl's demise ? Said he'd never coach another game in Auburn. It was on finebaum's show, of course.
Do you sit in the South end and can't see the screen ? Sorry if so but there will be a fairly big one in the North end soon.
My custom-made tag has 2 AUBURN logos with the caption below: "House United"
Not empty. Just without the riff raff fence climbers. And good riddance. Parking easier. Bathroom and concession lines shorter. We don't measure Auburn by attendance or trophies, real or imagined.
Pawwll was brought to Birmingham out of total obscurity in Shreveport, La. by Bert Bank to be the minister of propaganda for the UofA. He parlayed his opportunity into big bucks on the backs of "compensated" callers, many of whom are posers like Charles from Reeltown who IS NOT an Auburn fan. (Google the late Bert Bank to get a good idea about the agenda)
In other photos they were. Richardson wore at least 10 different expensive suits in Walks of Champions.
Uh, no. Read where it specifically states need not be compensated. Many players ineligible if this rule were enforced going back to Mark Ingram and forward to A.J. McCarron who all promoted a private business.