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He is correct! I love him and this team. I think anyone that follows them close knows that something isn't clicking. Maybe it's youth, maybe it's scheme or maybe it's coordinators and position coaches not being able to properly motivate and put players in the best position. Either way coaches "rant" could've just fixed everything because the players will respond to him standing up for them. We have had an amazing ride as fans since 2008 and still going! Roll Tide!
I get his frustration. He's big, fast and very talented. He does need to be more patient. Remember this kid committed early and helped recruit a lot of good players. He is a team guy and my opinion is that he should be getting some looks. Even if it's only here and there with him Bolden and Holden. He could become one of the greats
I think that there could be an instance or two per game where his height hampers him. I'm sure most play calls he will move the pocket but It could hurt the quick short pass game. However I'm confident he knows he has to find lanes and works around it 99.9% of the time
The Kiper's and McShay's have to have something to talk about with prospects so they find any measurable to knock them. Remember Leatherwood freshmen year coming in at left tackle in the second half of the national championship game against Georgia? He was one of many but he definitely showed us all then that he could be a solid left tackle
Right on point. This is meaningless. The only way they could get in trouble from it would be from trying to hide it. The NIL stuff is very worrisome. Its NCAA version of the atom bomb. There's no putting the genie back in the bottle. I'm all for these folks getting something extra on top of the very pricey full ride they get but there's a lot of problems that can come from it. One being schools in big markets have way more to offer than others. I even wonder if coach Saban could pay the whole team for representing his Mercedes dealerships? Would that be legal in this new environment? Another is definitely some positions getting way more opportunities than others. I really hope a lot of db's get good deals or the sport could end up being even more of a offensive league. Db's could focus even more on being receivers instead because there's more money there. I have no idea where it's all headed. I just hope the product stays similar on the field! Just look at the Milo's tea deal. They gave Bo Nix a deal not thinking it would cost them 3/4s of the state of Alabama but it was going to so they scrambled and got a deal with Malachi Moore. I seriously doubt that they realized what could happen until it was too late.
Saved the Republic huh? I seriously don't think I've laughed that hard in a while! Sad part is you probably believe that
Wow! TT gave his honest opinion regarding 19 and 20 year olds and you are acting as if it were a racial issue. Unbelievable! There are some good things from NIL but a lot of horrible things that can come from it. Think about locations and big corporations and you can easily see how bright the future is for USC, Texas, Miami and Oregon and then look at teams like an Iowa and one can easily see how it will work out much better for teams in locations that have money and influence
I don't understand why he would transfer if he stays in college another year. I would think he would be better off at Alabama where he's in an offense that allows him to play fast and take a lot of shots. I know we have a lot of guards but I believe he would still get a lot of minutes. He's one of my favorite players! Him and Primo. I would have loved to see them both back as leaders. Whatever he decides I wish him the best of luck!
The bad part of having so many good players at a position. Good for Bama bad for him. You can tell this was where he wanted to be. Just couldn't crack the depth chart. Hopefully he can go on to somewhere that he can get on the field
The rule that was made is that no team should have to play multiple teams coming off their bye week
Every year I ask myself how is coach going to make the numbers work without having to many guys leave in the portal. It really shows how great he really is! With this addition it makes 11 receivers to fit the really only 4 spots. Can't wait to see how it shakes out
I looked at his size and speed. Very similar to Devonta Smith. Kinda long and slim. Remember during Smith's Alabama career he was never considered the best option until Waddle went down this past year. It was Juedy and Ruggs then Waddle then Smith but all he did was put up monster numbers. That could be how this kid was viewed at osu and could be why he seemed past over this spring. Smith was fast with smooth routes and able to go up and snatch the ball. Hopefully this kid can be the next best thing!
Fields landed with the Bears which is even more of a giant Yuck! I can't help but feel even though he says he has no ill will towards osu we know something happened for him to be dropped to the second team in spring. Hopefully he just feels that he wasn't being utilized properly. I'm sure sooner or later we will learn more. Hopefully he gets in the strength program at Alabama and hopefully him and Bryce get comfortable with each other fast! Roll Tide!
I'm sure Waddle will be successful. I still think Devonta Smith is the best receiver. He's the best route runner and he is clutch with a little more length for a small receiver. Just hope Jalen becomes a much better passer in a hurry for Devonta's sake
Moses was a early round lock after his sophomore year before tearing his acl in fall of his junior year. I don't believe kirby lost a 5* to a major injury only to come back with a second knee injury that he played through in the middle of a pandemic with no scouting combine. Nick had zero to do with how this played out! Its horrible for Dylan Mosses after everything he's been through!
I think Mac will do great as long as he has a couple of decent weopons to throw to. Mac has something not many others have. All last season if we needed to keep a drive going he always made the throws he needed to without turnovers. As good as Bryce looks I can't help but feel we will have to get more stops on defense in big games. Mac could handle straight shootouts. That says a lot about his confidence and ability.
I seriously hoped that he could get his opportunity and that he would make the most of it. Will Anderson was just too good and I'm happy he was too good! Always rooted for Ben. Hopefully he can get solid playing time in Texas
Really makes checking deeply into a kids character and willingness to buy in even more important
I can't help but think i would have Surtain or Will Anderson at the top along with Evan Neal. All had very impressive freshman years and very much prove that coach will play the best player no matter how young