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Every year I ask myself how is coach going to make the numbers work without having to many guys leave in the portal. It really shows how great he really is! With this addition it makes 11 receivers to fit the really only 4 spots. Can't wait to see how it shakes out
I looked at his size and speed. Very similar to Devonta Smith. Kinda long and slim. Remember during Smith's Alabama career he was never considered the best option until Waddle went down this past year. It was Juedy and Ruggs then Waddle then Smith but all he did was put up monster numbers. That could be how this kid was viewed at osu and could be why he seemed past over this spring. Smith was fast with smooth routes and able to go up and snatch the ball. Hopefully this kid can be the next best thing!
Fields landed with the Bears which is even more of a giant Yuck! I can't help but feel even though he says he has no ill will towards osu we know something happened for him to be dropped to the second team in spring. Hopefully he just feels that he wasn't being utilized properly. I'm sure sooner or later we will learn more. Hopefully he gets in the strength program at Alabama and hopefully him and Bryce get comfortable with each other fast! Roll Tide!
I'm sure Waddle will be successful. I still think Devonta Smith is the best receiver. He's the best route runner and he is clutch with a little more length for a small receiver. Just hope Jalen becomes a much better passer in a hurry for Devonta's sake
Moses was a early round lock after his sophomore year before tearing his acl in fall of his junior year. I don't believe kirby lost a 5* to a major injury only to come back with a second knee injury that he played through in the middle of a pandemic with no scouting combine. Nick had zero to do with how this played out! Its horrible for Dylan Mosses after everything he's been through!
I think Mac will do great as long as he has a couple of decent weopons to throw to. Mac has something not many others have. All last season if we needed to keep a drive going he always made the throws he needed to without turnovers. As good as Bryce looks I can't help but feel we will have to get more stops on defense in big games. Mac could handle straight shootouts. That says a lot about his confidence and ability.
I seriously hoped that he could get his opportunity and that he would make the most of it. Will Anderson was just too good and I'm happy he was too good! Always rooted for Ben. Hopefully he can get solid playing time in Texas
Really makes checking deeply into a kids character and willingness to buy in even more important
I can't help but think i would have Surtain or Will Anderson at the top along with Evan Neal. All had very impressive freshman years and very much prove that coach will play the best player no matter how young