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I hope Cam has a couple of good years so Mac can watch and learn.
I didn’t think you were allowed on your computer after that incident with that 8 year old little boy
Here is my prediction. 7 catches 142 yards and 2 TDs for Waddle!!!!
Sark needs to seriously think about going to work for FUK MOOKS like this !!!
Kevin Steele will be a huge upgrade on defense as well.
He’s the next coach at Alabama after Saban. We are restructuring his contract. Will be making north of $3MM next year.
Absolutely no way Auburn is a top-10 job. Maybe top 25. Not top 10!!!
Jalen is 26-2. However, look at the key games against excellent defenses (GA, AUB, Clem). He struggled to execute in the passing game. Teams figured out how to stop him. He was given a chance to win the job in the spring with Tua hurt. He didn’t. Mac was better than him at A-Day. We wish Jalen the best, but if he becomes a distraction or divisive, then Saban needs to remove him from the program.