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C'mon man. The model can certainly continue to win championships. Maybe not "Best Team Ever" type of thing. But championships nonetheless. Three consecutive LSU coaches have proven what LSU can be on any given year. Nick Saban did it. The Village Idiot did it. And now the a Cajun from down the bayou. The model is simple. So much talent in the state. Keep it in the state and don't f*** it up. Give the keys to the Lamborghini and even the Village Idiot backs into a championship.
"That’s a string of defenses unlike anything the Tigers’ offensive line has faced, though they did face Florida, Auburn and Alabama in a 4-game stretch." So you think those defenses, especially considering the schedules they have played, are not in the same league at Ohio St., Clemson and Utah? I would argue that all three are better than Utah all things considered and again, factoring in the schedule of horrible offensive rankings for the teams Ohio State and Clemson have played I would say it's tit for tat. LSU has seen the likes of what it will see in the CFP.
It's definitely not a dynasty ending game. Red zone defense will be the difference. I will go homer and pick my Tigers 42-30. Could easily flip the other way.
FYI...according to Ed Orgeron Jay Ward has passed Flott on the depth chart.