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Dallas got a steal with this guy. On and off the field.
Can doesn't get these calls like his smaller counterparts. I guess that's the way it goes if you are the size of a TE playing QB.
Cocks have one of the youngest teams in the NCAA. Skill positions are mostly freshman. I would say Muschamp has done an excellent job. He also didn't get into recruiting late in the game. Should being playing for the East title soon.
Whoever came up with this crap needs to get a real job. This is meaningless!!!
Terrible call. How do you review that and uphold it?
These guys were burnt by the only team they played with a pulse.
Clemson won because NC State's kicker missed a fg I could have made. They dropped one spot. Someone has naked pictures of some of these voters.
It's all about money. Buckeyes only need two losses to be in the playoffs. Should have dropped to 12 or further.
Play calling made the Rebels " one dimensional " not the Noles D. My 10 year old knew what Ole Miss was going to do!!!!!
Love my Vols but Dobbs better enjoy his college career. No way is he NFL material.
Rebels haven't played yet. Dalvin Cook may be in their nightmares!!!!
Don't fool yourself. Clemson will be lurking near the top by the end of the season. Auburn 's D played great. Clemson will average 45 points a game the rest of their schedule . They get by Florida St. they will go undefeated again and set up a rematch with the Tide.
Dobbs has to play better. He better enjoy his college career, because he is not a NFL qb!!!
Defense should apologize for their poor play in the second half. Classy guy to put it all on his shoulders!!!!
We will have to wait till next year!!! LSU comes to Neyland.
The Vols are loaded . This year is their best shot, in a long time, to make some noise!!!!
No way the Gamecocks lose to Vandy!!!
Beyonce, singing about cops shooting blacks. Just entertain me and leave your politics at home. She and her husband are both no better than the KKK!!!!!
194 yds is not to competent. 4th lowest in Superbowl history. D truly won this game.
You will get to see him next year!!!! He is pretty special.
Clemson struggled mightily with the Gamecocks and USC beat the Heels. The two first place teams in the ACC. Cocks were the last place team in the SEC. But almost took out the ACC big boys. If Clemson were in the SEC. They may be the fourth or fifth best team. Artavis Scott, you are wrong. The ACC is the one that is overrated!!!!!
Williams Bryce is one of the better staduim in college football. I think it ranks higher than Neyland would be for comfort. Fans are crushed in their like tuna!!!! Not being on Campus allows better parking situation. Vols parking is a nightmare.
Florida would disagree with you. Michigan made them like a junior high team!!!!
I believe I will take Clemson +7. Alabama may win, but it will be close. Tide I not seen at Qb like Watson.
Instant impact is what the article is about. Frank's may not play immediately. Mcilwain will start day one.
Look at the help Treadwell has. Pharaoh Cooper is a one man team and has had 4 different QBs. Nothing wrong with these ranking!!!