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I’ll answer by asking this question... how did the 50+ schools who visited Manvil TX who watched him in practice & in games not offer him a scholarship? Sometimes you just don’t know what they can do until your forced to see what they can do beyond practice. We do know that Mullen leans more towards guys who are more outspoken and can command the huddle, has the ear of the locker room etc. ...which Franks checked all the boxes. But who knew a guy who never started a game in 7 years would come off the bench and lead his team to 115-16 scoring advantage over 14 quarters? I didn’t! I knew the guy was better than everyone thought he was but I didn’t expect this. It’s the smoothest I’ve seen this offense operate during this decade.
We aren’t a playoff team. Next tier, probably... but not deep enough. If they can play Saturday, play them.
Florida never “pursued” Frost and it’s annoying that this is continually pushed. They “explored” 4 other candidates but Kelly was the only one that was actually “pursued”. But it was clear after meeting twice that it was not a good fit. Kelly was not interested in making public appearances or speaking engagements... so they parted ways. Stricklin knew he had Mullen in his back pocket but it was his obligation to do a thorough search. I’m glad it turned out the way it did.
Thanks for coming around, turd. This is the same dumbass who said UF was not legit and the “worst top 10 team in recent memory” . I would use the term “analyst” lightly with this clown. And anyone who doesn’t have LSU #1 at this point should have their credentials pulled.
1 - LSU 2 - Bama 3 - OSU 4 - Wisconsin 5) Clemson 6) Oklahoma Is how I would pick the playoffs, today. Wisconsin has looked more impressive than either Clemson or Oklahoma IMO. And I don’t see how anyone can put LSU behind anyone else after this weekend. They have the resume and looked the part up to this point.
If you put up 457 yds of offense is it ho-hum? Dumb analysis. Incredibly, it was the defense that lost this game, not the offense.
From a trash talking turd. Thanks for the advice. Now go flip the burgers ...they’re burning
Read my other posts, tool. I gave all credit to LSU. I just wasn’t being an ass about it
Now we all know what a due che looks like. A great likeness you are
It was a great game but if you want to be a turd ....knock yourself out.
Congrats LSU That wasn’t on our offense. Trask was solid. The D ...not so much. Watching LSU zing the ball around is just weird. Team is legit. Job well done
Stop lecturing others on trash talking ...You are one of the worst ones on here.
He won’t after we win this one either. He’ll pick us to lose against UGA and MIZZ as well. Every win up to this point has had an excuse behind it ...whether it’s “lucky”, “should have lost”, “other than these 4 plays ..” ...there isn’t a team in the country that others have tried to discredit more.
Nonsense. Florida could have hung 50+ on Towson. They cleared the bench early and were tinkering with the lineup in preparation for Aub/LSU/UGA.
Fair assessment, TR. If Florida holds LSU under 31, then we have a shot. If UF can slow things down and slop this up, keeping this in the 20s ...then I like our chances.
It was in the heat of the moment in the middle of the game. I admit, it was lame apology but the social media backlash is a little over the top.
UF & Kelly came close to an agreement before He pulled out in the last minute. There was never any discussion or offer extended to Frost ...I don’t know why that continually gets brought up. It’s complete BS.
There certainly wasn’t a lot of rational thought from the media leading up to this game. These 2 teams were as evenly matched as any out there ...I couldn’t understand the narrative being pushed that Auburn was so much more talented and more explosive. It was complete nonsense. One of the SDS writers said Nix was going to throw for 300+ yesterday ....WTF??? I said all week that it was 2 evenly matched teams and the game would be decided by the raucous crowd and coaching ...and picked UF 24-19. And that was pretty close to how it worked out.
You’re right. The 10 wins last year were all meaningless
And the lack of respect continues. Aub/Fla is a lot more evenly matched than the media has pushed all week. It’s a little annoying when they keep saying Florida’s offense has “struggled”. It’s complete BS. They could have named the score against UT & Towson. Once they put up ‘enough’ points, Mullen used the 2nd half of those games to tinker with different sets and personnel to prepare for October. This is the game Mullen has circled ...its Homecoming, he’s sounded the horn to pack the stadium and is hosting the biggest flock of recruits on campus we’ve had in years. This is his kitchen sink game ...and he’s prepared to empty the playbook. Both teams are talented but flawed. The home atmosphere will be similar to LSU last year, if not more so. And in the end that is the difference in a very evenly matched game. UF 26 - 20
Some classy comments from this knob. Your Big Macs are over cooking, put your phone down and get back to work.
You guys are unbelievable. There are some UGA fans that you can have a rational back & forth conversation with ...then there are douche nozzles like this goober who bring no value and try to stir things up. And you guys take the bait every freakin time.