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Lawrence > Trask/Mac??? Sorry hump, I know you have no dawg in this hunt but it’s BS.
Congrats to Smith! BUT ...Lawrence 2nd !?!?!?! Are you kidding me????
Annoying. If this is going to keep being a theme every offseason, then just go already. I can handle missing on a recruit, a bad play call, questionable clock management etc. It happens. But at least be committed to your job. How can you expect your staff, players, recruits and fan base to be all in, when it’s apparent you’re not? I don’t want him to leave but if he has an itch to scratch, then go scratch it.
It is an elite program, but not just anyone can handle it. They need someone that has the stones to stand up to the boosters and tell them stay in their lane.
OSU should give Bama all they can handle. But I still don’t think they should be in the playoff. What Dabo said wasn’t wrong.
He disappears for a month a half when his team gets torched then shows up running his mouth when things go sideways for Fla. Stop replying to this tool.
Outside of seeing some new blood I didn’t give a mouse turd about this game. Yes, I was annoyed some pulled out. It is what is... postseason don’t mean much in the playoff era. Especially when half starting line up walks out. Not sure why I even watched
Miller was in a boot yesterday. I’m guessing he’s hurt. Campbell entering the draft
No run game, no Pitts, no Toney, no Grimes, no Campbell, no Davis ain’t looking good.
I don’t understand it. He jumps back into a college gig, that team will be an instant contender. In the NFL, he’ll have a GM & owner to deal with. I don’t think he’s wired for it.
Trask “falls short in all stats that measure QB performance” ...I guess if you pick & chose what stats those might be. Stupid argument.
Watson > Lawrence for final 2. Deshaun was magnificent in that comeback
Splitting hairs. You can’t punish Mac because he has an elite RB on the team.
Incorrect. They do take into account missing starters or key players.
So this was the big take away? It is such a stupid thing to get worked up about. Same with the TD at the end of the first half. If you can punch the ball in the end zone ...then DO IT! There are no guarantees when you fart around in the red zone against this team and try to get cute with the clock. And the time out would let us run one more play from our 10 yd line? This is what we’re po’d about? Dumb.
Can’t say anything but ...WOW! Great game. Bama is the unquestioned #1 team. I’m just glad we made interesting.
If you have an opportunity to score against this team, THEN DO IT. This is a stupid criticism.
The Cyclones would be favored over UF? The 2 lines that I’ve seen just released, have UF by 9 and 6 & 1/2. That bonehead should wait at least a half hour before posting on Twitter.
Who has complained? The overwhelming majority had no problem with it.
How so? It seemed to me he didn’t want throw any one individual under the bus. And took the high road. Anyhoo ...we are not a playoff team. Regardless of what happens next week are in, we are not.2
And you have a strong run game, we don’t. Not sure what your point is.
Spurrier is without question the most important figure in the history of the program. But it was a different era. Why can’t we just say the 2 situations are on par with one another? The 2017 culture was pretty bad. The 89 team didn’t quit and mail in the season. They didn’t have a reputation for beating up girlfriends or putting tutors in choke holds. They didn’t come up with a credit card fraud scheme. The rebuild Mullen had in front of him was just daunting as SOS.
I know. The 433 yards, 4 TDs, 0 INT was pretty mediocre.
They look a lot better. Hey, it’s not just me ...just about everyone agrees. It’s a silly argument right now anyway. If UF wins out, they’re in ...and should be. If not, then they’re not. And shouldn’t be.
Collins has to erase years of goofy outdated football from the PJ era. I would give him more time.
I will say KY executed their offense to perfection in 1st half. Grind the clock, keep ball away from UF offense and keep it close. Check ...check ...and check. Was frustrating to watch. Glad 2nd half UF adjusted.
It would be great if Todd could figure out what defense to play before halftime.