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The Trask/Franks controversy has been addressed multiple times. But I’m guessing you’re a troll judging by the snarky comments.
He has no choice but to play Trask. How could anyone argue with the way he is playing. But Jones gives him an opportunity to use the entire playbook. Which he can’t do with Trask in there. He will get his chance.
Early on Kiff was just really creative... and the uptempo keep the D off balance. Some of it was probably rust but Corral was impressive. They will score some points this year.
Offense is fun to watch. Defense not so much. Same old, same old with Grantham... gives up big chunks of yards at the worst possible times. Safety play still sucks but jeez-la-weez Kyle to Kyle looks pretty lethal. Get to work Todd!
Not afraid, just annoyed with life. No friends ... I prefer to watch alone. Nothing big with food but I’m sure I’ll drink a lot. Happy opening weekend @hump
SI, NYT, and 2 computer polls had UF #1 in 84. Don’t shoot the messenger. No one on this side really claims them.
A very reasonable assessment. I think it’s a 50/50 race for all the reasons you mentioned. The talent gap is still there obviously, though Mullen has upgraded it from the Swamp donkey years. But I believe the staff & roster continuity along with QB experience evens it up. I’m just worried covid & politics will jack everything up.
It means nothing. I can’t remember being less excited for a season. Regardless of what happens, will anyone give any legitimacy to the champions? ND & WF already canceled ...there will be dozens more. Opening weekend has always been a holiday for me ...a 4 day weekend of making Cajun boiled peanuts for the season, some pulled pork, NOT having friends over it’s just. Whatever.
Ok 2, went and checked. He’s an AA. Just move on
3/6 picked him. We know he’s a stud ...give it a rest.
Great news. Particularly happy to see CRob & Savage get taken care of.
I actually think it’s the opposite. The defense has some dudes. It’s the deepest it’s been in a decade. The offensive recruiting is ok but not stellar.
It is closing. Compare Fla vs UGA roster now vs 2 years ago. It’s not even debatable. No one is saying it is on par ... but UF has more than doubled its blue chips from the pre-Mullen years.
So he’s making good money off a book that attacks Tebow as being self absorbed and all about money. Bonehead.
Our Safeties weren’t great last year. Replacing Reese in the middle will not be easy. Outside of Jarred Davis, he was our best leader on defense the last decade. It’s a legitimate concern.
Sadly I agree. It was a good run Jordan ...time to call it a career and move on. It ain’t worth it.
Not as a CB. He was mainly recruited as a return specialist.
You guys keep giving this bonehead what he is looking for. Stop responding.
Looks DOW is out on furlough again, with nothing to do.
UF was a close #2 when he commits in the spring. Loves Mullen & Turner.
Yeah, less than a week before the country started shutting down. Point being ...even the experts didn’t quite know what to do about it. Everyone was throwing everything against the wall to see what sticks.
Biden called the ban a “form of racism” ...maybe not exactly a hissy fit but the leaders of that party were very critical of it. ...And Fauci said masks were unnecessary as recent as March 12th. So much hypocrisy oozing from this. It’s ridiculous.
He acknowledged it quicker than the Dems did. They had a hissy fit when he instituted the travel ban from China ...then went complete meltdown when he shutdown travel with Europe. Other than not allowing himself to get caught up in petty food fights with the media everyday I’m not sure what he could have done differently. We all know whatever course of action he would have taken the msm & dem leaders would have said it was wrong.
How many times must I say it ...EXPLAIN MIZZ & ARK!?!?!?!? How was that fair? are too caught up in a red elephants arse to keep up.
Sigh ... I did already. It looks like a transparent attempt to create an easier path for the top 4. It looks weak. If you want me take Bama off the list, then fine looks like a weak attempt to help 3 of the top 4. Is that better?
I really don’t care and you are clearly circling the wagons around Tuscaloosa. Im referring to the conference as whole LSU/Bama to MIZZ ...and UGA/UF to Arkansas smells like chicken sh** to me. Not a good look for the conference and little embarrassing.