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Honestly, it’s only a tad richer than a UF fan making a coaching hire.
I hear you but ND’s one loss was to Cincy and they don’t do FCS. Really don’t see how you keep them out of NY6.
Most years I would agree. But this year there wasn’t any clear separation of dominance. This was the one year where I guess it was going to happen. Hard to overlook that ND win. It really wasn’t that close.
Why? Do you really think UM offense can do what Bama did to that UGA defense. Not disrespecting Michigan, they have had a really good year and earned #2, but Bama just beat the pups …it would make no sense to make them do it again the very next game.
The practice is pretty useless if you have a whole new staff taking over immediately afterward.
Not the kind of details I was looking for. How much are we spending to assemble a staff? And, are we doubling the recruiting budget? Those are the more important details.
But this goof looks dumb every time he posts.
Riley & Kelly have the same agent. Trace Armstrong, former Gator DL great, who has an offense in Gainesville. Hmm
My thoughts exactly. There were 3 others on the short list but BN hit it out of the park. Whether it works or not …who knows? We’ll be doing this again in 4 years. It’s what we do.
Kelly reached out to us and we said no. Nice try Gomer.
This is a stupid argument. We got the guy we wanted. And as far LSU & USC are concerned, they seem happy. Slice and dice it however you want. Everyone has who they wanted. Just stop
The risk/reward bandwidth with Kiffin is too wide. He has never demonstrated any loyalty with all the movement. And you have to have some really thick skin to handle Gainesville long term. I don’t know that he does. It seems most are intrigued with Napier because of the structure he’s developed at a bottom feeder Sun Belt program and his organizational skills. And the winning helps.
Here we go, with educating the uneducated. Saban, Smart, Day & Dabo ain’t moving anywhere. Fisher & Tucker have signed lifetime contracts. Lincoln has a cushy set up in the Lower Midwest conference. Cristobal has had a silver platter with nothing but cheese & crackers on it for 3 years. Campbell is a recluse that doesn’t like much attention and loves the anonymity of being in nowhere’s-ville. Franklin & Freeze are so morally compromised, it’s a comical to even think there is a possibility. And Lane …is all about Lane. He has never demonstrated an ounce of stability anywhere he has coached. And you need REALLY thick skin to survive G’ville long term …and I don’t think he does. But don’t worry. With the speed in which we like to fire coaches… in 4 years we may target the guy you really want. Whoever that is.
Never gets the credit he deserves. ROH is missing 3 names - Carlos, Percy and Lomas. Great choice and looooong overdue.
Lane seems to be all about Lane. He doesn’t strike me as someone who is loyal with all the movement. But then again, with how much we like to fire coaches it may make sense.
I’ve always said it. They will never be happy.
We have the dumbest fan base in the sport so it’s not all that surprising.
I’ve wondered that myself. Split the meeting room in 2, and tell the D side they suck? I’m not sure what they want …but It is why I always say we have the dumbest fan base in the sport.
Kelly & Frost “turned them down” …??? Complete false. Why is he still pumping this BS? Gets old.
The recruiting criticism is a bit overblown. From strictly a talent perspective the defense is a top 5 unit (using 247 composite) …it’s the type of talent they recruit. A lot of athletes that are studs but have no clear position and just loaded with tweener & hybrid guys. 32 blue chip players on a defensive roster of 39 scholarship athletes should produce more. But they move them around all over the field, cross-training every position and it ain’t working. No doubt recruiting should be better. But we don’t have 4 losses because we lack talent.
And exhibit-A …on why we have the dumbest fan base in college sports. Congrats Phil. Way to represent. I expected nothing less.