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Wonder what it’s like to go through life bitter & jealous all the time.
He didn’t help himself by interviewing behind Mullen’s back.
Mac had 23 blue chips on the roster in 2016. Unless there is a surprise non-qualifier that pops up …it will be 54 to start this season. A huge jump. There really is no comparison between the 2.
You’re kidding right? Mac was as lazy as they come on the trail. And we didn’t have the #1 class at any point that cycle. I will give Mac credit for balancing out the roster after Muschamp really jacked it up. Though he reached on several to make that happen.
The first alignment made the most sense. Move Bama & Barn East …move Mizz to the west… DONE. Balanced talent wise and geographically. And for the record, I’m not in favor of bumping anyone out for someone else, of the conference.
There are only 5 active HC who have won one you can say that about the other 128 who haven’t. His record at. MSU & UF are hardly disappointing. If you asked most who follow the sport to list the dozen or so coaches in the game that have the most realistic shot at winning one I’m sure he would be one of them.
He has built the roster just fine. This the deepest we’ve been in close to a decade.
Hard to understand how a leader of teenagers & young men can leave someone hanging out to dry like that. Where did they lose their moral compass? This moves Les into the same gutter category as Butch & Franklin IMO. They should never again be responsible for molding young men.
Why do you read ...or even respond to this dropout? Just stop
I hear you ...and don’t disagree. But did we really know Pitts & Trask would have the year they had this time last year? No, not really. And between the 2 of them they were on campus for 6 years. And we knew Toney was dangerous but no one knew he would have put it all together and have the meteoric jump he had last year either. I’m just saying we really don’t know. But Connor was the one who brought up the Team Talent metric on 247 ...which admittedly, it’s more of a baseline than anything else when you’re trying to determine what the “unknowns” might be. He was just incorrect in how presented it.
Agree with most of this. However,Connor is wrong in one regard when he states that the overall team talent ranking will fall from 7 to borderline top 10, with loss of talent from last season. They netted +6 blue chips added to the roster this cycle being a 5 star. Based on the movement of others they will move to #6 ...possibly #5 in overall talent. If the argument is that they lost a lot of “experience” from last year ...then it is a fair one. But losing more “talent” is just not true.
Agree. Everyone said the offense would struggle last year after the 4 WR left for the league. It actually improved. By a lot. I’m not worried about the talent’s there. Todd will determine how far we go these season.
That is the 1st thing that jumped out at me. He has no reason to be jaded or biased? WTF
Did he run over your puppy or something? A little harsh.
Crisis/Bayou specifically stated “recruiting”. Not sure where this turned into mental “stimulation”... but a bit off topic.
WTF are you smoking? The roster is deeper and more talented than it has been in 9 years! Everyone points to what a great recruiter Muschamp was when he was here but filling a class with nine 4&5 star DBs and 1 OL and no TE isn’t great recruiting. Stop looking at the recruiting “rankings” and start looking at roster strength. There are more than twice as many blue chip players on the team now, than there was when he got here.
He was rated a lot higher initially but dropped considerably after his injury.
I don’t know about a “project” ...he was a stud in HS before the injury. He’s just never had the same burst of speed since. LB recruiting has greatly improved the last few cycles, which keeps pushing him further down the depth chart. The move will probably do him some good. Wish him luck.
That was disappointing. I expected 14 pages.
Love the “nightmare matchup” term thrown in at the end. No way it wasn’t intentional LOL
With the 12 team plan that would bring us to 5 post season games. A little ridiculous. Yes, we should scrap the CCG if this is the direction we’re going. Playing another week with the added travel and wear & tear doesn’t make any sense ...especially when you would have some at-large teams getting additional rest. The CCG has evolved into a pseudo 1st round playoff game anyway. With the field expanding to 12, I really don’t see the point.
The only part of what you stated that I take exception with is ...”much less talent than 2020” ...everything else is a fair assessment. Everyone on here was asking last summer, who was going to catch balls from Trask, after the 4 WR from 2019 left for the NFL? This is the deepest the roster has been in 8+ years ...and the most blue chips we’ve had since 2010. I think they’ll be ok.
Still pumping the CBT ...Critical Bulldog Theory. Everything revolves around you. Sad news, unfortunately... It doesn’t, little guy. Your optimism is inspiring though ...I’m rooting for you.
SDS might as well put out one article saying everyone is getting “Better” ...because that is all I’ve been reading. Is anyone getting worse?
He was a take for Bama, but to fair he wasn’t as high up the board as others. There are 2 guys in particular they consider a priority. If they miss on either ...expect Bama to come hard. Crucial that the staff stay with him and get him bonding with the rest of the class. Kudos to Crob for this one.
The answer to your question is in the manner of how they cheated. Complete amateur hour. The schools that are really good at it operate with more sophisticated networks. They wouldn’t get caught doing something so blatantly stupid.