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He may have learned it on the plains but he earned his scumbag of the year award at FSU. Not one moral fiber in his body. They even created classes for players. One was called “Coffee” ...I kid you not. The instructor gave grades to some players that the staff and some school administrators were not happy with. She did not cave to the growing pressure to change them. She was dismissed by the university and later committed suicide. IMO Fisher falls in the same category as Butch Jones ...he has no business mentoring young men. Complete scumbag.
The blue chip ratio on UF’s roster has more than doubled since Mullen took over... And the bc gap between the 2 teams is a little less than half. He’s wrong as usual.
If you don’t like him then bet against him and quit whining dumb arse
To keep a roof over your head or your sisters kidney transplant, I could probably understand ...but 67 ish bags of Cheetohs & twizzlers, I cannot. Then get a second chance and screw that up? Dude ...good luck in life.
I think that was the point. Fitz was a nobody that nobody else wanted ....and Franks was damaged goods after his failed year as a starter under Mac.
Not allowed differing view points anymore. If your view differs from mine... my job is in jeopardy. Echo chambers only. Ridiculous
Before I even read the options my mind immediately went to 2013 Auburn when looking at the title. A crazy year with some wild finishes. Just wish you could have closed out the year by beating FSU.
Ridiculous. First, I’m pretty sure there has been unarmed white guys who have been killed by another race, who were someone’s brother or nephew. But it doesn’t give me a free pass to define a whole race and hold all of them accountable for the evil of one individual. Secondly, if you think I could carry an AR-15 into a store and not get thrown in the back of a police car are out of your mind.
Agreed. The strategy is to create as much chaos and fabricate as many false narratives as possible to get Trump out office in November. If they were really interested in bringing people together ...we were for about 48 hours after Floyd’s death. That lasted until the first store was looted and the first building went up in flames. It was never about Floyd. Sad.
This was strictly a numbers pick up. He has his QB already. Vgoff would be the only other one he’ll still go after ...and that ain’t happening.
Some narrow mindedness feelings there. Did you even watch the series? There is a reason they won 6 of 8 And it’s one common denominator
Easil ...EEEEE ...the best 30 for 30 series to date. If you are not basketball fan ...I get it. But you will never find anyone, in any sport, that did their job as well as Jordan. EVER He was THE assassin. A very well done piece. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
Over. This has been the easiest one. I just don’t see 3 losses on the schedule. If some fluky injury bug happens ...Trask goes down, along with 2+ starting OL, Grimes and a couple of key defensive guys like Elam and/or Carter then ok ...I can see the possibility of an 8-4 season. Otherwise, no.
Nash, they went 12-0 in 2009 ...but your summary is spot on otherwise
Some serious research & fact checking is needed. Lewis, Rucker, Langston and Jackson were not committed to UF. Good lord... Talk about fake news. They backed off Lewis several weeks ago when red flags came up ...and were never really after Rucker or Jackson. Wilcoxen was a shaky commit from the word go due to his history and others on the board. The ONLY real newsworthy fact in this is Smith opening things back up. That was surprising if not disappointing. But the rest of this is garbage.
I don’t know how it could be said they failed to develop Fromm. He could clearly read defenses and makes good decisions. You can’t teach a rocket launcher arm. You either have one or you don’t.
I would bet my retirement that Marco Wilson & Tre Grimes will make that list.
He desperately wants to be a CB. Most want him at Safety. He probably got his wish at UT.
100% Agree with this message Throwing up in my mouth Don’t feel so good right now
Depending on the criteria. Its not like UF doesn’t have an argument
Cool. Say hello for us when you see him down there ...since you are guilty of the very same thing you’re lecturing him on.
Missed it but I’ll catch up when I can. I never saw an athlete just own a sport the way he did. He was, and still is the most fascinating athlete I’ve seen in my lifetime. It was a fun time to watch the NBA ...and it hasn’t been nearly the same since.