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Of all the lists SDS puts out, this one is worst. Which is saying a lot. Why is the reasoning behind putting Mertz at 11, not applied with others ahead of him? His 1 bad outing was better than those of at least 6 ranked ahead of him. Max J at 12??? …and Milroe, Milton and Leary ahead of either of them? Terrible list.
The inconsistency. We will win a couple more that we’re not supposed to …but lose a couple that we probably shouldn’t. The youth & inexperience is very real …but also very talented. The fresh/soph guys that have been playing has been a breath of fresh air, but there will be mistakes. Highs & lows coming.
I hear you … but it’s a poll, not a power ranking.
Too many boneheads keep complaining that he goes for on 4th short. So which is it?
Not unreasonable, but this is a really, really, really, REALLY young team. There will be brain farts & mistakes along the way. Let’s not confuse unreasonable potential for unreasonable expectations.
You got it backwards Nash. He’s a .925 and #207 on the composite. 247’s own ranking is the .88.
Again, Castell was a 4-star recruit …and highly recruited one. Get your shizzl straight.
Are you seriously whining now? We were not supposed to win this game, according to EVERYONE! It worked! Whatever.
You fell for it. Don’t ever … ever …EVER …reply to that douche nozzle. It’s like feeding animals that live under your shed. They think they live there, but they don’t.
I won’t argue the point that it should have been whistled dead …it shouldn’t have. But it was, and one team stopped at the whistle while the other didn’t.
Hayes is absolutely the biggest, over the top, knee jerk journalist in American sports. The sky is constantly falling in his world. I don’t understand how he has any credibility left. It’s just click bait nonsense, over and over… and over, again.
Actually, the refs cost us the shutout. It was dead ball recovery well after the whistle. Complete BS call.
Let’s have some perspective. Napier beat a top 10 team and 2 time PAC12 champion after taking over a losing program, in his first season. Why don’t we wait to see how Mr Prime finishes his first season. Let alone his first few games.
Why? Because he’s been so wildly successful? Absolutely not.
Finally, some sanity & rational thinking from the outside. You are correct…. On paper, UGA obviously has more talent, and LSU, though slightly, that is on our schedule. Which is why CBN is finding this “losing season”, “no bowl game”, “he’ll be fired” talk, so hilarious. The media-ish people that keep sounding the alarm are the ones who haven’t been to G’ville or attended any of the practices. The ones that did are the few that have stepped away and said “we may have underestimated them. They’re pretty good”. No sane Gator fan expects us to challenge the East or make a NY6 bowl. But we wont suck… we will get to a bowl… and Billy won’t get fired.
This was supposed be the “untold story” of those years in Gator FB, @matt Hayes. And yet… Anyone who follows CFB, ALREADY KNOWS everything you pointed out.
Laughable prediction. First, Florida will lose, at minimum, 6 games. And that’s if it’s an everything that can go wrong, will go wrong scenario happens …game scratched due to hurricane, injury bug etc. Second, regardless of any number of losses, short of an off field scandal, Napier will not be fired. Not this year, nor the next. The lack of perspective from some in the sports media industry is astounding. Did they not pay attention to anything that was going on in this program the last few years? A lot of it had been made public recently… and it wasn’t good. I think most level headed fans & alum knew this wasn’t a one or two year fix. Napier isn’t going anywhere.
That goof has a UF boner that won’t go away. And can’t stop touching himself. It might kill him one day if not treated. Sending prayers that he recovers. Everyone should do the same.
I’ll leave 06’ out, because it is harder to explain …and I can’t in good conscience put that among the best teams ever. We were overlooked nationally, because THE OSU team was supposed to be the greatest ever …but they ran into an SEC defensive buzz saw they weren’t expecting. But 08’ had, easily, the best DB group we’ve ever had with Haden, Black, Janoris and Wright. The 2nd or 3rd best LB in program history with Spikes. The best starting DE tandem in program history with Dunlap & Cunningham. The best offensive playmaker in program history with Percy. The 2nd best TE in program history with Hernandez (when not killing people). And the best QB in program history, if not in CFB, with Tebow. 2008 has to be up there with the biggest concentration of talent we have seen in modern CFB.
^This. LSU ALWAYS shows up. FSU not so much. Even UF fans will put 80k plus in the Swamp to watch a really bad Fla team play a nobody. FSU fans will get rowdy when they’re good but Doak is less than half empty when they suck. But I guess they’re slightly better than Miamah Anyway, I expect the Citrus or Camping World or whatever they call it now, to be LSU north of 50%.
A good get for sure. But we filled up the position before he pulled the trigger. Once Waller & Chiles committed our LB’r recruiting was over.
What excuses?? When has CBN made excuses? …he hasn’t. He is literally the only coach we’ve had of the last 5 that hasn’t made any. He’s owned every decision and lived with the outcome. Your trolling has grown tired and you are constantly spewing inaccurate information. Not sure what team you have allegiance to but everyone knows it’s not this one. You can stop pretending.
Awful news. Wish him & his family all the best.
The 5-7 predictions speak otherwise. We won’t be in the championship discussion for a couple more years …but this year will be better.
“Panic coach” ??? He is the polar opposite. Every decision he’s made has been deliberate …AND …he’s owned the consequences. A huge difference from his predecessors. The thing that really stands out about CBN, is that he seems to love and embrace every element of the “process”. It’s not that he just enjoys recruiting… OR …drawing plays in the dirt …OR …rubbing elbows with donors & alumni… OR …designing the new facilities …he enjoys all of it. That’s the difference between him and those that came before him. It may work out, it may not …but it’s definitely a change from what we had before that most of us in hog town are willing to watch play out.