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Thought the same thing. It was a completely different defense when he was on the field.
Whatever. You asked the question. I answered. If you don’t agree with it, why ask it in the first place.
Lindys, Athlons, S&S ...reread my initial response - I said “not as good”, and I iqualified my answer when I said the QB is the real difference between the 2 units. If you swapped Tua & Franks the order probably changes.
I can’t explain it anymore clearer. EVERY mag has them 1 & 2
You must not follow SEC football that close ...because it is. Literally every CFB mag has Bama/UF 1&2 in the conference and top 5 nationally.
We’re trying hard to catch everyone off guard with this drama filled off season, Kirby! UGHHH!
Classy take. Agree. It’s what we are hoping for.
100% agree DSGB. I was referring to OL, specifically. Miss St had 3 blue chip OL last 5 years ... to UF 9. Their OT/OG ranking avg. was 87/47 UF 42/14. And they still allowed 31% less sacks than we did. Coaching makes a difference. Of course higher rated guys make it easier and the percentage of success goes up. I was just stating that when it comes to OL it’s much harder to project a HS prospect to college over any other position.’s an opinion shared by nearly everyone. It’s a top 5 unit in the country.
I wouldn’t say as good ...but only because of the QB. We are extremely deep. There is no drop off thru the top 9. Lots of options.
Jackass Then I guess we’re all good then.
You just described nearly every season of nearly every good team. It’s a bit like me saying ...”if we had Reese and CeCe healthy for KY ...if Wilson didn’t blow up his ACL ...if CJ didn’t go down in the 1st Q in Jax ...if Scarlett didn’t fumble on the first possession...we could be looking at 12-0 instead of 9-3”. It’s a dumb argument either way. He’s not your coach and it’s not your team not sure why it matters so much to you. We’re ok with it.
OL prospects are the hardest to project. Any recruiting nerd will tell you that. Look no further than last year. Our highest ranked OL recruit ever wasn’t selected in the draft... while the fat, overweight 3-star kid who was ranked as the 50-something-ish OG of HS (Taylor) went early 2nd round. Coaching can make up a lot. Hevesy took the same OL that looked like ass for 2 years and completely turned them around last year. He’s an odd dude and has specific things he looks for in lineman. He’s the loudest guy on the practice field and constantly hammers his players ...not everyone can handle that kind of coaching. I imagine the mental aspect is probably something they look at hard with recruits.
Not sure why they keep listing these guys as Tackle. No way either of these guys line up anywhere other than the interior. Need a true OT now... then that should do it for this class.
Don’t care. I don’t respond or read anything from 2 of those douche bags anymore. Life is better that way.
I’m hardly a Meyer apologist but not sure how this falls on him. He didn’t recruit him, was with him only 2 years and it was 12 years ago when they were both here. I’ll admit the optics don’t look good, it’s just unfortunate. Hope the young ladies family will finally be at peace and justice is served.
247 has him ranked 1,093 ...Rivals 225. Someone is off. Another Ethan White behemoth. Hevesy likes them big.
Talented kid, but he’s in danger of not qualifying for any school let alone UF. Hope he turns it around academically.
That... and it was a little to early for him to stop breast feeding. Soft kid.
Fair analysis on everything except the D Line. We don’t know exactly what we’ll get out of Franks ...but he looked a lot better at the end of the season than he did at the beginning. I can understand the concerns but can also understand the optimism. The OL is a concern, period. Any optimism from a Gator perspective is that Hevesy turned a really bad unit into a pretty good one in 1 year. The 4th Quater comment is a fair one. I would just add that after watching Muschamp & Mac blow leads in 2nd half for 9 years, it was nice to see us finish games strong. As for the DL, we lost Polite, who did have a big year, and CeCe, who was generally his back up. And Clark, who was one guy in a 6 man rotation. Zuniga, Campbell, Carter, Shuler, Slaton, Conliffe, Dunlap all still there. Outside of WR & CB, it’s our strongest most experienced unit.
Agree. Homesickness should be taken more seriously.
I didn’t say it was all about facilities. Our recruiting budget isn’t at the same level as UGA/Bama or even Auburn for that matter. Until a year ago we were still operating with 2012/13 level budget. You can’t hire more people or add more resources if you can’t pay for them. The funding is improving but we are still catching up.
It’s not only possible but true. Though, Mac set the bar pretty low with many of the items I listed. And yes you’re right ...there is no way of knowing for sure if he is “the” guy to take us to a championship level. But the improvement he’s made in one year with the program, on the field & off, isn’t really debatable... particularly with what he did to the offense. After not having one for 9 years, it was a breath of fresh air. The other thing that inspires confidence is that the noise doesn’t seem to bother Mullen. With the last 2 coaches, Mac would go hide in a bunker and Muschamp would get chippy or lash out at the media whenever things got difficult. Mullen seems to have thicker skin, which is almost a requirement for this gig.