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He sets the trap... and you guys walk into every time.
He was interviewed recently about some of the odd matchups and omissions... and he admitted that he had a staff member put this together
6) Dump Dillman as S&C coach. Can’t believe Boom is still dragging that guy around with him. Injuries will continue
Burrow is the guy. When was this a new revelation? ...most of us knew already from last year.
One of the heart wrenching stories last year. A GREAT gesture on Purdue’s part.
100% He is a good enough coach to turn out a 10+ win season every 3-4 years and maybe even a serious contender every 5-7...but Ive sometimes wondered if he he’s ok with that and become comfortable with it. The Barn is a tradition rich school, with a very passionate fan base. They need a “take no prisoners” approach from the coach to take it to the next level. The kind of guy that is not OK with rebuilding years ...or just ‘waiting’ for the next year where things line up just right to make a run.
The effort to become a top 10 public university academically, is the biggest reason student turnout is where it is. I’m sure other schools are in the same boat. The enrollment of foreign students and at the national level is much higher than it was 20 years ago. It is, what it is. The percentage of students on campus who don’t understand football is 6 & 1/2 times greater than what it was in 2002 ... according to one study. I don’t see it changing
Some honest responses ...which is appreciated. No one wants to lose 5*, especially to a rival. Athens just wasn’t his thing. It happens. I’m sure UF fans would react similarly, if things were reversed.
You really think Miami & FSU aren’t going to use every bullet in their gun against UF? There is too much at stake. The hate meter between these 3 in state schools is a wee bit higher than LSU & Southern/Utah st/NW st or even Texas. The state of FL is up for grabs. They’re aren’t coming just because we’re writing a check.
Awful. Nothing better to get the masses jacked up about CFB than having European tourists and parents dragging crying children around in the background.
Google their OL and QBs. It’s not pretty. Fla has a sizable advantage at the skill positions, meaning ...I don’t think our Offense will struggle as much as theirs.
It’s not the facts, it’s the perception. In the press UF had a horrible off season ...even a lifetime Gator with O&B goggles would have to admit that. The difference is ...I don’t think Mullen cares. Unlike our last 2 HC, who would get chippy & snarky with the media and fans, Mullen just seems unfazed by negativity being stirred up outside the program. It’s been the biggest difference with this hire vs. the last 2 IMO.
And a FG waved off that was obviously good. Please quit pretending like the game was a beat down, it wasn’t. You know it was closer than you are portraying it.
Fire your S&C guy and I might be worried. I can’t believe Champ keeps dragging that guy around. He gave us our worst MASH unit in program history in 2013... never saw a team have so much talent fall in one season. It was ridiculous. Muschamp just seems to learn things slower than everyone else.
Lots of “ifs” there I can play that game too...if Reese & CeCe were available against KY, if Wilson didn’t go down in week 2, if CJ didn’t go down in Q1 vs mutts, if Franks didn’t fumble on the 2... we’d be 12-0 last year. Just stop. No one knows Shizz until we line up this fall.
Too much pressure from the UGA camp. He was never going anywhere but to Athens. I doubt he flames out. Though ...the preseason Heisman hype for a guy who has thrown less than a dozen passes in college is just stupid.
It was a good write up Neil. Don’t sweat it.
Safety (outside of Stewart) & LB in pass situations. Burney should help with the LB part of that. The CBs are studs and the DL + Reese are really good... it’s the intermediate passing lanes in obvious passing situations that make me nervous.
Actually, a great list. Well done. You could’ve just stopped at Danny Kanell and that would’ve been enough.
That’s a tough deal. Feel awful for the kid.
Don’t waste your time. This one isn’t quick on the uptake.
I know Mullen is using motivational tactics by bringing this up publicly but don’t kid yourself into thinking Franks isn’t the leader of this team. He is.
Im in complete agreement, that when you have these despicable acts taking place at this rate ...5 in a little over a year is a problem. I just don’t understand what else Mullen or the university can do other than review all the evidence and then discipline accordingly... or show them the door. Which is what they have done up to this point. The comment about GPD being as bad or worse as any other college community is ludicrous. We’ve had players arrested and cited for barking back at dogs, playing music too loud and throwing sandwiches. They are notorious for being being overzealous and over reaching when it comes to the athletes.
Finally, some fair commentary from SDS. The optics admittedly don’t look good but at least you didn’t rush to judgement like you did in the Steele saga. I have a daughter in college and don’t take this lightly. Mullen & staff can’t lock the team away, only to release them on game day but he can respond appropriately when a situation like this occurs. He did with the 4 prior transgressions... and that’s all the evidence I have to go on. It doesn’t help things when you have an “activist” who clearly has an axe to grind, publicly playing judge, jury and executioner while vaguely observing this unfold from a distance. Never talked with Mullen, the players or the accuser but she’s somehow an “expert” on the program culture ...and given a megaphone?