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FSU is NOT our “biggest” rival. They are probably the most “hated” rival ...but UGA is, was and always will be our biggest rival. And it’s not even close. It was a good year but not a great one. Great years happen when you beat both.
Not sure how you can improve on it. There really isn’t any controversy with there to get all worked up over. With Bama, they look great offensively but then allowed the only 2 quality teams they played to score 94 points on them. That gets you left out of the top 10. Minnesota gets blown out at home by Whiskey. Sorry, but you got to be more competitive than that on your home turf if you don’t want to fall hard. Obviously, they were over valued last week at #7 ...but then the loss corrects itself. Wisconsin has a bad loss to Illinois to go along with a good one vs OSU. Not as good as UF’s 2 losses to two top 4 teams but they have 3 quality wins to ranked opponents compared to Florida’s 1. I have no problem with them sliding in front of us. It’s not a poll. It’s an evaluation that recalibrate’s itself each week based on the data we have. The whole thing resets.
I think some of the movement is correcting past errors. Try not to get hung up on who moved where ...or how far team (A) moved this week compared to team (B) last week. It’s all about the finished product and so far I think the pecking order has been pretty close.
They got blown out at home. The loss was bad and it’s still fresh.
I think big part of it is they just don’t have a win to hang their hat on. They lost 2 close games to the only 2 teams on the schedule that could’ve helped them.
Auburn’s 2-3 record vs top 15 teams trumps Bama’s 0-2
I don’t have an issue with it. We still have one more of these. No sense getting worked up over it.
Not getting sucked into your nonsense. Have a wonderful week.
What’s cute you trying to channel your inner Corch. We’re all impressed. Nice argument dummy.
There was never a point in the game where it felt UF was not in control. Your boy Nix started more games at that point than Trask. Plus, we can easily say Trask is better now than he was at that point in the season. So it’s a really lame excuse.
I don’t understand how you could be see bad at this.
He was a better in game caller than Muschamp ...but I wouldn’t say “excellent”. 100% correct on everything else. He did not have that ability to connect with others and seemed to talk down to the media & fans. That schtick will not last long in Gainesville.
The Swindle was the angriest I’ve ever been after a game.
They have the right 4 in, right now. That’s all that matters. The LSU/OSU argument is just splitting hairs. They both have a strong case. It’s not worth all the wasted anxiety. We have 2 more of these before it’s all over anyway.
It never even occurred to me that he would leave. Though, next year might be a bigger challenge with all those receivers leaving.
“His D is the reason MacElwain won 2 SEC-E titles ...” That may be true, but he couldn’t do it with his own defense. The guy has passion and he’s a tireless worker ...and that’s about it. His recruiting prowess is way overblown. He looked good in the rankings but stockpiled talent disproportionately across the roster. His roster management was horrible. Signing seven 5-star DBs in a single class but whiffing on OL & WR for 3 consecutive classes doesn’t make you a good recruiter. He gets impatient and chippy with the media, he’s always had an injury outbreak but still has the same S&C coach/program, still coaches ‘not to lose’ and his offensive shortcomings are legendary. There are few people in the profession that could win a game like they did in Athens ...only to squander that momentum with 3 bad losses. The officiating debacle from the UF game got into his head... and he wouldn’t let it go and he let it destroy his season. Florida fans have seen all this before. It’s not surprising to see the season unfold the way it has.
It’s a sensitive world I guess. While I’m sure Danielson & the network wished they could go back in time and redo that 30 seconds over again was hardly worth all the scolding and admonishment that it generated.
Butch Jones would be a step down from Morris. I just can’t comprehend why anyone would think he’s an option... much less a good one. That corrupt, crooked turd has no business mentoring young people.
Yes chief, he’s aware. Just doesn’t care. I have no idea why you guys continue to feed this dumb troll. Move on bro.
Butch Jones is a morally corrupt jackass who has no business mentoring young men. It would be incredibly disappointing to see Arky go in that direction.