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Nobody spars with you anymore, dude. You throw grenades all over every UF story trying to get attention... and most don’t even read your garbage these days. You’ll disappear whenever anything negative happens in Athens... just like you did for 2 weeks after the USCe debacle. Have a wonderful offseason, Crotch. Hope things are going well.
He’s admitted that he doesn’t closely follow the game. The NFL is his thing. So his opinion means very little. To me, anyway
A little harsh. He was the best we had at the time.
Jahari weighs a buck 60 soaking wet. He’ll need at least year.
Position change happened. He’s physical enough for the star role but often out of position. Safety is where he should fit
I don’t think it will be close. I expect LSU to jump way out front early ...then Clemson trying to make a game of it late but still falling well short. 47-31 LSU
Was hoping Clemson would be sent home. Something needs to kill their momentum because god knows no one in that G5 conference they play in will do it.
Mullen was looking for a leader and Franks just took it. The biggest issue with Trask is that he’s as quiet as a church mouse... while everyone gravitated to Franks.
Awful news. He was one of the primary voices of recruiting for the G’ville Sun early on. I can’t imagine what his family may be going through. RIP young sir.
Unsure why you seem so down on Jones. He looked really good and dropped some dimes the 2nd half of the season in his limited action. I agree that it is Trask’s job to lose but the drop off that you suggest is a bit overstated.
I think most Florida fans think he is a ‘good’ but not ‘great’ DC.
Very well stated. It was hard to argue with Kirby’s decision at the time fact, NO ONE DID. Who knew Jake would struggle like he has? ...again, NO ONE DID. I never understood Field’s decision to go to Athens in the first place... with a Freshman starter coming off a National title run. Then he gets pissed because he was playing enough?
I don’t think the Mullen back then would have been the same Mullen now. I think he is more prepared and polished for the job now than he would have been 5 & 9 years ago.
This isn’t exactly news. He wasn’t coming here anyways.
That’s nonsense. How did GA tech sign an elite back with their rebuilding OL? ...or USCe? Counting this class, We have more blue chip recruits along the OL than we’ve had since 2006 ...they’re just young and inexperienced.
He recruited Pierce, Wright, Rainey, Demps ...they are/were high end talents. Scarlett & Perine weren’t exactly chopped liver in the offense last year.
Our OL play has nothing to do with not signing a RB and everything to do with Knox. He and Billy G are the weakest recruiters on the staff.
We have good recruiters. It’s just 2 in particular that need step up their game. It was a fantastic class on the defensive side and solid OL. The skill positions have been disappointing
Mullen isn’t going to “give” the starting job to anyone. If they want it, they need to take it. So far Emory hasn’t.
Terrible analysis. Trask’s 24/6 isn’t exactly pedestrian numbers ...especially considering Trask only started 9 games. They are dwarfed by Burrow’s numbers but so was everyone else’s. His completion percentage is the most since Leak played ...and it was by far the most functional the offense has looked in a decade. This is Trask’s job to lose.
Tebow should have been the 2nd two time winner ...and I will take that to my grave. But the BIGGEST injustice was robbing Rex Grossman in 2001 to give a lifetime achievement award to Crouch.
Congrats Joe & Bayou Nation ...well deserved. Hell of a year.
Yeah, if they only produced on the field, we wouldn’t suck anymore.
It was an idiot argument. We lost to Georgia... and on a neutral field. I’m embarrassed for this guy that he even asked the question.
His body of work dwarfs all the other candidates. Nothing flashy but very consistent... and very visible for 4 years.
Teez over Hargreaves ...Easley over Howard ...Neal over Black’s one year. Otherwise, decent list.