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January 2nd 1995 - 62-24 It was our first shot at the title ...and they boat raced us. Badly. Won 3 since but I don’t think I ever felt disappointment like I did after that loss.
If FSU sucked for the next 4 decades and ball licker U continues to bash how bad they drag our ooc schedule down, I’d be ok with it. Just sayn
I don’t think this was surprising to anyone. There will likely be 2 more who jump ship when things open back up again.
Interesting idea. I would got Watson, Grossman, Frazier for the last 3
The stupidity of some is astounding. Do some freakin research.
You can’t convince people like this. It’s a waste of time
Ok 300 vs 14,000, whatever. You can’t possibly be that stupid to think the larger # doesn’t pose a much larger risk over the area.
100 people vs 14,000 ...yeah, you’re right, that makes things even. Such a dumb response
Rudy Gobert of the Jazz licked a microphone while mocking the virus and guess what he tested positive for the virus. To be clear, I’m not a fan of disrupting everyday life. But let’s not be stupid about it. Packing arenas across the country will certainly accelerate it. It’s not necessary.
This is probably the same dude that said ‘banging chics without a rubber, is unconstitutional’ back in the mid 80s when AIDS was just a gay disease.
Agree. Greens catch vs FSU in 97 would be a close 2nd IMO
It’s no longer a what if. It is spreading 2 1/2 times faster than the flu and 13 times more likely to die from it. No one said stop living.
I don’t see it that way at all. Nothing is given to you. If you want it ...earn it.
The roster left behind was loaded with blue chip talent and largely responsible for the run in 2012. Meyer isn’t the one that destroyed 4 top 50 QBs ...or create an unbalanced roster ...or treat the S&C program as optional... or forget how to design an offense. His last season was rough but it was still considered one of the top 3 or 4 coaching jobs in the country when he left. It took the other 2 almost 7 years to nearly burn it to the ground.
I didn’t know his mom was Elizabeth Warren. JK - great pick up. Brewster has been paying off big time!
I agree with 95% of what you stated. I think he goes 1000% at whatever job he’s in, can’t stand losing and because of it will never be able to go more than 5 or 6 years at any one stop. He did inherit really good rosters at both UF & OSU but also upgraded them as well. The same cannot be said for BG & Utah. He turned both of those programs around on a dime. The health concerns were legitimate and I think our fan base comes across as petty & silly when they continuously whine about it as the reason stated for leaving. He took a year off and his dream school job opened up... and I guess some feel like it’s too much of a coincidence. Whatever. I went 9 weeks between jobs not long ago and it felt like a friggin eternity. He brought unprecedented success to the program. Though there were some flaws that came with it ...I’ve just learned to let it go. It’s just stupid to hang onto all that animosity this long. And ...I feel pretty strongly that the the 2 stooges that came after him did more to harm the program than Meyer ever did.
I’m a true Gator fan and I’ve learned to just let it go. There was good & bad that he brought to the university but any damage he did to the program doesn’t hold a candle to wake of destruction left by Chump & Swamp donkey.
It almost seems like you blame the whole “lost” decade on Meyer. He was definitely morally flawed but he doesn’t come anywhere close to the carnage that the Chump/Swamp Donkey tag team has caused.
Disappointing. He was such a good player in college and was never an off field problem. Hopefully he’ll figure is life out “after football“ because I think his well has dried up.
It would depend on who the other challengers are. If it’s anything like last year where there was a clear top 3, then a huge drop off ...I think they are more likely to reward a conference champion to round out the 4.
It is too large, too early. And the staff knows it. With who is out there higher up their board, I would expect a few to drop off soon.