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Recruits go to Bama because they know it is the best path to the NFL. Many leave early through the draft. The same goes for position coaches and coordinators. They know Tuscaloosa is the best path to learn and advance their career.
This man is an idiot. The SEC sets the conference schedule, including bye weeks. The teams fill in the rest. FSU was #3 pre-season. It's not Bama's fault what happened after that. Regarding away games, playing night games at College Station and Starkville when you are the #1 ranked team is not easy.
Bama's offensive line accounts for about 95% of their penalties
One of the Power 5 Conferences will be excluded every year from the playoff. It won't be the Big 12 for two years in a row. So assume TCU or Baylor. A Conference Champ with an undefeated record won't be excluded. So assume the winner of Ohio STate/ Michigan State goes undefeated. Two open slots remain. Now assume the winner of Clemson/Florida State goes through the season undefeated. Now we're down to one open slot. If Utah survives and Bama beats LSU, the SEC is left out. SEC fans need to root for Utah to lose and OU/OK State teams like Michigan, Wisconsin, Miami, etc. to play the spoiler role.
I don't understand why people are so enamored with Baylor. Wins over SMU, Rice, Kansas, Texas Tech, Lamar, and West Virginia don't impress me. That's Baylor's complete resume. Only one team (Tech) has a winning record. Any team could post huge numbers with a schedule like that.
Basically, the playoffs will include a team from 4 of the Super 5 Conferences. Ohio State will make it by default if they go undefeated. Then you have the TCU/Baylor winner. If Clemson, LSU, and Utah go undefeated and win the ACC, SEC, and Pac-12 it looks as if Clemson would get left out even if they have a higher SOS than Ohio State and TCU/Baylor. You know they won't leave the Big 12 Champ out two years in a row.
The polls are not really saying LSU is the best team in the SEC. They are saying that LSU is the only team without a Conference loss. Otherwise, the polls nearly mirror each other with SEC teams.
Amen to that. It takes 5 turnovers, passes thrown while on your back that bounce off a defender's helmet, and blown calls. It's one thing to lose a game after a missed 63-yard field goal. That was just a weird ending that was going to go either way. The Bama - Ole Miss game was a perfect storm.
LSU is very much like Georgia - excellent running back, very good defense, and questionable QB.
Without hearing the entire interview, I did not read in the excerpt above that Saban was talking specifically about Alabama fans. Listen, when a team has been as successful as Alabama's there will be a certain number of fans who are off the reservation. In a stadium that can hold 102,000 people there will always be 1 or 2,000 that take it to the extreme. The remaining 100,000 are embarrassed by them but what can we do?
You have taken a HUGE leap here. Nazi style propaganda from a Jew? So basically a Jewish person is encouraging Alabama fans to turn on their own fan base? And what about religious freedoms and race relations? What in the world are you talking about?
This woman is on there simply for ratings. Finebaum could block this idiot but it may hurt ratings. This is why I never listen to his show.
Wait, the poll is from SB Nation. That explains it.
What are the chances that the same fans posted comments under their teams respective articles? All I see is that you collected 100 comments from each group of fans. SDS does not receive that many comments and most are less than 50 words. Not scientific in the least.
Why would I EVER type auburntigers.com in my browser? Like I'm dying to have a major virus downloaded on my hard drive?
I don't think he is jealous one bit. Just surprised about all this excitement over a 3 star
It's funny because it's not close to being true. "State of Auburn" is more like a mental disease that has no cure.
Ha! This coming from Tennessee fans. You invented moonshine and raccoon hats.
Alabama should wear special uniforms as well for being named as National Champions in the 1964 AP and UPI polls
When was the last time a team outside of Mississippi tore down the goal posts after beating Ole Miss or State? You'll know you've reached rock star status when it happens.
You guys crack me up. Ole Miss is to Alabama and Texas as Miss State is to Auburn and Texas A&M. The jokes are the same....