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how many points did you score hillbilly?
It’s cute that Tennessee is beating the breaks off South Carolina and you lost to them lol
Florida was jobbed the entire first half and gifted SC 7 on the opening drive, get a clue rocky flop
Muschamp is an idiot, how bout all the gutless calls that went against Florida first half, the better team won Muschump
Hey what does it matter? Have you seen their recruiting class next year? Wannabes
If dan Mullen was coaching Georgia this weekend South Carolina would have Lost by 30 lol
Save them, if Florida can’t beat South Carolina without them they don’t have any business in playoff or sec title game, need them for Georgia
Muschamp!!!!! Let’s goooooo, maybe you guys need 8 stars to win a title
Oh hey did you hear about that recruiting class though? Lmao, clown show
Gotta love a fan base so obsessed with Mullen losing to muschamp hahahaha...go dawgs #1980
Zip it, crawl out of your hole for beating miss state, stfu
Imagine getting out coached by Will muschamp Hahahah, go dawgs!
it’s what these idiot Georgia fans get man, spend all their time talking about Mullen and can’t even beat muschamp
Shouldn’t you be on ACC down south talking about how Clemson should have lost to UNC and how your conference schedule is softer than sun belt teams?
Lucky the refs don’t call holding on LSU and Florida lost their 2 best players....was the difference...