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the odds on trailer are -500000.... country bumpkin...nothing going on in his sad life
LOL, would be way bigger deal... just like Bryce Thompson... they all know it too, just lying to themselves
healthy Zuninga and Greenard, Vols have no shot... poor JG is gonna get crushed.. feel bad for him honestly
exact same thing happens at Florida, 100 times bigger story and rival fans would be crushing them... Vols, no big deal outside of a site like this that only covers the SEC
good time for it to happen with 2 FCS teams coming up...
Agree... I think they beat Miami and KY pretty comfortably with Trask...
Can you imagine if let a star player back on the team 9 days before playing a real team like Georgia or LSU that had threatened violence on a woman and the entire school... lmao, front page story on ESPN and all the vols and dawgs would be absolutely crushing us.. absolute joke...
Didn't say we didn't, but we get crushed in the media when it happens... for the puke orange, no big deal
You probably would know about crackheads... i'm sure there are plenty in your trailer park community
LOL CO Jones... you can't reason with these idiots... they talk about living rent free in our brains yet every single gator article has 700 posts from dawg fans...they are without a doubt the most delusional fans in all of CFB..
lizard licker.... how original... lol hillbilly dawg fans... haven't won anything in 4 decades and you idiots act like your bama...
he's playing, and hypocritical vols fans won't have an issue with it... shocker
Feel bad for Franks but I think we are better off now
Love it... Kash Daniels is a loser... what a piece of trash
and another thing like i said, that was front page news!!!... Tennessee acts all high and mighty, Fulmer was even dirtier than urban, don't go there rocky bottom... pot meet kettle
Dude they are freaking obsessed....little man complex, happens when you haven't seen a title in 40 years...
getting laughing at by a flyfisherman... man, i'm deeply offended... freaking hillbillies