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lmao Georgia fans... get out of your trailers and do something besides commenting on Florida articles.... imagine a team that hasn't won anything in 4 decades trying to act like they run college football...lmao
Yeah it would give me a ton of hope considering he couldn't rally the team together to beat Vanderbilt with a shot a bowl game on the line.... 3-4 years Vols fans will be blaming him like they did with Dooley and Butch....go Rocky flop!
couldn't get to the 2nd weekend with Kevin Durant or the greatest team in vol history.... he's no threat... best shot was this season
Hysterical... but I love the honesty... glad he's staying in Knoxville, awful in game coach, UCLA should be thrilled
i'm the fly fishing Georgia fan has it all figured out... kys
go back to worrying about your pos football team... good luck with vandy this year
how many banners y'all got... can't count women either... i'll wait
anyone who thought Rick Barnes was going to a final 4 needs therapy....
Vols were getting away with fouls all night... GTFO.... so glad the greatest team in Vol history made it to the sweet 16 lmao... so great watching that punk shoefield go out like that.... good riddance, back to worrying about your pathetic football program
Wade makes Calapari look composed on the sidelines, what an embarrassment Btw, JUST LIKE FOOTBALL, Gators went in and won playing 5 on 8, what a joke the refs were, took until 4 min in 2nd half for a 2nd foul, awful, big win for the gators
Lmao, that’s cute, I’m sure he’s 1/100th as obsessed with Tennessee at the pathetic vol fan base is with Florida, get a clue, and get ready for another embarrassing loss this September
Keep getting waxed by a team Maryland took to the woodshed last 2 years... real impressive...
Georgia fans are OBSESSED with florida... look at every article... inferiority complex... similar to Auburn fans with Bama, it's sad
you're clueless, pay was already extended in Jan, Mullen knew teams would come calling
We, how many points you score dip shi*- delusional idiots, i guess you get like that when you haven't won anything in almost 40 years hook em
its honestly sad how obsessed these idiots are with florida... I thought the puke orange were bad, the mutts take it to an extreme... inferiority complex