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ohhh the big bad kentucky fan is back fresh off breaking the 32 game losing streak.... go vols and go duke! You looking forward to losing to florida twice again in hoops? special kind of people in lexington
Franks is a punk.... shows what kind of a coach Mullen is to be able to potentially win 10 games with him at QB.... go get Kelly Bryant and give Emory another year to learn and redshirt Jalon Jones, who is the future.... Go Gators
100 PERCENT... and they had to beat out Ohio State and FSU lol
Not the greatest coach, but I love this guy.... always did and always will
I'm honestly surprised Georgia fans know how to use a computer
I guess people expected Florida to go undefeated year one lol.... the fact that we are 6-3 with Franks at QB shows that Mullen is a great coach.... depleted secondary.... our 3 best corners didn't play vs Georgia and Lock is a great QB.... wouldn't expect you hillbillies to get it though...
Go LSU redneck.... can't wait to see you clowns lose by 60 vs bama
Start Trask and everything will get better, Franks is not an SEC QB
Same team would have beat Georgia with a healthy secondary competent officials... Clueless idiot you are
Fair weather fans like you are part of the problem... Mullen is spot on, you're clueless
Tennessee fans always have an excuse.... these clowns have convinced themselves that they "gave" the Gator game away.... special kind of people down there in Knoxville
hahaha and Joe, please, if there is a fan base that wants to comment on grammar... it can't be Georgia lmao... that made my day hahah
i'm sure the Georgia roster is stacked with a bunch of model citizens huh... lol, man you Georgia fans are beyond a shadow of a doubt the most delusional idiots in not just the SEC but in all of college football... and it's not even close... get ready to get your @$$es handed to you in the coming years by the Gators
Lock it up - half the suckeye fans have already accepted it...he’s a goner...I hope Michigan beats him by 60
outplayed them for 3 quarters....piss poor officiating, gift wrapped points and all the injuries in the secondary were the difference... enjoy it now Dawgs... and also enjoy getting WAXED by bama in the SEC championship
Why don't you write an article about the vols record vs muschamp lol...
shocker some bitter Vol fan wrote this pos article.... real shocking
Kirby, when was the last time Georgia won anything that mattered? I'll wait....
excatly, that punk mason runs out our side of the field.... basically instigates the entire thing, and florida are "thugs" you gotta love these trailer park trash clowns from Athens, can't wait for next week
hahahahahahah Georgia fans wanna talk about thugs? you gotta love it.... most delusional idiots on the face of the earth
You are just as clueless as most Georgia fans
haha if i'm a loser what does that make you? Gotta love the arrogance of a toothless bulldog fan.... gonna be real sad in your trailer park come next Saturday evening
If Georgia loses to Felipe Franks next week what's gonna happen when we get a real QB? It's time for the most delusional fans in the SEC to get a grip and realize you aren't what you thought you were.