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Kyle Trask Field after they hang half a hundred on Jimbo
They’ll get better, play average d with this offense they’ll go 10-0
Both you clowns are losing to Florida
the dawgs better pray covid saves them from the gators
Oh KirbyDumb agrees.... well then it has to be true...
props to you as a Georgia fan being able to spell "consistency"
like you have a clue, when is the last time you left your trailer?
Great news for the SEC... keep him there as long as possible... perfect coach for them, keep them around 7 wins every year and nothing more
Go Cocks! Muschamp owns the the puke orange.... lmao
Be nice, it prob gets boring living in a trailer park.....Georgia fans are worse than libs
Haven’t been on this site in a year and you are still the biggest loser fan base...haven’t won a title in 4 decades lmao, KYS
When was the last time Georgia won a title you illiterate ass clown?
Who is your QB? Also, we? People that live in trailer parks can’t say they play on the team
how many points did you score hillbilly?
It’s cute that Tennessee is beating the breaks off South Carolina and you lost to them lol
Florida was jobbed the entire first half and gifted SC 7 on the opening drive, get a clue rocky flop
Muschamp is an idiot, how bout all the gutless calls that went against Florida first half, the better team won Muschump
Hey what does it matter? Have you seen their recruiting class next year? Wannabes
If dan Mullen was coaching Georgia this weekend South Carolina would have Lost by 30 lol