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Ahhh the off-season...the only time Georgia has a chance to win anything lmao.. most clueless bunch of redneck, banging your cousin, hillbillies I’ve ever come across, you haven’t won anything since Jimmy Carter was president, S T F U
Still sad about that beating in Jax you hillbilly?
He’s too stupid to play for Florida, grades blow, have fun at Georgia or Auburn, you just need a pulse to get in there
the 2 dead UT's arguining about who sucks less... you can't make this stuff up and texas beat georgia 2 years ago comedy.
says the Texas fan hahahahaha you guys are almost as bad as the VOLS lmaooooooo, did you find the only school you guys can beat and create an account on an SEC site just for that hahahahah
If we need any more proof Tennessee football is dead, this is it... even the most hardcore fans know it too....its over.. you had a good run... 20 years ago hahahah
he sucks, hasn't won anything, is a loser etc... ole miss fans hahahah kys...
hahaha these idiots haven't slept since florida whipped them, you can't be suprised at these posts... have you seen Georgia fans? To say its all they have in their lives is putting it mildly
Dan is your Daddy.... I think we just scored again....haahahahah 41 years and counting!!!!!!
Lol don't bother arguing with Georgia idiots...they haven't won a title in 41 years, that doesn't matter, years they beat Florida its all that matters to them , more their their ugly wives and trailer parks, THEN when they get their asses beat by Florida, and it could have been worse you hillbillies, then its all about next year... these people are so clueless, its like arguing with a liberal
That 2012 game was great....Gameday...Vols had the lead at half and you could have heard a pen drop leaving that dump...was great
Florida is orange, Vols are puke orange, very simple