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Who cares, all bama get free cars at the tuscaloosa dodge dealership, program is so dirty
Would be tough to find 5 good moments for the vols in the last decade
Huge upgrade, and we will still get Elam...suck it Kirby
Lol so sad... just like vols and Georgia fans that are obsessed with Florida 247, inferiority complex much?
How did the biggest crown in Georgia history like that ass beating yesterday? Back to your trailer parks
What about getting your asses beat down by Florida?
Florida has a better secondary than Georgia....hate to break it to you
R u surprised? Look at the idiots writing the articles? They don’t know a screen pass from a screen door
Bad timing but if we can still get Elam you can have him, bama did us a favor taking coach Salami off our hands, go get Marquan Manuel and we just upgraded
You know Florida is headed back to the top when the comment sections are full of bama and Georgia fans... lol... they know deep down what is happening....
haha right, Bama claims a lot of things, doesn't mean it's true...
would have been Georgia with a healthy secondary this year... see in October
big deal... they won the last one and that isn't changing anytime soon...
thank god! Worst recruiter on the staff by far.... good riddance
Well Florida didn’t play in the citrus jethrow, they won the peach bowl while Georgia got their asses beat in the sugar, hook em horns
lol you think these hillbillies know English? Lol
Makes me laugh, you could add up all the big games you have won I. All sports the last 20 years and times it by 20 and you aren’t close
First person to comment on every Florida thread is a Georgia or Tennessee idiot, you clowns are obsessed with us
False, all Georgia fans are dumb, you must be new here
hahahah Tennessee and bama fans talking about final 4s... ive officially heard it all
Tennessee wins a close one due to blown calls late and mike white taking out our best scorer with the game tied... he's as delusional as the Tennessee fan base
yep, our coach isn't any good, but he has class... Barnes and his players are low class pieces of garbage
Manning record vs florida? I'll wait.... too busy assaulting trainers...
hahahhaa vols fans still talking about manning.... so butt hurt from all the losses to florida... love it, delusional idiots