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Wade makes Calapari look composed on the sidelines, what an embarrassment Btw, JUST LIKE FOOTBALL, Gators went in and won playing 5 on 8, what a joke the refs were, took until 4 min in 2nd half for a 2nd foul, awful, big win for the gators
Lmao, that’s cute, I’m sure he’s 1/100th as obsessed with Tennessee at the pathetic vol fan base is with Florida, get a clue, and get ready for another embarrassing loss this September
Keep getting waxed by a team Maryland took to the woodshed last 2 years... real impressive...
Georgia fans are OBSESSED with florida... look at every article... inferiority complex... similar to Auburn fans with Bama, it's sad
you're clueless, pay was already extended in Jan, Mullen knew teams would come calling
We, how many points you score dip shi*- delusional idiots, i guess you get like that when you haven't won anything in almost 40 years hook em
its honestly sad how obsessed these idiots are with florida... I thought the puke orange were bad, the mutts take it to an extreme... inferiority complex
this is why Tennessee is a loser fan base... they are OBSESSED with Florida... they are barely in the top 20 but come on here (fresh off 13 of 14 losses in a row to Florida.. let that sink in Trash Man)... to downplay a great day... Mullen is building depth and the elite classes are coming in the next 2 years... go vandy!
If you wanna see a skull drag go watch the Gators game when they went in Neyland and sent all the hillbillies home at halftime
Florida wins that game with a healthy secondary... hard to beat a team like Georgia down 2 first round NFL corners and your nickel back.... game was much closer than the final score... you know how the sugar bowl was a complete butt kicking but looked close to the naked eye... hook em horns!
They gotta be salty my man... they dropped 600K on a crap coach just to get Elam.... nice job KirbyDumb!
haha maybe you guys can beat Vandy? lol... kys
lol - exactly... Kirby Dumb is prob trying to fire him already...
Imagine Bama and Georgia hiring your 2 worst assistants and then beating them out for 2 players at those positions lol....See ya in JAX
Mullen is such a stud, beating out bama and georgia for blue chippers.... top 3 class 2020, book it
Get ready for 14 outta 15 come Sept Rocky Flop
bringing up games from 2012, gtfo... you're a mental midget, hook em horns