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He got it because they needed to get a sense of culture back into Mizzou. A sense of family. Plus he was the hottest up-and-coming hire out there. If we didn't hire him, Memphis or SOMEBODY would have. He was worth the "risk"
Ed Orgeron fits the LSU profile. Tom Herman is a douche.
We gave up 3 thanks to Kelly Bryant racing down the field and tackling him, getting a horse-collar flag thrown in the process. But yes, that was Rountree who fumbled. Costly.
I don't know if I would go as far as to say that Mizzou is as good as bama, but we are playing to our full potential right now and we definitely were NOT when we played bama or Georgia. I think missouri got screwed in the Georgia game and I truly believe if played again, missouri would beat them because of the level we are playing at. Bama would still beat us but it would be a lot closer than it was the first go-around.