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Boys...WE got Bama RIIIIGHT where we want them!!! They been fearing this game all season. Would not shock me if they try use the virus ploy to dodge us. GO HOGS! WPS!! [BAHAHAHA!]
Don't care what the media says, if I was a committee member I would be there in-person.
We got FL riiiiight where we want them! BAHAHAHA! I do think the Hogs will cover with a chance to pull the upset win in the Swamp. They will have to play error free and stay out of 3rd and long to do even come close to pulling it off.
Having suffered through the QB shuffle last year with no SEC wins, it is quite nice to have a solid starter this year that on any day is capable of leading the Hogs. It is a nice feeling. Hope the Hogs bring their A-Game Saturday. (Happy Vet. Day to my fellow vets and the families that supported them.)
Hate that Pitt-boss is not going to be on the sidelines for this one. FL was impressive in their win over GA. Hogs are going to have to play error free and stay out of third and long. WPS! (Happy Vet Day to all of my fellow vets!)
IDK 17 points in the UA/UF game? Hmmmm...heart says one thing, brain says the other after seeing what UF did to UG. Hogs didn't quit against TAMU and haven't all year - I'd go with the Hogs to cover! I doubt it if UF will be overlooking the Hogs or have any let down after the GA game - so WPS! Go Hogs!
They will learn and improve. First time in a long time that I have felt positive about the program. Still hate losing.
Some positives for the Hogs to take from this game AND some negatives as well...but it is coming together. Hard to shake the funk of the past 5 years but Sam & Co leading the way.'re saying that there is a chance! Well All RIGHT! WPS! That is why the Hogs ARE America's TEAM! BAHAHAHA! GO HOGS!
Just the fact that TAMU wants to end the game in Jerry's World is reason enough for me to keep the game there in Dallas.
With Sam Pittman having been on several staffs for as long as he was, he probably has seen both the good and bad sides of the head coach. I’m sure he knows what an assistant coach or O/D coordinator need to remain on his staff. With Arkansas coming off several bad years the one thing that the program doesn’t need is some prima-donna coach/coordinator feeling they are not appreciated – Pitt-Boss is the man at the right time to put all these dice in a cup and roll a YAHTZEE! Hogs may not win another game this season but at least the Hogs are in the game…finally! WPS! (FORGET THE ABOVE POST - THAT I POSTED. My fault for not paying attention to what I was doing!!)
We are continuing operations in Phase 1 of the re-opening process under the guidelines which CDC advises. The department has issued guidelines for re-entering the building and utilizing social distancing on staying safe during this COV-19 pandemic. We still have employees who are utilizing max telework as part of the phased opening.
Appreciate the mention/ranking of Jalen Catalon, DB, Arkansas. He is a keeper, but honestly - this past Saturday's game against OM how could you leave off Grant Morgan. He didn't even make your honorable mention?
Apparently you didn't see that last sentence of the post: "Time to move on and take on OM." Congrats to you, your team, the entire AU family on your win...
So, because the other team quit and our guy kept going until he recovered the ball it was halted due to fairness? THEN in that case those teams that start 4/5* players as opposed to teams only starting 2/3/4/walk-ons seems a bit unfair. This is one hose job that the more they keep trying to explain it only makes them look worse. This game has an asterisk by it. SEC officiating is sub-par. AU won*. Time to move on and take on OM.
Yet again another confirmation that validates that the crew and replay official had an opportunity to correct their botched call but decided to make it worse and then try to defend their decision.
I have seen some incredible CYAs - but this one isn't even good. They admit they were wrong but then try and cover it up with this piece. When everyone who watched the game saw it. This is very Penn Wagers like. Sure the Hogs were shafted, not the first time and won't be the last. Sad part is this screwgie dampens just how much the Hogs played hard! WPS!
It is a hard thing to take knowing that if the officials had not botched it that the Hogs would have held on for the win. Even harder when an Arkansas player has the ball in his grasp as the official looks at him with the ball.
There is no comment or recourse you can make over a bad call that is sanctioned by the SEC. Enjoy your win, see you next year.