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Dawg78....dude, I love how Ga fans are soo happy. You guys have had your 3 best years in the last 40. You beat us three in a row, but are 7-21 in the last 28. You haven't won a natl FOREVER, no heisman in forever. Your Coach can recruit well but can't develop past those initial 5-stars. I get you guys are excited about being in the Top 4....but you aren't going to win anything. Good luck in the Sugar against OU.
well, there you have it. That is why FSU is a better program and has a way better chance to win, and win now.
Gohogs7988....FSU is head and shoulders above Arkansas and I am a Gator fan. Arkansas hasn't been relevant in football for conference championships since Mcfadden and before that, I can't even remember. The FSU job is x10 better than Arkansas. You can recruit and win a natl title within 3 years at FSU. It is a quick turn around. Arkansas needs a coach who LOVES Arkansas and wants to be there. However, the boosters and fanbase need to understand that 8-4 is good for you guys. 10-2 is probably the best you will have from a realist perspective. Just my thoughts...Go Gators.