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Arkansas won the Liberty Bowl last year and the Texas Bowl the year before. Do you writes check any of this? We did play Kansas State last year in the bowl and in the Cotton bowl the last time we were there. Do you check these things at all???????
The all star game he is talking about it the Shrine game. The NFL's all star game is called the Pro Bowl and AJ derby did not get invited. He barely played. He is in his second season now and is only seeing playing time since being traded to Denver....
Thanks. I stopped watching around 50 or so. I don't doubt we could put up that many but I must say that I worry Mizzou could hang 40 on us too.
Is this the same D that allowed 67 points last week? I realize this isn't how the fans feel but come on. You are 3-8......
Nobody has the same talent as anybody else in college? Part of your job is to recruit. If you recruit better talent then that makes you good at your job. It's not like they were gifted to him. His success breeds success. Alabama struggled before he got there.
At this point I don't think he is going anywhere. He makes too much money to win a title every other year. Not to mention he probably isn't that far from retirement, by the time he got to a team and then built it up he'd probably be ready to call it quits.
Yes they pay their coaches a lot but neither has the kind of money that Texas or ND have. Texas has its own network and ND has a deal with NBC. Texas doesn't have revenue sharing in the Big 12 and ND is independent.
Ole Miss did not lead us at half. It was tied. Is any proofreading done? Fact checking?
Agreed. Just meant to be funny and Chad is the one trying to hit up the pornstar. Maybe if he worried less about that and fighting kids his team would be doing a little better this year.
96 Gator said he will get the last laugh. The person who sent this letter is a VP of pornhub not an actress. Did you read the letter? The article? Are you capable of that?
To be fair she is the same girl that turned down Drake...Who again has more money than Kelly ever will.
I can promise you Chad Kelly will never make as much money as Pornhub does.
It's nice to see that your school rivalry is important enough to insult and make light of vets with mental issues. You sir are a POS.
Local news out here said he put his hand on the guy and said a prayer. I don't know why that detail is so important to you but you sound like a jackass who doesn't know what he is talking about. It is very easy to lay your hand on somebody while you pray for them.
I see this game being similar to last years. Neither D can stop the run which opens up the pass. I do not feel confident at all but it wouldn't shock me if we won. WPS.
How long until PETA tries to ruin this kids life for saying this?
He is aware he has to hit grown men his own size right? Not allowed to fight small women in MMA.
Look at the small print on the tickets to the game. It spells out all the things you can be detained for. If you do it when most people are gone and in front of the guy being escorted by police it will be noticed. Not to mention if when they detain you you are obviously drunk you will get arrested.
I agree. Smith's first year was good with different coaches players. He has had the same problems in every game this year and still hasn't fixed it. We returned 9 starters on D so there is no excuse to having this many fundamental errors.
You would really think his coaches would have told him to shut up by now. They need to worry about winning out and hoping TEN loses.
I think TEN needs to play a full game to have a chance. Close game at home but I give the edge to A&M. Their D-line is great and TEN O-line has been shaky.
Not to mention the Walker "fumble" on the goal line. I still think that was a TD.
How are LSU and UF receivers going to go against each other?
Most shocking comment I may have ever read. I don't know if it will be that simple. We need to play really well. Our O-line has been shaky and I don't trust them against Bama. We have played you guys well at home so I hope it's at least a good game.
I'm not going to say 9-3 for sure but its not a crazy record. We have traditionally gotten better as the season goes on. 17% against Auburn? I know its a road game but come on. LSU looks better but its only been 1 game. And State and Missouri don't look great by any means.