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Why you so concerned Earnest T. Bass from Andy Griffith - “look at me, look at me” !
Every SEC team deals w proximity to and/or other competitive programs.
I think he’s just what UT needs right now - follows ncaa guidelines & not an obnoxious ***hole !
Ok, so one (1) in as many years, still too few that no one remembers - SC certainly has not helped improved this number.
I really don’t think shoe throwing is that big a deal. I will back the SEC-East champion as I do every year, it’s been way too long (over 10 years, I think).
Ready to firethe QB after one game struggle against tough team - what happen to Bennett being the “steadying” factor on offense” ?
Tenn. is a very mediocre & poorly managed team - so yeah, we’re that bad-off right now.
I hear P.E.T.A. would not allow, so they caved to avoid protest.
Georgia will now downplay J. Newman as not talented enough to play SEC competition (maybe not good as the hype) anyway, after building him up to be THE trophy candidate ever since he transferred - at minimum, overall depth will be greatly impacted at QB position.
Uh, how many of those recruits are from Tenn. - like SC, they must do well w players from border states. Your state does produce what is needed to compete in the SEC.
I am curious about correlation with TR leaving Tenn., his arrival at SC, and now this - somewhat cause for concern, maybe not ?
I think 1980 was the game GR played with a broken hand through second half, and was taken out in late the 4th quarter ?
Go figure, everybody’s win projection total is overrated except their own team.
SC doesn’t lose to that ignant ridneck JP at tenn again, WM gotta be > than him or else. bye-bye
Is this about WM, not a very good analogy - more like coach O. career ?
ACC/Clemson - mostly bc home state does not have a cycle of top players the last few years to support both SC & Clemson. Historically, for some reason or another, SC tends to land the top in-state talent as Clemson reaches across country nowadays.
Truth be told, historically SC has -always done very well w in-state recruits ....7 of top 10 players averaging and over last ten years (mr. ). Clemson makes their living recruiting nationally here as of late.
Nope, doesn’t seem that way to me at all as usual in off-season coaching carousel - possibly an upgrade. Seems everyone was calling for coaches heads after 4-8, so now panic bc coaching changes, unexplained panic much ?
....don’t forget, and hold the record for most car flags ever - well done !
Be interesting to see if UGA/Auburn doesn’t turn out so well for KS and fan base on the plains - any thoughts on that “excellent hire“ will be discounted, here unto.
I think we’re still a good team. I see 6-6/4-4 ...maybe 7-5 and final game win over taters would fire me up !
“handled” SC. ...I think you may be the jokester here, we’ll see come Saturday afternoon.
Sure you’d feel the same about DM if that game had gone the other way in 4th qtr. ...?
Officials notwithstanding, 2nd yr. coach ups our 4th yr. coach with his former team ...again - honest, I’m staring to think UF contingent on here could be right about WM.
idk, uf hasn’t beat sc at Columbia in nearly 10 years.
Just not as much fun to pick on uga here as of late, then again not saying a whole lot to beat a 2-3 sc team win by 25 or more else the quality of schedule will be questioned until fla/auburn, yep.