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Meanwhile’s a look at Clemson 2019 schedule: Ga. tech T A&M Syracuse Charlotte NC state FSU Louisville Boston college N Carolina NC state Wofford USC How does your favorite SEC team path to the final four look now ?
Yeah, I started drinking too and thought of this: 1. gamecocks 2. dawgs 3. gators 4. mizzou Haha - this fun, huh ?
Very disrespectful comment, you gators always forget what you were before SOS - nothing, always remember that.
No, first off it’s only florida ? you fillieppe frank turd or whatever his name is, go away .
idk, but clearly he’s holding the SC player ...I’m guessing no penalty so now I understand the outcome of that particular game.
This is really lame excuse, but not sure SC heart was really into the Belk bowl (not to mention significant injury list, Deebo, etc). Shows me expectations are improving, just not current results as of yet. Besides, history tells previous year bowl game has little impact on future success.
Current outcome has no bearing on future results of record, many examples in history (smh).
Clemson has mindset going into the NC game with a full head of steam bc of the way they handled Notre Dame. PLEASE bring the "A' we all know and love, do not allow Dabo the used car salesman slip away like the last time in 4th qtr (NC).
Right again, will be looking for a D-coordinator position after a repeat of the same ....
You’re right, uga probably looking for a coach after next year so better to plan ahead huh ?
Defense wins championships, - there’s no eff*ing way Clemson, OU, and/or Ok defense goes 4 qtrs with any SEC top 3 or 4 teams. Especially Clemson with that Pickens county high school schedule ...hehe.
.... based on above statement. uga would still be alive for nc.
Not if power 5 had their own playoff system - ok, I’m outside the box, so what it’s all about what I want.
Dang, I would rather have seen UGA vs Ohio st. Big 12 doesn’t play defense so should be blowout if uga gets over nc letdown .
"Must be nice to play a 7-5 Pitt team for conference championship." - how about when your state rival is GA Tech (soft) and/or FSU (soft, right now anyway).
"You lost by 3 touchdowns to your biggest rival on national television…" Wow, easy statement when your in-state rival is GA Tech smart kids, huh ?
"I know another school that acts just like this there too privileged just like clemson " comparison to Alabama, not even close. They got lucky one game in a lifetime. Give up over 600 yds to SC is no good, not gonna work against the final four.
Your existence is a bit suspect, you mostly comment on sc articles and very few uga - I think maybe Clemson boy with no home.
Why is this your concern, go away nc boy.
If it doesn’t matter, then why comment ....?
USC-1 > Legend DD2, easy see - Why is this your problem ?
Wow, that’s a heap a words to scan through seem to really care about SC football, we appreciate your interest. Anything else ?
Seems like every UF coach after Spurrier somehow gets into sparring match w the fans early in tenure. Really impatient group down there - DM not even a year into the season Gator fans need to “get a grip” ....think I heard that before.
He couldn't physically touch the actual grass surface with his hands, knees, elbows, etc. bc bodies underneath - otherwise would have been a ground-caused fumble. We could only speculate, refs saw something else. That being said, Tenn played a tough, hard-nosed brand of football and would not be at all surprised if they win out the remaining games on their schedule ....yes, including Kentucky.
BTW, i don't think SOS would have taken the job at SC had he not seen the potential - we'll get there, just keep on doubting.