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Hell, I hope so. I am 69 and running out of years left
Deebo would have been the MVP of this year's Super Bowl had SF won the game. And he was a rookie.
When we hired Bobo, a good friend of mine who is a UGA graduate and UGA season ticket holder told me, "Bobo will win you some games if Muschamp will leave him alone and let him run the offense." I still have nightmares from the UNC opener last year when we had the lead late in the third quarter and we have fourth down and 2 feet for a first down at mid-field and Muschamp punts the ball and UNC drives 90+ yards for a touchdown. We receive the next kickoff and drive to our own 45 yard line and have fourth down and 2 yards and Muschamp punts again and UNC drives 90+ yards for another touchdown and wins the game. Muschamp is clueless. If Steve Spurrier was watching the game, he was undoubltedly shaking his head like all USC fans.
You Clowney haters just need to go back to your own school's page and just shut up. When he was at Houston, offensive coordinators couldn't double team JC Watts and Clowney, so mostly they double teamed Clowney. That will tend to keep your stats lower, and make Watts' higher. Also, the last year that Watts was out most of the year with an injury, many NFL commentators actually stated that Clowney was more valuable to the team than Watts. Even the SEC "Village Idiot" Finebaum went after him his last year at USC. Finebaum seems to enjoy criticizing 20 year olds (unless you play for Bama or Auburn). Nobody can stand Finebaum except Alabama/Auburn fans
Neil, you are wrong on No. 4. Marcus Lattimore was the No.1 running back on most recruiting sites in 2010. He was a great SEC running back, certainly better than Dyer, but two severe knee issues shortened his playing time in his sophomore and junior seasons. The whole country saw the second injury replayed on ESPN for years. He was drafted by the 49ers, rehabbed for over a year, but retired from football without ever playing a down in the NFL. He belongs on your list.
Don't throw Frank Martin or our program under the bus. Will Wade must be considered the "Teflon Coach" after his name surfaces last year in the FBI wiretapped phone calls played in court. His AD and the College President demand that he meet with them, and he had the gall to refuse to do so. So, he was suspended, his team played in the NCAA tournament without him. And now he is re-instated? How does that happen? How is Calipari still coaching-even Bobby Knight went after him a decade ago? How is North Carolina still allowed to field a basketball team when they set up "academic" courses that their athletes did not even have to attend class? The answer is they spent millions of dollars in attorney fees fighting the NCAA, who rolled over and played dead, because it was North Carolina. There are certain programs that are untouchable, especially in basketball. I don't think ours is one of them.
I sure hope you are right. The scary story elsewhere on this site indicates that Tanner is interested in Muschamp. We would be better off with Mark Richt, as he can sure recruit the states of Georgia and Florida. He has certainly had better success recruiting QB's than Spurrier has had the last 11 years.
Ray Tanner, I beg you, no. Muschamp replaced Ellis Johnston, as Auburn's Defensive Co-ordinator after Johnston was only there one year. Did you see any improvement in Auburn this year? Our teams defensive ability in the last three years has only gone down from the time Ellis Johnston left us as DC to take the head coaching job at Southern Mississippi.
Before you bury all of the existing coaches, the primary blame for the poor teams last year and this year falls on the poor recruiting. USC failed to capitalize on three 11-2 seasons. Losing Ellis Johnston as Defensive Coordinator and Shane Beamer as Recruiting Coordinator three years ago killed us in recruiting. Last year's postgame comments by Spurrier after another one of our fourth quarter collapses that he would probably only coach "one or two more years" cost us 6 or 7 four star commitments who promptly de-committed and never returned, even thought AD Ray Tanner had Spurrier try to backtrack his comment the next week. The damage was done. Ray Tanner is a bright guy. I am sure he realizes that his AD legacy at USC is going to largely be based on his ability to land a top coach to replace Spurrier and return the program to prominence.
Okay, Cooper. I won't call you an idiot for your opinion. I will say let us see how many of the top 18 players in your poll get drafted before Clowney in the NFL draft. I am sure some of them are not in the draft. IMHO, if Clowney is not the first draft pick, it will be because some team needs a quarterback, as many of them do. I don't believe any non-QB will be drafted ahead of Clowney.
JPDawgFan1..that "recruiting violations" reference-that is pretty funny. BTW, My comments on Jon Cooper's article, calling McCarron the best QB to ever play at Alabama. He might be too young to remember a guy called "Joe Willie Namath." And as for Connor Shaw, he was the most underappreciated QB in the country, not just the SEC. (Ask Missouri, Clemson, CFU, Wisconsin, etc.)
Another $Million and he will equal what the Redskins were paying him a decade ago. Let's be honest, if he were 10 years younger, he would be at Texas, Alabama, or somewhere and be the highest paid college coach. I am so glad the Florida AD disrespected him nine years ago when he told Spurrier to send in a resume for the Florida. Spurrier's alleged reply was "tell them to look in the trophy case."
You are totally correct! They kept us out of the BCS games, althought as Spurrier pointed out, we beat Missouri, Central Florida and Clemson. So, I agree, See Ya when the 2014 playoffs begin!
I am sure that Urban Myer and UF said the same thing about Aaron Hernandez