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Not that it matters for purposes of this discussion, but Steven Spielberg is not a USC alum. He attended Cal State Log Beach. He applied to USC but did not get accepted. A little fact-checking goes a long way.
Agreed. Another example of very poor fact checking by SDS writers. Badie’s announcement that he will not be playing in the bowl game was covered and reported by SDS. So does the prediction change now that the main reason for predicting a Missouri win is in fact incorrect?
As an Army fan, I can say with certainty that this article has a few significant errors or inaccuracies. For one, Army played West Virginia last year in the Liberty Bowl. Also, Jabari Laws is Army’s third string quarterback. Both of those things are pretty easy to fact check. Go Army! Beat Navy!
Not an SEC-related comment, but how in the world is Air Force ranked almost 20 places above Army when Army just whipped them on a neutral field?
That’s nonsense. I’ve attended every Army home game plus Army-Navy for the past 5+ years and I have never seen a single defensive player from an opposing team suffer a leg injury from Army’s blocking. Just a convenient excuse for a gutless move.