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Vandy lover or not, everyone needs to review the highlights of Rocker's no-hitter last year against Duke. It was awesome, and who doesn't like a win against Duke.
I'm a dawgs fan, but still never say never. Program could still be competitive eventually but not close now.
Um, Monty Rice, current Butkus award nominee, was a 3 star. Roquan Smith, the last UGA winner, was a 4 star. Azeez Ojulari, current Bednarik Award nominee, was also a 4 star. Yes, no UGA players are ever developed or win anything.
Auburn should stop this trend (or not for all Dawgs fans), eventually one of these could end up being like the UT Fulmer firing.
I agree with Rice, especially after his big nomination this week. LeCounte I thing will be the interesting one. Without the accident he would be gone, interested to see what the "experts" have to say of any impact that has on when he will go. I'd love to have him back for his PT but also for helping developing some of the youngsters before being thrown into the fire. Oh yeah, Semper Fi!
We get the point, this same Gary D headline has appeared on SDS after every game he calls all year.
Me too, nobody seems to remember how lost he looked when he played at GA. First option not there, tuck it and run every time. I'm sure lots of teams would be much better with them, not just UGA.
Here's to hoping Kentucky was the typical 1 game per year egg laid by UGA (SC last year). They came out firing the next week, hope it happens again.
News flash, JT isn't even the #2 right now. Not sure what's going on behind the scenes, but looks like he's not panning out to be what was expected. Mathis #2.
I really like Mason, just wish he could win. Probably won't be along much longer.
Social media rips Vandy. Wow, that's as unusual as someone saying they don't prioritize athletics enough in the comments section.
And overrated how? May not be a GOAT, but still unbelievable talent.
One of the premier medical facilities in the country. You're a genius.
Yeah no kidding. Another "bold predictions" article with a bunch of "gimmies." There, pot stirred.