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Sooo I guess that makes it ok to out douche bag the douche bag? I see your logic there. It’s childish and weak, but I understand where you’re coming from. Karma is a real thing LSU fan base. Especially when your making fun of injuries.
King Negan, yep Mullin left the beast in the the west to join, the minors in the east. Smart move if you ask me. I’m willing to bet you would rather play against the weak opponents in the east than the west. That same MSU game you referenced about them “rocking” Alabama is hilarious. No let’s not take 6 or 7 injuries on Bama’s defense into account. Let’s just look at it like the same Bama team that got “rocked” by MSU, pulled your teams pants down in prime time tv and c@ck slapped your dogs with a back up QB and freshman galore. Oh what happened the following year...the same f’ing thing. So again I ask you “king Negan” who’s your daddy? Saban is your Rick Grimes
King Negan. Get a life. Btw Sabans still your daddy boy. Coulda, woulda, shoulda, you didn’t, you still lost. Who’s your daddy??
Damn it, I thought the special ed used car salesman quit doing this. Bless his heart
You beat JSU, R Kansas, and ole miss. Running on their defense is like pissing through a screen door. But hey, wait here and we will all get you a cookie
Dude........dude........go look and see what EVERY team that has played Ole Miss and Arkansas has done running the football. Go ahead, I'll wait.
Dude who are you trying to kid. Everybody knows/knew Georgia's D was soft. Pruitt is one man, he can't change their male fortitude, or lack there of. i don't think any respectable college football fan judges Pruitt by what he did at Georgia. A more accurate look would be at his time at FSU. Simply due to the fact that Georgia had always been a soft football team.
Note to all world class scholars reading these post. Auto correct is on a roll today
Sjack369, not saying the defense held us back totally but since 11-12 seasons, our deffense didn't Win us many titles. Lane kidding deserves all that credit. When Kirbys defense was giving up record yards to Clemson and Auburn, lanes offense bailed us out big time. Mountain Fog- yep I said good riddance. Look it's cute and all how the UGa fans are sticking their chest out right now. For why, I'm not quite sure. But to my point See above if you are confused. I forgot to mention Kirbys defense costing Bama an additional two national titles. Once again Kirbys defense gave up record yards to Clemson and Auburn. Oh yeah, that was Tucker's secondary that was torched as well. Thank god Kiffin bailed us out of those two games. Kirby D vs Auburn HUNH 2013. Couldn't stop them cost us a title. Need I say anything about Ohio st? That's another title shot. What about OU's HUNH? I'm not going to mention Ole Miss because let's face it, Alabama gift wrapped those games. So yes good riddance. I remember Pruitt shutting down Auburn in the title game. He made half time adjustments. I'm happy with the trade.
Well let's be honest, you have to look at both sides. You talk about UGA and Pruitt last year. Let's not forget Georgia was/is soft. Also don't forget about kirbys defense getting thrashed by Clemson and EVERY HUNH TEAM WE PLAYED. Personally, good riddance. I was tired of seeing our defense not change and not succeed against HUNH. And last thing I'll say is Kirby is the new thing in town. He better win big in the next two season or that excitement will wear off.
Maybe he didn't want to comment on their treatment from the Lousianna police, being they are two African American men.... Need I elaborate on your screwed up state? Let's all be honest, all of the negative comments are from A. Butt hurt LSU fans bc Saban dropped LSU like a dirty condom B. You are a butt hurt fan because your school usually loses to Saban, or C. You're just a freaking idiot. Put your kids in the same situation. Never been in trouble, you don't know the circumstances of the arrest, and your kids had a bright career ahead of them. Would you want your kids to have the book thrown at them, for one mistake? So don't be a hypocrite. I'm sure all of you have been in trouble with the police before and caught a break. I know I have, not ashamed to admit it. Now, if they do it again, they need to get gone. Personally, I like how Saban handled it. He could've took the little girl way out and let his players make the decision. Drops Mic
abitacajn you're a fool. I believe all of America saw Tunsil admit... ADMIT.... To taking money. Plus there are text messages from Tunsil to the ASSISTANT ATHLETIC DIRECTOR asking for rent money, or power bill money. So yeah Ole Miss is guilty and screwed. Dude just think before you run pie hole in the future.
Lol find a better accusation. That one is just old, tired, and unfounded.
You know he does have a great point, when you consider that all recruits, or a majority of them will probably have a handler in the future. You have to take off your Auburn glasses, try to erase his name from the comment, and read it to understand what he is saying. If you can tell me that's not a legitimate concern, then I will feel sorry for you and I'll go on my merry way.
And yet they keep doing it year after year after year. I know Kirby has given Georgia people a new pair and some courage...but just wait til you play a hunh team like Clemson, auburn, etc. His defense will get torched and all that false courage that came along with his hiring will be gone.
Right Daddynels because Alabama would never start a freshman receiver......"cough cooper" "cough Ridley" "cough Julio" keep going? I can do this for every position if you want, or do you want me to spare you the embarrassment that comes from a comment like yours?
I know it's not on Stanford football level, but Vanderbilt would look great on a resume. I think it's awesome this young man is worried about his school.
I have to agree. All that talent and barely reach 10 wins. Granted, I know 10 wins for the Rebels/Black Bears is probably the equivalent to Alabama and LSU winning a title. It rarely happens there. I use to think freeze was a great recruiter and not a good coach. However, with all the allegations and coming sanctions, I don't think he is a great recruiter anymore.
51-10-2 all time vs Alabama..... Who's your daddy Racist_LandSharks? Kiss our ring(s). Oh yeah......Memphis
Of course you think it's horse shat. DeaconAU. Your names shows your bias. Personally Aubarn has a smell of Manure that destroys the fan atmosphere and dip spit covering the sidewalks. But that's just keeping it down home cuz!
Has anyone heard anything about that RB that didn't qualify last year, Desharrius Flowers? Maybe he got hurt, I can't remember the reason. I'm guessing he isn't a factor since he isn't mentioned
I was hoping Del Rio would've stayed at UA. His freshman year it was said he was close to the top of the group. I thought he went back to the left coast, not UF. Since he walked on at UF, wasn't he eligible to play this year? If so, it's probably very telling of his abilities, or lack thereof since he was unable to beat out what's his name once Will Grier was suspended.