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I'm shocked. John Crist wrote an article concerning A&M that wasn't negative. The world may be coming to an end.
Did he "enquire"? Or did he "inquire"? Please proofread an article every now and then.
Does no one at SDS know how to count? How does top 5 recruits = 9 recruits?
Since when does top 5 = 8 players?
This article is pointless. Every single player in the conference has the chance to improve their draft stock. Everyone can improve. Another useless SDS article.
You'd think that they could manage a few more championships with all that NFL talent.
Snell and a backup that averages 100yds a season doesn't get them to 6 or 7.
Raleigh Williams is clearly better than Trayveon. Whaley and Ford are pretty even IMO. That puts Arkansas as better.
One season isn't good enough to have a top college career.
While I agree that they're better than 7th, they're not as good as UGA, LSU,Bama, or Arkansas. They're 5 at best.
Wrong. The one lesson learned from Fran is to not stick with what's not working. Fran couldn't and Sumlin can't continue with single digit win seasons. He has the coordinators in place to be successful. He gets this year, maybe next to do well. Otherwise, he's out.
Stidham was very good at Baylor. If auburn can develop a good wr Corps, he will torch secondaries all over the conference.
He's been plagued by injury and off field issues the last two seasons. It's not a question of talent for him. It's all character flaws. He'll get a chance somewhere though.
This would be a big time hire for UH. Miles is a great coach, his record speaks for itself. Things just went stagnant at LSU.
He's A&M's if they want him. He's been at almost every A&M home game As well. A&M already has a young gun QB waiting in the wings and adding Stidham would mean giving a scholarship spot to someone who won't be starting, be it him or the other kid. That's why that haven't closed the deal yet.
Yeah except that didn't happen in the USC game. USC hung around the whole time. It's a trap game, just like ole miss will be.
If that's the case, why'd he delete everything on his page pertaining to Tennessee? I think he was quitting and Butch convinced him to stay
Its pretty sad that you can't recognize a clear penalty. There'd be a lot of athletes having careers ended if you were a ref. Oh you hit him in the head with the crown of your helmet?? Well did you mean to?- No. No penalty. Keep on putting yourself and others at serious risk of permanent injury.
As has already been stated above it DOES NOT matter if it's intentional or not.
How is Trayvon Williams not even on this guy's radar? Rawleigh Williams has 80 more yards than him, but also one more game. He's probably gonna come away with the sec rushing title.
True. A&M crashed and burned by allowing Tennessee to get back in the game.
No. He would've had 218 yards.
Williams and Hurts are backwards. Another typical SDS screw ups. Every one of the writers would be fired for crap like this if they worked at a quality newsource.