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Gig'Em, we're about to get our chance. If we're going to get it done, it be with Jimbo. At least he has the sense to realize Saban will come at him with everything the next season and be ready for it year after year, unlike our former HC.
Make it two decades for t.u. to, as you so aptly put it, worm their way out,and that will be even better. Arkansas, yall beat the ever living, ever loving crap out of t.u. this fall!
Manziel evidently didn't get the memo that most Aggies can't stand his sorry butt. His dishonored A&M and himself and is still too in love with himself to realize it.
That's just because we're all chomping at the bit for football season again brother.
As painful as it can be to say positive things about a rival, DeVonta is absolutely right. He can gain plenty of weight after he retires fat and happy from the NFL. After which even his grandchildren will be millionaires from him proving naysayers wrong. QED folks, Quid Erat Demonstratum...let him play and prove it.
No thanks needed Dawg, it was an honor and a privilege, brother. Now we can refocus on the article, which is Tim Tebow's merits as a coach vs. what all he has going on.
A little secret about Marines, Dawg...we look out for each other regardless of the era served, college attended, etc. Had anything inappropriate been said to LSUSMC, I'd have addressed it immediately.
I am a Marine, Dawg. Two deployments and one sandfight. I took no disrespect. So relax guy. This is about teams, no disrespect towards those of us who served.
As much as I hate to agree with Mullen, he's right about this. Tebow is very busy with the things he does, especially with the kids that have Down Syndrome and living the Word. As far as Savius goes, at least he had the respect and common sense to capitalize Marine.
Even Cowboys fans don't say Hershel's last name because his first is enough. As far as poor Negan's latest lunacy... history lesson: every school in the SEC except Missouri is located on territory outside of the control of the United States during the Civil War. As for the general ranting on ESPN: the SEC is an "on any given Saturday" conference. The level of talent is so high on each conference opponent that you have to treat each game like it's the conference championship, just like the military treats each sand fight. Bless that poor woman's heart and even more to her husband, who chose a beautiful woman that is off the rails crazy.
It's too early. Folks need to let him just be a kid. There'll be time enough in the next year or two for him to decide where he wants to play in college.
If Jerry Jones would stop trying to be owner and coach at the same time and let a real coach build a team around Dak, the Cowboys might have a go at it. Regrettably there'll never be enough cold fronts in Hades for that to ever happen.
Only 7 1/2 months left until kickoff of the first game of the '21 season. I reckon we're all ready.
I would be surprised if Haynes King doesn't get it. If our line can be even close to as good as the 2020 Maroon Goons, he could have a heck of a year.
Arkansas definitely showed more fight this year though. They've always been a tough, physical team regardless of their record, but they also started believing in themselves a bit this year. If they beat every team except A&M, more power to em!
After we beat yall and our guys started believing in themselves, Alabastage may have beaten us in the playoffs, but it'd be a heck of a lot closer than 52-24 (our 2nd game, Ohio state's whippin).
That's the next step for everyone in the SEC. Our guys didn't start believing in themselves as a team until after they beat Florida, then they realized how good they really are. Until Nick Saban retires, it will always be "beat Bama".
With heart like that, he'll find success wherever his road leads. He is like the Marines I was blessed to serve with. May he never loose heart and Godspeed to him.
I've a question for the Bama folk....why do yall keep lamenting Franchione leaving? He was the worst coach in A&M history, ended up retiring after coaching Texas State a few years, and would have plowed your program 30' below the mud line. Consider yourselves lucky to have gotten rid of him so soon.
I agree with Tidefan and JTF. If you don't have the offensive line, the receivers, tight ends, and running backs (the whole group in other words), it doesn't matter how good a quarterback you have, the world will never know. Heck, Mond was at best a just above average SEC quarterback and he did great things this year. Definitely a lunatic article.
My apologies to the rest of you noble souls, such as TideFan, LSUSMC, the Georgia Marine, my fellow Aggies, but HailzBully, anytime you're ready...send it boy
Hailz, I give you credit boy....I always reckoned Mississippi State fans were first class folk, just like the people of Mississippi overall, but you sir prove that there's a turd floating in every bowl.
If yall will notice, Jimbo has been focused on recruiting bulls for defense and the offensive line. As Tidefan so aptly pointed out, we had a just above average quarterback do amazing things. Jimbo Fisher is building teams at A&M that are neither flash nor exciting.. they just wear you down, then brutalize you in the 4th quarter.
Tide, despite the records he holds, Mond was far from A&M's best quarterback, so no argument there. As long as our offensive line reloads (we have a couple of returning graduating seniors on defense to guide the young bulls there), Haynes King has the potential to be one of the best Aggie quarterbacks ever.