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If we beat your Sooners twice we deserve to be there. I'd love for it to be an all SEC West dogfight, but as Bayou Tiger said, it's a tall order. Now that t.u. was sent back to Sodom and Gomorrah (Austin)....may the remaining teams with the most heart, guts, and skill win. And BTHO OU!
Now our Aggies need to find some magic to beat OU twice to make it an all SEC championship fight.
Dang right Smokeone! Nothing wrong with the SEC west taking care of business in Omaha....and saluting Tennessee (as painful as it is to say) while we're there.
If approved, it should definitely send a strong message to recruits that even with the recent expansion of Kyle Field, things are only going to get better.
Well done yall. After such a dominating performance and seeing what they're really capable of, I expect South Carolina to be a formidable opponent in the future. Saturday was just the beginning.
The problem is that he's essentially telling LSU they should just give up now. Regardless of who their coach is or their record, LSU is still come ready to play like they're undefeated or they'll sneak up on you and whip you.
It'll be good to see Kentucky go 11-1 this year. I'm glad we don't have to play yall.
Ole Miss and Auburn will be our 2 toughest games, but LSU being LSU, you always have to bring your best... maybe more so this year considering it's the last time we play Coach O.
I wouldn't imagine Jimbo is considering it. He's in a great position here. But like the other article pointed out, getting Dave Aranda back could be a possibility, especially considering the opportunities he'd get at LSU over Baylor.
Evidently so. Cheering when an opposing team's player gets hurt is a new low all together though. That's beyond disgraceful.
Considering the "little jab" as you call it hasn't been out long enough to know what the long term side affects are in the years to come, who is anyone else to question her decision...or anyone else's about getting something with less than 2 years of testing injected into them. That's ESPN's loss in the long run, not hers or her family's.
I agree Gig'em, Bama will be just fine. With the Nick Saban Revenge Tour about to begin it does make you feel kind of bad for State this next Saturday though.
I do too. Good luck next Saturday Mississippi State. Saban will definitely show no mercy from here on out.
Considering the SEC's toughest competition is within our own conference (Georgia, Alabama, Florida, LSU, A&M, Arkansas, Auburn...with maybe 1 exception).... evidently the poor souls are misinformed.
It's almost never a whipping. Even in Arkansas's bad years they play us hard and it's a dogfight. As an Aggie, of course I want us to win, but even if we have a year we win a national championship, Arkansas will always be a dogfight.
Much obliged for the heads up. Let's hope it doesn't go there this year, but considering yall's beating t.u. back to the Stone Age, I think most of us Aggies are inclined to be in a reasonably forgiving mood.
If the O-line can get it together we'll be ok. They're going to have to mature rapidly, but they're definitely getting better. Next Saturday will definitely be a great test. Sam Pittman is a good coach and building a culture of excellence in Fayetteville. We'll know where we stand by the time the dust settles next Saturday.
It was an ugly game, but they found a way to win. By the end of the season it's whether you won or lost, not the margin of victory in the wind that matter. So this isn't about Haynes, Zach, or any other's about the culture Jimbo instilled in the program.
Arkansas is definitely the toast and pride of the the SEC tonight. So having said that, I raise a mason jar of my finest homemade in yall's honor.
Battered...I read you brother. I love the Hogs tonight. They owned t.u!
The entire SEC is proud of the Hogs tonight. Perfect welcome home to the t-sips!
Most of the highly ranked teams struggled today. That's the nature of college football. The margin of victory doesn't matter by the end of the season, just whether it was a victory or not. Kindly keep that in mind Doctor. College football, like both the military and the real world, uses actual results. Please remember that before criticizing folks from your Ivory tower bunker.
Excellent choice of songs and to Arkansas... how'd those beef ribs taste tonight?