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I’m by no means pulling for UF but does anyone remember LSU being pegged as the pre-season 3rd best team in the west for 2019? Seems like a lot of folks are already counting Florida out. It would take a monumental collapse for them not to be in it until Jacksonville.
Paul might not be there next year so someone better call Matt Riser at South Eastern and give him an interview. Best young coach in the country! Jeff Mercer and Blake Dean are good too but not going anywhere.
CUE “Matt Riser” from South Eastern Louisiana. He’s a player for the Tulane job but in my opinion a better fit for a national power like LSU.
He’s going to kill it wherever he’s at. I’d rather him at UF than have him at LSU. The East needs a beast. The LSU problem will work itself out sooner than later.
That’s baseball. Some teams see the ball better than others on any given day. 2012 LSU was one of the best teams they ever fielded and Stonybrook put them out. 2008 Dawgs were less than mediocre but happened to win the SEC tourney and got spanked by Fresno State in the CWS.
Yes that would be Florida 24-23. They did win the West though. Maybe that’s what he was going by.
Auburn got a good coach in Mason and now he has the resources to actually be able to do his job.
He was our athletic director for 10 years, was at Florida for nearly 20 years and is almost 70 years old. I’m going to go out on a limb and say regardless of recruiting violations or not- he was going to retire because his last contract was only a 1 year deal.
I usually try to keep my mouth shut, but this Oklahoma beat down was self imposed. Florida’s bowl game was the equivalent of LSUs season. When playmakers opt out-then kids that didn’t play much have to step up. They played hard but fell short. Should’ve beat A&M and should’ve beat LSU by a mile!!!!! Kudos to Florida for trying depleted. They could’ve pulled a Vandy and just quit but didn’t.
I think they’re full of wine and spirits instead of Christmas spirit.
You can fire whoever you want at the end of a terrible season-but nobody could’ve turned LSU in to a championship defender with the amount of op-outs and turn over from their starting roster.
How should I feel after your opinion on Georgia!? Bama is playing Florida. Should we all feel bad we didn’t make the cut? Should we be happy that our rival did? Why don’t you please tell us how we should feel instead of stating facts? I hate Florida but because this article is trash-I hope they pull out a miracle and beat Bama, eat Notre Dame, then Kyle to Kyle dump Ohio State in a dumpster fire.
Barring a catastrophic end to Florida’s season, I’m going with 12 teams that are going to want a do-over. A&M still looks pretty decent except for the blowout loss to Bama but that may have ended their playoff hopes.
He wasn’t recruited by anyone. He was a walk-on at Samford.
@Joemarks Tennessee’s offense only dropped 14 on UGA in the first half. The first score was a fumble recovery for a touchdown. Also, Tennessee’s vaunted offense only gained 71 total yard on a whopping 39 plays in the second half. That’s .55 yards per play.
I’m from Mississippi and graduated from UGA. MSU is historically bad. We just can’t get recruits to come; no matter who the coach is. Les Miles, Nick Saban, Kirby Smart, Gene Chizik or even Urban Meyer couldn’t make it happen. Throw up all the Mullen puke you want but he can’t even keep kids in a premier environment in Florida. Leach will succeed but not in the capacity everyone is expecting. It’s MSU for craps sake.
I’m not sure 40 years is as bad as 22 years at this point. 9 division titles in 20 years to Tennessee’s 4. I suppose if we win the National Championship this year you’ll say it doesn’t count because of COVID right?
The uniforms are ugly for sure but at the very least we won’t wear bags on our heads like Saints fans did for years. The “He can do everything” comment kind of negates any doubt though.
I’d take 11 wins with the only loss to Florida or Auburn. Maybe a loss to UGA or Florida in the SECCG. Hopefully they won’t beat my Dawgs again.
Absolutely no team more unpredictable in any conference than Auburn. Not getting blown out by LSU (though the stats say otherwise), losing to UGA 2 weeks later and beating Bama 2 weeks after that.
I know......... I hate it too! I wish one of the NFC South teams had the balls to pull the trigger and draft him earlier. Tampa would have been a much better fit.
You could line Lynn Bowden up in a split back wildcat with Taysom Hill in Mew Orleans. That would be fun to watch.
And they run for 90 minutes. I don’t want to run for 90 seconds.
Emmitt will always be my favorite NFL back and many still consider him the greatest of all time. With that said, Barry Sanders had a mediocre offensive line the entire time he played. I believe that Barry’s stats would be equal to or better than Emmitt’s if he had that Dallas O-line. Emmitt also had “Moose” Johnston as fullback leading the way and Barry played in a 3 receiver set almost his entire career.
Tebow doesn’t go on before any of these guys. Player Yds From To School 1 Aaron Murray* 13166 2010 2013 Georgia 2 Drew Lock* 12193 2015 2018 Missouri 3 David Greene* 11528 2001 2004 Georgia 4 Chris Leak* 11213 2003 2006 Florida 5 Peyton Manning 11201 1994 1997 Tennessee 6 Eric Zeier 11153 1991 1994 Georgia 7 Danny Wuerffel 10875 1993 1996 Florida 8 Jared Lorenzen 10354 2000 2003 Kentucky 9 Eli Manning* 10119 2000 2003 Ole Miss 10 Casey Clausen* 9707 2000 2003 Tennessee 11 Bo Wallace* 9534 2012 2014 Ole Miss 12 Dak Prescott* 9376 2012 2015 Mississippi State 13 Andre Woodson* 9360 2004 2007 Kentucky 14 Shane Matthews 9287 1990 1992 Florida
Not really. Hogs had a better conference record and overall record than the dawgs.
Yeah- I’m pretty sure the term “nowhere to go but up from here” doesn’t apply. Maybe 1,100-1,200 would be reasonable.