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As a UGA grad and a huge fan of LSU baseball I’d consider the most impressive was all Skips national championships. Underdogs in all. Y’all need to quit those Jell-O shots.
Hump isn’t a liar. Hell, even your logo has a mullet.
My thoughts exactly. Smoke all the weed you want guys but don’t you dare flatten someone’s tires or cut their phone line or you’ll be held without bond for no reason. Judge must be an SEC hater as he/she probably graduated from CSU.
Sparky…….Negan has calmed down on his novels in the past few months. Maybe the Natty brought him back down to earth.
He will field a playoff caliber team this year. Only Bama will stand in their way. Ole Miss has a legitimate shot as does Arkansas but truthfully they’re not there yet.
The way St. Pete’s been playing I fully expect them to play Arky or Miami in the championship. They’ve earned it and have shown very little weakness towards adversity.
It’s terrible that Calvin got caught betting on football. I personally don’t see a big deal with it unless he was betting on games his team played in. I think it’s a rule that is outdated. You can’t exactly blame Saban for a grown man gambling at the same time you can’t blame Smart for severe character flaws of a murder. Alleged r$pist Adam Anderson is a lot different then Crumpton actually being caught for murder. As for gambling…….. Calvin’s punishment I feel was a bit harsh.
Don’t forget about Negan brochacho
D@mn Lipscomb d@mn. Just flew in from offshore to see this. D@mn. Could finish with over 150 ribbies.
If I were you Connor, I’d file this one in the loss column and pull this article.
As long as nobody starts that “We want Bama” banter, I’m ok with whatever happens next year. I expect the best Tennessee we’ve seen in years and a better Florida team than last year. If all goes well then we get Bama.
We have a Canadian Goose season here in Mississippi. I’m not a big waterfowl fan but come and shoot a few. All they do is mess all over my truck.
Aggie90, every other P5 QB has 2 or more losses. I believe that’s what he was trying to say.
Booches-to put your comment in better perspective, this is the highest rated NCAA game vs. average NFL game. Michigan vs. Ohio State, November 27 15.9 million viewers The NFL is averaging 16.9 million viewers per game this season. That’s up seven percent from the 2020 season.
Kind of negates the whole “we have to be elite” speeches that have happened all year long. Though maybe he did it because Saban made him a millionaire over the years. I agree though, it should absolutely stop with conference champs. Don’t win- don’t get in.
I think UGA has more problems with Michigan than Bama has with Cincinnati.
I got that feeling the whole second half of the Bama game but now I’m getting the feeling they rolled over to get 2 SEC teams in the playoffs. Hard telling not knowing though. We’ll know on the 31st and or January 10th.
Did you just try to make a case for Cincinnati vs Bama?
I would implore you to enhance your reading and comprehension skills isfahan69. Myself and S.E.C. Snob know how and where this conversation was going.
I was in a daiquiri shop in New Orleans after work watching it thinking “there’s no way we can lose this”. Want to know another thing we had in common? Todd Exotic was our DC
The last time we had a losing season it was surprise surprise UCF that caused it!!!!!
Correct me if I’m wrong- but before Mullen McElwain and Muschamp, you have to go back to 1979 for a losing season. Let’s hope Napier gets this turned around quickly for the sake of the East. Congratulations to UCF for the “state championship”. I hope you don’t have to play Florida in a bowl game next year.
I had to read that twice to understand it. Stetson Fromm lol!!!!!!!