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Even last year we averaged more than 90K a home game. Over the last 20 years UT was still among the top 10-15 in the country on average attendance when we was at our worse. This year we sold out every home game except Ball State. And even the Ball State game seen us pack 100K in. We even sold out games against UTM. We will continue to our pace the SEC in attendance as long as Heupel is HC.
Hey may be planning to come back. Why waste your time with NIL contract requirements if you planning on going to the NFL in a couple months?
He’s gonna get that before halftime of the Orange Bowl.
UT vs Bama argument UT 2-1 vs Top 15 Bama 0-2 vs Top 15 UT over Bama head to head Common opponents. UT 2-0 vs Vandy and LSU (Both on road) Bama 1-1 vs Vandy and LSU( 1 road game) Strength of Schedule goes to UT. Best wins Bama vs #14 Texas and #25 Miss State UT vs #6 bama and #14 LSU When teams are ranked beside each other like Bama and UT are then the head to head should be deciding factor.
@Dawg Talk, yes he used a slur that white people can’t say but other races can. He was never using it in a ratio undertone and in this case context does matter. He used as the same way as it is used in any rap song you hear it in.
Did you actually hear it? Or did you go off of what CNN told you? He said nothing different than what’s in any rap song.
NIL does not allow coaches or schools to directly pay recruits. Also it’s against NIL to have a pay for play deal also.
This team wasn’t being paid. The teams that was paid drug USC last 3 years. All kinds that recurved cash are gone and been gone since Heupel took over,
How’s it feel to know that you could have had both Hyatt and Hooker if your coaches wasn’t idiots? Hyatt was committed to Tech when hooker was a sophomore at Tech.
McConkey not being at UT is straight up criminal. The kid is a baller and would have exploded in this system. Pruitt is an idiot for not even taking a look at this kid. McConkey grew up a die hard Vol fan and UT was his dream school. If UT offers he is in Knoxville.
Actually it’s very significant. UT needs to win out to have a chance for the playoffs. And the more points they score the better they will look when it comes to “style points”. Sorry Kentucky season is headed to Liberty bowl this year
You can tell more from his offer list than a ranking some times. Offer list is pretty elite. Kid has impressive offers. LSU, Miami, aTm, Florida, Auburn, FSU, Ole Miss, Texas and many others. He’s a solid take with massive size.
UGA didn’t shut us down really. Bru was open for for TD, Hooker over throws him. Hyatt was open for TD, Hooker over throws him. That 75 yard punt downed at the goal line was pure luck. We will get them on neutral field snd be different ball game.
Same thing the committee is seeeing when they out the Vols #4 in next polls. UT and UGA will play again in neutral field. Hooker won’t over throw 3 WR’s that was open for TD’s next time. We hit those 3 wide open passes it’s a different game. We stopped ourselves more than UGA stopped us.
Alabama is lucky Tennessee had 2 turnovers or it would have been worse for Bama. Without those 2 turnovers UT scores at least another 10 points and Bama not in position to miss a FG
I stand corrected. The Vols are 86-29 against Kensucky in history.
Stoops is 2-7 against UT since coming to Kentucky. Kentucky is 86-29 in history. It doesn’t matter who The Vols coach is they can always count Kentucky as an automatic win. In the last 37 years, Kentucky has only beat UT 3 times. Heuple is 1-0 against Kentucky since arriving at UT. So basically, no matter how good Kentucky is, they will always be Tennessee little sister. Kentucky best teams can even beat UT worse teams. Example is last year whne Kentucky won 10 games and still lost to UT.
But UT is the only team in the top 10 that has beat 2 ranked teams so far.
Does the loser of this game get fired?
UT will beat you worse than last year. USC and Missouri are the two worst teams in the SEC right now.
I think Hooker will get most of his yards when the pass breaks down and he decides to take off. I don’t think he gonna carry the rushing load by designed runs all year.
Yes technically this is 3rd school. But let’s mot act like he wasn’t suspended and kicked off USC’s team for bogus Title IX investigation. Once the DA dropped the charges due to insufficient evidence that should of been it. But no he Transfers to Texas and goes back to USC once charges are dropped without playing a game at Texas of even a practice. Once USC didn’t reinstate him right away he left again before the Title IX investigation was dropped and went to UT. USC tried their best to keep him off campus for something he didn’t do. So yea I do think the circumstances are different than just transfer if multiple times.
It kinda does work that way. Just because a players move schools don’t mean he still didn’t break the rules. If UT gets punished then every player that is still currently playing should be punished as well. By your logic Reggie Bush shouldn’t have been stripped of his Heisman Trophy even though he was already gone by time the findings came to USC.
Hueple isn’t going anywhere. Him and the AD have a really strong relationship. Also it’s built in Hueples contract, that if UT gets probation and bowl ban he gets an extra year added for every they are sanctioned. Hueple is there for at least 4-5 more years.
I understand why all the Bama fans hate Fat Phil’s I really do. But they are forgetting Steve Spurrier played a part in it as well. So where is the same hate towards Spurrier at? I could be wrong, but I believe Spurrier is the one that contacted the NCAA first and Phil was a corroborating witness. Also notice that UT didn’t get hit with LOIC! This tells me that Pruitt will get a show cause and the actual University will be punishment already served from self imposed scholarship losses. The NCAA had no idea what was going on, and as soon as Tee Martin rolled on Pruitt everyone was fired and 31 players transferred. Out of those those 31 transfers there was 18 Level 1’s that involved 13 players for a combined 60 games participated in. Now since all the coaches/staff, and the players involved are gone why punish UT? NCAA changed their rules this year to target more the coaches and players involved than the University and innocent players not involved. Let’s dig into some of players that transferred that would have been ineligible by these infractions and where they landed. Washington State, UNC, Alabama, UGA(Mimms never played for UT but did take money from Pruitt), Oklahoma, and Michigan State to name a few. These are some big time schools that took players from UT and they started at other schools. So if UT is punished then it would be ok to punish these actual players involved and schools that played them correct? After Pruitt gets hit with a 10+ year show cause his college career will be done. And then maybe he will write a book about players have been getting paid since his FSU days. He met his current wife at FSU while she worked on the FSU/NCAA compliance office. Then she works in the Troy compliance office. Do you actually think Saban wasn’t smart enough to use her and what she knew to get around the rules? If I was Saban, Jimbo, and Smart I would be paying close attention to this and see how it plays out. Theirs no telling what Pruitt may say or do if he thinks his college days of coaching are done.
Let me say this again. The NCAA didn’t catch UT in nothing. It was UT that turned themselves in. Also Bama used an ineligible player last year in every single game. So if your ok with UT getting punished for cheating then I’m sure you won’t mind Henry To’To being suspended indefinitely and forfeiting all the games he was involved in. Also Oklahoma has Eric Gray that played in games that also took money. Let’s punish everyone involved including the current players on other teams.
What everyone is failing to realize is that UT did not get caught by the NCAA. It was UT that turned themselves in and told the NCAA about Pruitt and rest of the staff. UT also handed over everything they had to the NCAA when asked for it and didn’t try to hide it. Also Michigan State, UNC, Alabama and Oklahoma took transfers from Tennessee last year that received cash from Pruitt. It’s believed that Key Lawrence, Eric Gray, Wayne Morris, and Henry To’To and Crouch all took payments. All the players that was involved all transfered and all the staff was fired with cause. Tennessee self imposed scholarship sanctions and got ride of everyone involved including Fulmer. Maybe probation but no bowl ban is coming.
Tennessee didn’t get caught but he NCAA. Tennessee wanted to get rid of Pruitt so bad they burned down the house around him and turned themselves in. Also let’s not forget that all the players involved transferred to other schools and most started right away. So go ahead and punish everyone involved involving Bama and Oklahoma for using players that was ineligible that transferred in.