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And Vince Dooley and his natty not walking back through y’all’s doors. UGA has all the athletes and 5*’s at every positions but still can’t even make the national championship game much less win it. 1980 has been a long time for USCe a power house like UGA.
That’s around the same time y’all lost 9 straight to UT I believe also. Maybe y’all should hire the other Dooley. Worked out for y’all the first time. Maybe y’all can make another Dooley work out for ya. Y’all still searching for 1980 though.
I should have know Crotch stalking a Tennessee article. Why don’t you just admit that you are a Tennessee fan and will swap logos once UT starts winning at a regular rate again.
A good coaching staff will out out that dumpster fire crotch. It starts somewhere. And don’t act like UGA is a power house. I’ll tell you like I told the other village idiot. UGA is 15-15 against UT last 30 years and let Butch beat y’all twice. It took 20 years of UT playing it’s worse stretch of football in school history and finishing middle to lower half of conference ever year during that span for UGA to even break even after 30 years lol.
And oh I almost forgot. The last 30 years UGA and UT series is tied 15-15. How’s that make you feel that UGA is 15-15 and UT has been below average for last 20 years in Football. Lol.
You should send the UT administration a Thank You card for being incompetent for the last 20 years. Without the worse stretch in UT history UGA wouldn’t have had a chance to be winning the series currently. It only took the last 20 years fir UGA to pull ahead only by 2 games. And then UGA fans beat there chest like they are a traditionally rich football history with only 1 national championship in School history. Lol.
I think Negan you may be the delusional one. In another comment you made you said UGA has dominated UT in last 30 years without any facts to support that claim. But here are a few facts for you. It has taken the worse 20 year span in UT football history for UGA to pull ahead only by 2 games. UGA is 25-23-3 in history. And to speak about the last 30 years didn’t UGA lose 9 straight to UT between 1989-1999. And Butch Jones is considered one of the worse coaches in UT history and he beat UGA twice. And during this span of UGA being 25-23-2 against UT in history UGA has only averaged 21.04 per game in history between the two. I wouldnt exactly say that’s dominating by no means.
You spend more than 10 minutes everyday tracking Tennessee Vols. I am starting to think you are an undercover Vols fan wishing they would finally have success again so you can jump back on the bandwagon.
Corvin crouch why don’t you tell me what conference did the SEC teams play in before it was the SEC. I think it was the southern conference and there for when you count those on top of the SEC titles it comes to 16 Moron. But don’t believe me google it.
Butch Jones wasn’t worried about UGA or Florida as he beat both them twice in 4 years lol. And Pruitt shouldn’t have never been hired and wasn’t qualified and now that we have a coach with HV experience he will beat UGA also just like Butch did. Lol. Heuple has experience in beating Florida, Bama and UT as a OC and QB coach. Believe he was the OC when Oklahoma beat Bama and he was OC when Missouri beat the brakes off UGA lol. Think that score was 45-17
What’s Delusional is you think UGA is a power house but yet hasn’t won a National Championship in 40 years. Not only does Tennessee have more National titles than UGA they also have more SEC and east division titles than UGA has in last 20 years. And to make things worse Butch Jones is possibly one of the worse coaches in history of UT but still beat UGA TWICE. When was the last time UGA won an SEC championship? Lol.
Georgia has won ten SEC Eastern Division championships, and has made eight appearances in the SEC Championship Game, most recently in 2019. The Dawgs are 3–5 in those games. Twice, in 1992 and 2007, Georgia was the Eastern Division co-champion, but lost a tiebreaker for the right to appear in the championship game. Tennessee 16 Conference titles and 6 division titles which came in 1997,1998, 2001, 2003, and 2007. Sounds like to me UGA been less relavent than UT over the last 15-20 years lol. Even when UGA is at its best they still let Butch Jones beat you twice.
Your right UT hasn’t done a lot since 1998. But remind me how many Nattys UGA has won since then? With all those top recruiting classes I would think UGA would have won at least a couple conference championships. But at the end of the day when UT is at its worse and UGA is at its best y’all still let Butch Jones beat you guys twice.
What you mean LSU didn’t really have talent all over the field. They had 18 players drafted I believe and then had the top QB, and WR in the SEC and country. That LSU team was loaded with talent at every position. It is considered one of the greatest team of all time as they bets 7 teams in same season ranked in what top 10. Joe Brady would be a great hire but let’s not act like LSU wasn’t loaded also!!
I wouldn’t classify UGA a dynasty by a long shot. In order to be classified as a dynasty you would need to win at least an SEC or National Championship which you have done since 1980. Tennessee has more SEC and National Titles than UGA has in that same time span. So keep dreaming big because your mom told you that you can be whatever you wanna be when you grow up except for UGA National Champs lol.
Class of 98 huh. How’s that national championship working out for ya. Oh that’s right that’s the year UT won it never mind. All that talent and still can’t win a conference championship. In the end no matter how good UGA is or how many times they beat Tennessee fact is they stil are behind Tennessee in national championship and SEC Championship. And it only took 20 years for UGA to take a lead in the series. Smart has had 2 #1’s and 2 #2 recruiting classes in last 4 year but still hasn’t won the conference with all that talent. Smart is no better than the coach y’all got rid of for
As I stated earlier in the previous post I said that every state has racist and all campus in America have them also. There are some that are just plain openly racist and then there is the ones that hide it very well. But the fact is there is multiple players over last few years claiming a toxic environment. But regardless no one truly knows except the players and staff and when it does happen everyone tries to do damage control and not let get out. Even if it was happening do you think they will actually admit to, why hell no. But at the end of the day UGA will have a top 3 recruiting class and still can’t win the games that matter like an SEC championship or a Natty. All those high ranking classes do you no good when you still don’t make the most of it. UGA is what 2 games more than UT in the series and Tennessee football has been average to below average for the last 20 years. So beating us now is a good thing for ya I guess but just remember it won’t last forever and UGA will go back to being the red headed step child again to UT.
Remember when Alabama had a 3* star running back that was drafted in the 1st round. Some players are not evaluated correctly at times. And there are plenty of players playing in NFL that wasn’t heavily recruited or was t rated very high coming out of high school.
Maybe he needs to stick to the defensive side of the ball and leave the offense to Cheny 100%. His offense sucks and he has shown he doesn’t know how to develop a QB with a 7th year RS Junior. Maybe it might help if he lets the offensive guys do there jobs and he do what he is best at and that’s defense and coaching CB’s and LB’s.
And don’t forget that fields was better than anyone that was playing QB ahead of him and will be a 1st round pick this year and Cade will be a 1st round pick also but no later than 2nd round. So just don’t act like they was just normal players when in reality they was much more than that.
Yes there is racist students in every single state and for the ones that say there isn’t are just racist or dilusional or maybe both and they just better at hiding it. But non the less UGA had a all American MLB prospect kicked off the team for calling Fields the N word and those are facts. And Cade would most likely been a starter this year if he stayed at UGA and Gibbs also played did he not. And Fields only wanted to leave OSU when he thought there wasn’t going to be a season in the Big10. And last time I checked Tennessee didn’t have a frat house on the news for racism. None the less rather it’s race, law suit or whatever there still a pattern of a different. Untrue at UGA and it has been said openly by current and former students of UGA. And just because there’s racist in other states don’t make it ok for you and UGA to act that way. Sorry no pass on that but nice try. It’s like that kid that gets in trouble and says well he done it so I can to even though they both know it’s wrong.
Fields left and played the race card. Cade started 22 of the 26 games he played at UGA. Was there not a first baseman kicked off the baseball team for calling Fields the N word. I think so. Then 3 of those 4 claimed toxic cultures at UGA. Stop denying the fact that UGA does not say nothing both racism and just look past it. I do believe there was a story about a frat house in the news for being racist or condoning or something similar I do believe. Just admit that UGA has problems and they coving it up by not chalking players waivers. For example Cade attempted to gain a waiver without releasing full details and didn’t want to talk bad about UGA then it was denied. And as soon as he filed an appeal and it was revealed that a toxic culture was the purpose of him leaving all of a sudden a week later waiver approved. Come on now how many times have you seen the NCAA act that quick on a appeal when it took months for the original waiver to be looked at.
Your right. Just like Reece and Gibbs wasn’t happy, along with Mays and Fields and I’m sure there is more. Maybe there might be an issue at UGA when all 3 of these players claimed a toxic environment when they left. May be an issue considering 3 of the 4 players left because of race issue and Mays left due to toxic culture according to his lawyer. There actually may be an issue at UGA that is being covered up as much as possible and SEC and NCAA looking out for smart like they would saban and approving these waivers so nothing more comes out of it.
But yet here you talking about Tennessee. It only took 20 years of incompetent staff moves by UT for UGA to pull ahead in the series. Don’t get used to it because I assure you it won’t last forever.
Makes it even worse when your Top 5 and can’t do anything with it year after year!! Every coach y’all have had does the Least with most talent around.
Just know that Vince Dooley is returning to coach them mangy mitts anymore!!