Born in Knoxville but raised up north. I spend the majority of my time wishing I was back in Tennessee. The rest of the time I cheer on the VOLS and defend the South.

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Tyler, you finally stopped kissing that guy long enough to type a comment?
I am a VOL fan and I agree with you. I struggled all Spring and Summer with the #9 ranking and all the talk that came with it. Im not buying anything. We struggled with App St. Then rebound and beat Va Tech. Anyone that says they know exactly who the VOLS are and which team will show up each week is crazy. I agree the potential is there but they need to shut the Gators down and end that streak. Plus Georgia is never an easy win and Im not even talking about Bama right now. This team is a one game at a time type team. Im obviously behind them but I cant believe all the hype.
Not many UT fans I know were believing the hype for the VOLS. And why are you UGA fans even talking? Talk about a program not doing Jack lately. Nobody deserves to be talking except Bama fans. Bama dismantled USC last night. Cant see them losing.
Thanks, we worth the time read. ;)
Neyland at 17th? Just proves a nitwit did these rankings.
Even if the VOLS beat Florida, I'm not saying a word. You need to respect a team that has beaten you this many times.
Thank you. I couldn't agree more. Who came up with this idea?
You said alot of the same things I was thinking. The bottom line, in my opinion, is Coach Jones can and will get us back on top. "Brick by brick" as he says. And I can see UT being built back up to the powerhouse program we both know they are. Hang tough my friend, our time to sit on top is coming sooner than others think. Go Vols!!!
Did Mr Davis tell the University he was going to be at the game? Did he let Coach Jones know he wanted preferential treatment? What if every VFL showed up and acted the same way? Did Coach Jones have more important things to do than worry about a VFL getting special treatment? I'm sure if Coach Jones was made aware of all of this he would have put somebody in charge of taking care of all the VFLers that showed up. I need to agree with the Auburn fan, Doctor Larry, that Davis sure sounds like he is whining. I have been a Big Orange fan since the day I was born in Knoxville. I attended UT and support the VOLS from all the way up here in PA (enemy territory) and I have never stood on the field in Neyland. But I'm not whin....wait, I also want to be on the field during a game!!!! Mr Davis, who do "I" complain to?
Brick by brick the VOLS are on the way back to the top. Every year is going better than the last. Go ahead and watch, its not a joke. We have a hungry young team with an attitude. Plus with this last recruiting class, look out---no stopping the VOLS!!!!!!
I believe all UT fans feel the same way---"Its Great To Be A Tennessee Vol". Very proud of the Orange and White. Love seeing the Volunteer Navy---My dream is to be a guest on one of those beautiful vessels!!!
My thoughts and prayers go out to this mans family and friends.
I keep waiting for the whole team to click. I have seen plays here and there where they look good but too many plays where they dont all seem to be on the same page. I hope they come together this weekend--it would be one heck of a win.
While I admit the offensive line struggles, I really dont see the point in berating them every chance I get. I want to see how these guys improve from game 1 til the end of the season.