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I know Volnation is hooking him up bigtime. Been a rough week for Vols fans, but stories like this put things in perspective.
Blake Barnett beat Hurd to the punch by 4 weeks.
UF and LSU could have always agreed to a 2 and 2, and played the game in BR this weekend... that way they play in each others house equal times.
Lol, exactly. I think the SEC should go ahead and make that clear. Your percentage is based on wins of 8 games no matter if you play less. You'd see UF and LSU re-schedule real fast.
"Toast Tabor" Sincerely you daddy, Juaun Jennings
It doesn't matter who you root for, I can assure you if UGA was in UT's position you would feel the same way. There should be no scenario where a team that had a game canceled gains an advantage. At the same time, that team should not be punished. So you re-schedule, and if the team refuses the proposal they forfeit the game.
What a zinger... Viles? Stay sharp guy, you're on a roll.
If UT is tied or lead at halftime, they win and could win big. If UT gets in a hole like FL, they won't have the firepower to make the comeback on AM. This game is simple, how does UT play the first half. Sucks that essentially our 3 best defensive players are out, but that's football. Prediction: UT 38 AM 34
College station is a non-factor. Besides, how well does AM play big games at home again?
Laughable use of metrics to say the least.
History? Dangerous? You include 2013 that was one of the worst rosters in UT history, inherited from the worst coach in UT history. 2014? Can't completely flip a roster in 1 year. Let me teach you Danny. See a roster with little depth and nearly void of talent that was inherited from your predecessor is obviously going to struggle. If you would research the rosters from 2013 and 2016 you will notice they look nothing alike. Therefore attempting to compare the results of these rosters makes little to no sense. Doesn't take a genius to see that this team has a much higher chance of winning a game in which they give up 30 points than the 4-11 record you spit out. Try harder.
TN forgets that it took a prayer to beat Ga?... Or... How about Ga forgets that it took a 47 yard pass with 10 seconds to regain the lead in the first place. We basically beat you twice in one game. Hell we spotted you the first half and we beat you. Only takes 4 seconds to teach a dawg to sit.
Cut the duffey some slack, clearly he is trying his best at this whole journalism thing.
Fingers crossed he will be back before the UT-UF game. We will need him.
This game broke the college football attendance record by 42,000 people. Try to contain your jealousy next time and maybe you won't look so butthurt. And nascar sucks.
The game is a first of its kind in a venue that will hold the all-time record for attendance. Carry on.
Couldn't ask for a better role model growing up. He did things the right way, a rarity these days.
A few i noticed... To high: Ohio St, FL St, Notre Dame, Iowa To low: Bama, Stanford, North Carolina, Arkansas Just right: Clemson, Michigan, Tennessee
butthurt freely flows through the uga administration
If anything, the kid did the dumbass uga administrators a favor by showing them the weaknesses in their cyber security. They should have sent him a thank you note.
South Carolina 7 wins really? Garbage roster with a garbage coach. The cocks will finish up with 4-5 wins.
He is a Kentucky fan... that's all that needs to be said.
I'd agree, but the lsu loss to bama took a lot of their hype away. The OM win over bama shouldn't be that high either, it was more turnovers than OM.
Not sure your point but you're way off, the last census was 77.7% white (62.6% when hispanics who describe themselves as white are subtracted). The reason you may think that is this country will now bend over backwards for the few even if it does not benefit the many.
The age of entitlement and the downward spiral of this country continues.