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Saban hired Kiffin... Anybody that has ever truly been a VOL would never want that prick again. Go be a bammer. Turn your volcard in now. We don't need or want you. I sure don't know why everyone is so butt hurt over winning a freaking game. Was it ugly? Yes. But you know what? We DIDN'T lose! Plenty of others wish they could say that after today. You know what? Forget it, I'm tired of trying to talk idiots like you off of the ledge. Crap fire, have you forgotten the Fooley years and what we (real VOL fans) would've given to be bowl eligible? Never mind, im sure you are one of the fans that used to be a VOL fan back in the 90's, then abandoned the wagon the second the wheels started falling off, and conveniently, here you are back- back when all these analysts say that it's "safe" to get back on the bandwagon. You know what- just go ahead and jump off that ledge. My blood pressure would be better off if you did.
YA know who likes the "noise" aka: rap? The players. Who works harder than them? Not anyone in the stands. If you want The Boys of Fall back, and all the disco crap that they played up until Butch came, then go make yourself a playlist on your pandora and sit your rear-ends at home and watch it on TV! This old man is probably one of the ones that is still calling into Hyams asking why Butch didn't go for it on 4th & 1 instead of kicking the FG LAST week vs Ou.