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To say as a UT fan that I am not happy to have a 5* lineman coming to UT would be a lie--but the way this is unfolding does not look good on UT, GA or the Mays family. Sad, just the way Collage sports are going. NCAA has just been so much garbage with there rules lately they have caused most of this.
Smith for UT - even if they say noplay, is the right choice.
Missed the game, wish I could of seen it, I well later. Should there have been a T for the fans throwing stuff on the floor? Saw a T the other night for just a small stuffed dog being throw on the floor. Or was the game over.
Easy to say when you have money in your pocket, I don't know were the kid comes from or how well off his family is. Like Chuck said himself, you just play ball. Well he can just play ball in the NBA.
I would of not had a problem with Maten. Ga.season more then likely hurt. Maten better player, Williams more valuable to TN
What-- No UCF CarolinePhoenix, you know they always have to get all the Big 10 (11 12 13 14,I don't know how many now) in the pic.
94 UT 52-0 95 KY lead 24-9 at half, lost 37-31 96 UT 56-10 97 UT 59-31 Manning throw for 521 yards and five TDs. guess that is why he never did choke when he played Kentucky
would like to see were UT's offense would rank in the big 10, maybe you have it coming later.
Would more likely at the other UT out west Strong not looking to strong.
what it does not state is that UT has already played 3 top 20 teams. #2 Ducks- Fla - Ga