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1) KJ 2) Daniels 3) Rogers 4) Dart 5) Rattler 6) Milton 7) Weigman 8) Beck 9) Swann 10) Milroe 11) Cook 12) Thorne 13) Mertz 14) Leary
My guess is Beck moves up as the year goes. It helps to have 50 four and five stars around you; plus being able to give it to 19 as a security blanket. Rattler is a better than average QB no doubt. He has not been consistent and it doesn't help that his Oline acted like they were ushers to the backfield (to a pretty good NC defense). You stick Rattler behind center in Athens, and he would be getting Heisman love (probably more than deserved). But that doesn't mean you have to be willing to trade for him...I feel the same way about having him in Knoxville, but I can't say he would not be great in Heupel's system. It matters which team these guys play for. That is why I do not have Milton at 2. If he was anywhere besides in Heupel's system, he'd be good, but probably not as good as he we think he'll be this season.
1) KJ 2) Daniels 3) Rogers 4) Milton 5-7) Weigman, Dart, Rattler not sure which order 8) Milroe 9) Leary 10) Beck 11) Swann 12) Thorne 13) Mertz 14) Cook
All the SEC players are on the field and you are drafting the QB to lead your ALL-SEC team to go up against an all-conference defense... Pick 1 is KJ no doubt 2) Daniels 3) Rogers 4-6) Milton, Leary, Rattler (based on whatever preference you have) 7) Beck (on potential) 8) Ole Miss QB 9) Mertz 10) Weigman 11) Bama QB 12) Swann 13) Thorne 14) Cook
I see your point technically speaking, in your example, the offense never even snapped the ball inside the 20 and yet is counted as having a failed RZ for TD. However, I think for simplicity, they count if the ball is ever possessed by the offense inside the 20 as a redzone opportunity-even if that only attempt was a FG. They et credit for the FG (if made), they had the choice to attempt to gain enough yards (even on 4th) for the first and continue on to try for TD, so I think it's fair to count it as a failed attempt.
correct, but UK being able to claim KFC would be like UT claiming Krystal's since it was in Chattanooga
ok, wasn't aware of that! Other than her likeness being used and a few ad spots she did, I wouldn't say she brings any connection to UF...sure she owned a few of the locations, but so have many franchise owners
Krystal's is from Chattanooga, TN. But similar to AU, they are good for a fleeting amount of time and often leave you with stomach aches...
Pal's Sudden Service is a chain with only 18 or so locations in East TN and southern VA, but it should be everywhere in my opinion.
I also am not sure I understand the KFC connection since Harland went to La Salle and technically the original Kentucky Fried Chicken was in Utah.
Burger King started in Jacksonville...seems to be a closer connection to UF than Wendy's unless I'm missing something???
What's the Wendy's connection? It began in Columbus OH. Dave dropped out of high school, worked at a restaurant in Knoxville as a kid, managed some early KFCs, was a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon national fraternity (North Carolina Gamma chapter - Duke University), but I can't find the UF connection?
Hope he sits out to get paid if that's what is best for him. Zero shame in that for him after the work he put in last year.
Tim, Do you understand scoring difference? UGA has scored 67 more points than their opponents in the 4th. Take away the UT game and UGA has scored 74 more points than all of their other opponents in the 4th quarter. Considering their margin of victory, they are in fact running up the score more so than UT, which if you take way the UGA game is only outscoring all of their non-UGA opponents by 25. UGA total scoring margin is 28.6 to UT's 23.8 (which 3rd and 4th in the nation)
JTF, I don't think you understand 'scoring difference'. Did your defense score most of that +67?
Scoring difference in the 4th quarter: Michigan +78 UGA +67 OSU +60 TCU +56 Which teams run it up? VOLS +32
Y'all arguing that UT runs up the score late; let's look at the facts then. Scoring difference in the 4th quarter: Michigan +78 UGA +67 OSU +60 TCU +56 VOLS +32 Accuse UT of running up the score early if you want, but the numbers say the Vols "run it up" far less than the rest of the top teams in the 4th.
Or maybe, 9 passes on an 11 play drive late in the 4th with your starting QB already up 25?
I don't think you actually watched the game. Milton's pass came with MORE than 2 minutes left! The Vols ran exactly 2 plays under 2 minutes, both runs up the middle! Hooker attempted exactly 4 passes in the 4th quarter, all with MORE than 8 minutes left. For context, Stetson threw the ball on 9 of 11 plays when leading Auburn even later in the 4th while also up 25. Also, Ohio State's QB has thrown 18 of his 34 TD passes AFTER being up by 15 or more. That's more than Hooker, B. Young, and Stetson combined! Matter of fact, if you take away the 'pour it on' TDs, and only count TD passes during times when your team is in a tight game, Hooker has 22 and Stroud has 16.
I agree. I am not sure how the Vols would match up with OSU. The eye test gives the edge to UT, but OSU staff has a ton more experience on a stage like the CFB playoff. Also, I believe OSU and Bama are the only schools with 80% "blue chip" rosters. That matters. Michigan looks similarly built to UGA, and we painfully know how UT has performed against them the last two years. The Vols would be favored over TCU by at least a TD. While UGAs roster is better than the Vols, and their defensive staff had a masterful game plan a couple weeks ago, the Vols would love another shot, this time in Mercedes Benz Stadium or SoFi. I think a one score game in the 4th quarter favors the Vols; they just have to find a way to get to that chance.
I was wrong, Stroud has 18 AFTER being up by 15 or more. Hooker has 6.
Let's all remember, Ohio St's QB has thrown for 18 of his 34 TDs AFTER being up by 15 or more points! Hooker has thrown 6 (of 24) while being up 15 or more. B. Young has also thrown 6 (of 22) S Bennett has thrown 5 (of 14) or 36% of his TD passes while up by 15 or more. Joe Milton also has 5 (of 5) for those of you barking.
If that's the case, should we hold it against UGA that they threw 9 passes with all of their starters (including Stetson) while up 25 LATE on Auburn? Hooker threw 4 passes up 25 and was pulled at about the same point of their game, for reference.
UT had the ball at the 2 with just under 2 minutes left. let the play clock go to zero, called timeout; One running play, let the clock run 35 seconds and ran another running play. This all occurred with 3rd string RB, 2nd string QB, and mostly back-up linemen. Kickoff. Then Mizzou had the ball with 37 seconds left. UGA vs Auburn: Up 25 with 9 minutes. UGA throws 9 passes on their TD drive of 11 plays. All thrown by Stetson. Meanwhile, once the Vols were up 25, Hooker threw 4 passes (none with less than 8 minutes left) and then was pulled.
I'm sure you were equally 'not a fan' when UGA threw the late TD pass against Oregon?
must've been an insecure UGA coach making that call.