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Sounds to me like the Gators dodged a bullet on this one.... Enrolling at Colorado in 3.....2.....1.....
This was my thought when reading it too Saban wants no part of all of that, I'm sure He'll take busted and broken coaches and rehab them, but not at the expense of his program. Pruitt wouldn't even be allowed to coach for 2-3 years, if the NCAA is consistent....which they are not.....
This is an incredible loss for college football. RIP Pirate
As bad as this article is, it's still two games better than A&Ms record....
It's totally a popularity contest...has been for 20+ years. Honestly a meaningless award imo....of course, it's a definite recruiting tool for its recipient's school.
SouthernDawg 3 HOURS AGO Next week we’re going to see them introduce French’s Mustard bottle yellow helmets would look great with Hooker's new NIL deal shoes!
"You need to taste what your serving… the big game? Since when is a conference championship bigger that the national championship? Sir, sit down and stop embarrassing yourself" I gues u dont reed gud And you certainly don't understand the concept of reading for context.....
"Look inward." LOLOLOL....made me spit my coffee on that one
Ties are a cop out....list one as 2 and one as 3. Give it to OSU since they have a better history lately. If UT is able to take care of UGA, they should leapfrog to 1 pretty easily
TDOWTheGreat "A bit touchy?" Touchy? LOL...no, not really. But as someone who works in a high-level high-school football program in Texas, I believe I can say with certainty how programs work. It's kinda like if a reporter said that "CDM reports that Kentucky will use footballs in this week's game to try to beat Tennessee..."...duh..... CJH isn't overlooking Kentucky. If UK beats Tennessee, which I believe is a real possibility if UT doesn't play to their standard, then it will be because UK BEATS them. Not because UT was overlooking them
Wow....revolutionary. If Danny would have used some of this incredible insight when in charge of the Gators, he might still be there I fully believe that CJH, along with all successful Head Coaches at that level, understands that the most important game is the next one. No one in UT's facility is overlooking Kentucky
My daughter asked me one time that if she got a full scholarship to the University of Florida, would I be ok with her going there. I always said...full ride? Sure, no problem. Quality education from a premiere institution? For free? Of course! Gonna have to rethink that now.....
Hate that for this kid...one that has done it the right way, it seems. Hoping for the best for him moving forward, with a path back onto the field
The most penalized team in the conference is't going to self-impose any more penalties? #shocked
The pressure on medical staffs at the highest levels is incredibly high. They are consistently put into situations that blur the line between appropriate medical care and what is best for the team (ie gets the player back out there). Coaches consistently hide behind the fact that they don't make the medical decision, but employee the people who do.
I mean, that's about as deep as a uga fan can think...I wouldn't expect much more from their limited capacities
You are aware that Cade Mays didn't play in that game, right?