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You're pathetic...none of us know what was going on at 2 AM just as you don't. What we do know is two kids lost their lives this morning and another two will be dealing with the trauma of seeing their friends die in front of them. The least you can do is sit on your couch and shut up if you can't offer your condolences or a kind word. There are parents out there right now that will never speak to their children again and here you are talking out of your ass before their arrangements are even made!
Agreed! All those riding the high of Caddilac aren't thinking long term or what hiring him as HC would do to his career long term. This isn't a fairy tale and there are real implications to whatever choice is made. It would be career suicide for him to take the HC position knowing he's not nearly ready for it. I'd give it 2 years tops before those same fans would be calling for his head on a platter and that would just be sad.
You would think people would learn that comments about people's wives isn't something that's acceptable to everyone.