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Bottom line is that it is a 4 quarter game and even though an unranked, undermanned ( fewest scholarship players in division 1 )team was only one score down in the fourth quarter, they still lost big. It was fun just watching Saban stroke out while TN continued to remain the game until their lack of depth caught up with them. Little Nicky is no spring chicken and make sure you enjoy while you can. We know there is not much else happening in Alabama to feel good about. LOL
The night that Jeremy Banks was arrested for an outstanding warrant and Jeremy Pruitt was called by the Knoxville police department, he stated to the officers that at the previous places he worked ( Georgia and Alabama ) that it would have been taken care of. He criticized Knoxville law enforcement for doing their jobs. It is all on Youtube if anyone wants to check it out. My guess is that someone from Alabama and/or Georgia will be in his ear to end this frivolous lawsuit. As a previous poster noted, the freedom of information act will enable the courts to start digging into past indiscretions at his previous stops.
I have been attending University of Tennessee football games for the last 51 years and as a die-hard Vol fan I have to say this is the most disgusting and embarrassing behavior I have witnessed in all these years. My apologies as a TN fan to all of the Ole Miss fans and their team and also to the parents of the many potential recruits that were on campus for the weekend. There is no excuse for what happened and hopefully the University and the school will address the issue.
Southern Man, your KY team has eight seniors starting on defense and three of your offensive line starters are seniors. Your team is having their greatest year in your lifetime. Enjoy this season for all it is worth and maybe back off on the "here to stay" comment.
I guess the Braves are the only team in baseball that leads their division without pitchers? You sure know a lot about baseball. LOL