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That's not the real cojones. He hasn't called anyone who disagrees a moron. Must be another faker.
Whoever drafts Tua will have other players besides Wilson to draft. He could have used another year.
I think it is good fit. Monken and Newman have no history at Georgia so will be free to try new style. As for other Qbs seems like Stetson has been marginalized and will probably leave again. I don't know about Mathis. Maybe he stays out of loyalty and being similar in skills as Newman. Beck may wait and see. If we do get Vanergriff or Williams, I don't see him sticking around.
If he is second most prolific who is first?
Texas am needs him. But who knows. Seems like younger OBJ. Who needs that
Pat........Wow. The nurse will come around with your meds eventually. Hang in there.
He is definition of selfish. LSU just needs to ban him from school and functions and publicize it. That way he can't use them for self gratification.
Kind of tired of hearing about him. Got to be more to it than the cell phone deal. Wish someone would get to bottom of it.
Wonder who will replace him? Got to be lots of candidates for job.
he was always a guy who could have been starter on any other team. Now is his chance.
Herbie is flat out wrong. He expects players who are 18-21 years old to act like 40 year olds. He is one of these people who if they are awake they are talking. He doesn't know how to shut up.
I don't even know what that was supposed to mean.
Also...I like Johnson over Grant. Maybe Grant could play running back. Just a thougt.
Cook looks little to me. He gets handled like a rag doll when he is grabbed. Not sure he can stand up to rigors of more playing time without getting hurt.
Business isn't necessarily beautiful. Can be cutthroat at times. As long as UGA is televised I don't care what channel.
I don't think there is much to this. UGA may not even want him. All this talk of Stetson, Mathis leaving are panics.
I didn't think they would All declare for draft. Stevens will be star and team leader next season.
Lot of hate from little boy. I love listening to Larry and watching Hershel run over your team. Some of fondest memories. Thanks for reminding me. Meantime, try to relax. Its just football.
Hey Crock.....your right. Bristol at night was amazing. Would love to see Ga-TN game at Neyland. 98 kids comment aside I'm sure would have good time. That and Jax is on list. As for 98 kids, ok. Don't know why you pour the hate on but all is settled on field.
Actually Herb is ok. If he would just stop occasionally and count to five before speaking. He even does this on College Game Day. During predictions, everyone else is quick and too the point. He has to explain his pick. Probably by design. He's like Howard Cosell. Wouldn't be same without him.
Just FYI Crokett.....I ate the truck stop on the way to Bristol for race......not impressed.
Cowherd is absolute idiot. He is Joe Burrow. If there is any QB he reminds me of is Joe Montana. No matter what you threw at him he always had an answer.
In all the images Fulmer is clapping. Now Pruitt. Just an observation.