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I don't bet against Auburn @Jordan-Hare. That place is haunted. The refs know it too.
I live in Virginia 10 miles from West Va. As far as Fans are concerned, they are definitely Sec and most hate they are in little 12 a thousand miles away. They would jump at opportunity if presented.
If they stay in conference every team should run up score on their sorry a$$es. I used to pull for them sometimes because I like underdogs. No more. What a sorry excuse for program. They did Mason a favor.
They should be expelled from SEC. They can go independent or drop down to div 3. Why is Sec allowing them to pretend? They are getting big fat checks off other Members. So what about academics. Other similar schools at least try. They don't give a $hit about nothing. What a loser institution.
If your looking for a$$hole to show up. Bamatime delivers. No matter context or whatever. She will deliver.
I belive coach O will weather storm. Like LSUMC, who hates UGA for some reason, I am pulling for Cookie Monster. Sec needs coaches instead of cardboard cutouts that repeat monotone coach speak during press conferences.
I'm not bitter. It was long time ago. Was more making fun of Wasson nickname. jeez. Touchy fans for No 1. Say anything and like bunch of 9mm toothless animals attract. You woulda thought I disrespected Bear or something. Get a grip.
I think it would be huge mistake to fire Pruitt now or even at seasons end. So he stuck with Gauantano. Unless a scandal better off sticking with him unless a Savior arises that's too good to pass up. They aren't out there.
Stability is very underrated. 1980 was long time ago but Georgia has had (including Dooley) 4 coaches in 40 years. All have had success as far as winning seasons and bowl games with a few Sec champions. Teams are too quick to pull trigger these days and recruits see it. If a recruit sees a team that changes coaches like underwear, they are gonna choose stability. If UT wants to climb back in ring they need to give Pruitt time. At least 5,6, even 7 years. It won't happen over nite. And Fans need to be patient and willing to go thru some tough times.
I just don't know who would want him. His style doesn't fit anymore.
I don't think it will be a blowout either.
Like " My Cousin Vinnie". He's heard of grits he just never seen a grit.
What's up with all the 1sentence paragraphs? Amateurs.
I will always follow this kid wherever he goes and wish him the best. I am proud to be Bulldawg fan right now. I am proud of way program helped him. Sometimes it means more. This is perfect example.
Wish him all the best. Sorry we have so many Qbs that all can't take reps with first team. They still want UGA. Toxic? I dont think so. UGA saved his life as father said. Gave him fair chance to start season. Gave Stetson Bennett a chance. Now JT gets chance. Wil see after season over. Next year Brock, Carson, Daniels will compete. So f u ball locker jones. Go back to rioting and stealing.
Must have been hellava article to have this many comments.
Hey Sal....don't they have a site for honeybees somewhere?
Jake...a beard doesn't make you journalist or whatever SDS calls you.
He is good but acts like a baby at times. Just like George Pickens.
Best thing about it is Jamie erdahl. She's fine.
If tam can pay 75 mil for coach they better pay refs a few grand before playing at Jordan Hare
I think maybe Mason played her to try and keep his job. Didn't work. As for playoffs. I don't see anyone beating Bama. Now Thier defense is returning. Good luck to UF winning Sec champ game but won't happen with Grantham calling defense.
I believe they could have at least let him finish season. Not like they have people begging for Job.