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My posts are being shoved to bottom. Kirby willl not be on hot seat no matter what happens this year
The Braves have to be biggest disappointment although they won it all in 95. 14 straight div titles with best pitching staff in MLB history and to only get one? Never have been Hawks fan and admit fair weather Falcon Fan. The great choke against Pats in Super Bowl was more embarrassing than disappointing. The Dawgs have always had my heart and then it’s broken every year. At some point you kinda wonder. Rival fan bases always say “1980” as insult. But to me it reminds me of special year where it all worked out.
The left is getting tired of cancel culture too. They are eating their own.
Would to have him at UGA but he won’t be anointed one. He will most likely have to battle it out with equal talent on roster or another recruit just as good. If he goes somewhere else all good for young man.
Real Cojones....where miscreants waste their money learning drug trade.
I’m glad you enjoyed the Buck to Lindsay 92 yards to house as much as I did.
He just never seemed to find a groove. It’s probably mutual between him and team. Time to move on.
Many of those games were during tail end of Wally Butts and all three Griffith years. One of his losses was to Dooley in 1965 flea flicker game. Dooleys first signature win.
Jeez. It was different eras. I know 1980. It was great year. I was 16 and thought we would win next 2. But in many ways 1983 was even better because we finished 10-1-1 without Herschel.
I just don’t like to hear him tell HC he has red black and white running threw is veins one day and then decommits next day. Like a customer who promises to buy then never does. It’s never over till signing day. Would have loved to have him just wish he hadn’t “committed “ in first place.
Might as well switch. Beat downs are hard to take. Especially from uga.
We can all agree that Auburn will not be a rival to Bama or UGa for a while.
She’s pathetic. We own Auburn so she tries real hard.
Thanks for 1980 remark. Buck to Lindsay never gets old.
Yeah Aubie is dullest knife in drawer
We don’t care. As long as we’re knocking at door it will eventually open. We just have to kick it in if necessary
Auburn is about to go down Tennessee road. You think bringing minor league coach in to replace Gus will improve your league standing? That is delusional. Your about to experience a revolving door of coaches and once competitive rivalries become lopsided