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I am not trudawg. Leghumper has own opinions. I have mine
Cobb you must be rich or something worrying about wher Gus might wind up. Good for you but I just want to win Sat. That's all I want.
Don't take the wrong way. All I am saying is that I f we could somehow win Sat then we have momentum heading into SECCG. If we lose then over except maybe...big maybe..ny6 bowl.
we haven't won anything and going to Jordan Hare with our pathetic offense means our season could be over Sat night or We could actually Win out. Depends on Sat.
Way to guzzle the Tennesee whiskey. No kool aide for you guys! Wow.
Who are these ghosts your mentioning? Acorn and biggies?
Based on games I have actually watched and the schedules teams have played I like Christians rankings. Except I hate to say but UGA is about 6. They have 2 goods wins but 1 terrible loss. Alabama only has to beat Auburn and they are in. Win one game! Cause I don't see any losses for Ohiao state, Clemson, or LSU. Bama only has to beat Auburn and teams in front to win out. Who is gonna beat o state, LSU, or Clemmons? If Georgia wins east they will be a cripple factory facing west.
I was actually gonna compliment team but now that they have won some games they want to talk trash. Really giving your fans a great look.
It's Auburns defense against our offense that has me most concerned.
Just like with our hedges. Bama feeling same way. I guess if you win a game you get to say and do whatever you want and losing teams fans have no right to voice different opinion. Conduct doesn't matter. I can't imagine Bear,Vince, General Neyland, Shug Jordan, John Vaught, Frank Broyles saying that but different age now where everything is tolerated and accepted. I actually love Coach O and congrats to him and team and maybe he is too big to body surf in locker room, but the fact it was said knowing someone was gonna record it was naive at best and sure seems calculated. Better to apologize than ask permission. I know my comments will be met with different opinions but so be it. Also reports of LSU players going to Alabama recruits after game? That means might just backfire.
Sounds like you may not want to play Bama again. Hard to beat a team twice.
I think the bye week crap may bite us this game. It's away, we are more beat up ,they have had 2 weeks, plus a great defense. I'm in Larry Munson mode....".I just don't see how we can win men...the Whole world is against us.....even Thier cheerleaders are prettier than ours.....time to hunker down...." ( all except cheerleaders of course)
Just listened to the Dawgnation podcast and our o line is probably more hurt than Kirby is saying. Same with Cager. Kirby is in gamesmanship mode and doesn't want to let on but our team is very banged up. We were able to overcome other games where teams had byes but may be at disadvantage this week,
All I know is that not only did you beat us on the field but you are beating us again every time you lose. I knew you guys viewed us as big rival but this is rediculous.
One big advantage Auburn has is they were off. We had 3 linemen and our best receiver hurt. We may just lose this game because we are beat up and they aren't. I don't have a lot of confidence especially being at Thier stadium.
It doesn't matter right now. Win and in has been the ticket for weeks now. No sense in even arguing about it.
I don't think he will quit on his team like HBC did. He has more class in his pinky toe than Spurrier ever had.
PF is a lowlife coward Monday morning QB who has no qualms about being cutthroat journalist knowing ignorant people are his prime audience. He looks at camera with that stoic stupid face and meantime he will knife you. Go ahead. Ask me what I really think about him.
I get a headache just reading the comments. Wish I hadn't now. Focus needs to be Auburn only. We have good defense too at least. I wouldn't mind 8 game playoff though. Seems would be good for years like this.
I need some hog fans to help me out here. I know about Frank Broyles and a little about the old SWC. I know it was once a scary trip out to Fayetteville many years ago. But can you validate the part about " we are the Univserity of Arkansas and we have a proud and storied tradition"? Not to pile on but sounds a lot like Ole Miss.
Is it possible to not have a class? They may wind up around 75th in country. These 3 stars better jump at scholarship offers because they don't seem to be highly rated.