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Yellowhammer needs a yellohamer. Melo yellow and 151
Kinda little but ok for walk on I guess.
I grew up across street from Woodward academy. It used to be Georgia Military Academy. Great athletic and academic programs. My sister graduated from there along side dignitaries kids like daughter of Andrew Young. Gotta be rich to go there. My parents sacrificed almost everything for sis to go there. I did get to bang one of her friends.
He probably meant it as later editions coming but I would be giving him a pass he doesn’t deserve.
He was injured all year also. Wish him well.
I wouldn’t call Pitt powerhouse. He probably wasn’t all that good to start with.
Why you single me out? Just because I like bands I grew up listening to? I’m not reading your stupid list because I don’t care what you think.
Actually you started exchange and Ron has a point. What has Ole Miss done since early 1960s?
Probably tampering but may want to closer to home. Injury prone anyway.WTH.
Lesson learned is takes many years to build a culture only a couple to destroy one.
Agree. First he says he doesn’t want to get on soapbox then says Mullen would be excellent hire. Except he doesn’t like to recruit like Saban expects his coaches to.