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Lindsay Scott's jersey from 1980 Florida game.
I guess he didn't like idea of the military committment.
These debate articles are stupid because they are made up. And Connor's articles are way too long.
Why not? If that is what he wants to do.Free country. All lives Matter.
This whole stupid mess is ridiculous. Protestors and left aren't interested in equality. They now want to be masters and enslave those that are conservative or don't openly support them.They are worse racists than any police department they want to abolish.
Take both. Who cares? We aren't gonna waste 2 scholarships on them. You can if you want.
Three things I hate.....roofing, painting, and moving.
I don't care what he does. Not on my radar at all.
This year overall depth will be even more important than usual. Teams can't count on first 22 in lineup.
Been that way for a while. I just wish it was that easy. Tired of hearing "1980" all the time.
Besides Alabama all games look winnable. Who knows even Bama is now t invincible.
Agree. Spears is excellent and balances Tebow and McElroy. Laura is a fox and is very articulate
Leave it to someone to turn football article into a forum to express racism and hatred. You go here to escape and someone has to ruin it.
Funny how all these experts never mention the offensive line. Only the skill people.