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I know right. We play Auburn, Tennessee plays Bama. Sc plays Tanm. Who do they want?
He did. Some think point spreads and odds are everything. Teams have pride which is something Uf doesn’t seem to get.
I guess Beating Florida isn’t that big a deal some folks
Bama, tam, ky defenses aren’t mediocre
Auburn lost by 24. Kentucky lost by 17.
Auburn scored 10 at home. Ky scored 13 on road.
They cheered when Nick Chubb was carted off cow pasture field. Bunch of low life animals who don’t deserve any respect at all.
Salute to KY and Big Blue Nation. What a tough , well coached, team you have. Keep building that tradition.
We aren’t claiming this lunatic as part of our fan base.
He wanted to score for his players. Defense job to stop them, Kirby would do same thing.
The problem hunchback has is that he is lazy. He doesn’t want to work hard to get the players or coaches he needs to be successful. Plus he says stupid stuff and acts like idiot and embarrasses employer. Kirby, Jimbo, Mark Stoops, even Lane know you have to work hard or your going to get buried. Especially in the SEC.
Why do you have to spoil it? It’s a game. Why bring God into it?
It doesn’t matter. Only the next game.
Your only half way. Done already? I thought you guys were excited about Drink. Even In worst seasons i have never given up.
Ark beats Barn Miss beats Tenn Sc beats who again. Tanm beats Miz Bama beats MSU LSU beats turds Ky keeps it close. Maybe
I know we’ve had our differences but LSU fans sounds like they want a Tennessee situation. Run a guy out of town, put unrealistic pressure on whoever is hired and hope best. Then cycle repeats. Next thing one down year turns into 10. Don’t let it happen. O deserves chance to right ship for few years.
I think he will get fired but O will make out. It hasn’t happened yet. I think LSU should fight and keep him. They should obstruct every angle. NCAA will cave if you fight back. They are looking for easy prey.
Want to get out of game I guess? Sorry but our crossover game is Auburn since 1892. Go talk to another team besides us and Tennessee. Can’t help your panty ass