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My niece lives in Minot Nd and Bison are big deal up there.
He will probably be hall of farmer some day. Lynn Swan wasn’t big but made plays. All about making plays in the show.
Sounds like you guys could help his mother. If there is more you should contact authorities or family
Talent is there just not experience
I agree. Like LSU last season. We have main guy but even if worst case we can turn to someone else. I think Our Qb situation is ok next year. Main concern to me is inexperienced corners.
Why mention NFL. SDS is for college right? Also as UGA fan whenever someone mentions 1980 I feel really good. Reagan was elected, Belue to Lindsay, etc. Good times. If trolls were smart they would mention 2007, 2012, or 2017.
He’s a hot mess. Didn’t some other lineman in NFL jump off balcony too? Jeez.
The only way I see it as being worse possibly is if offense gives them lots of short fields to defend, turnovers, 3 and outs, etc.
Why are replies to comments shoved to bottom of thread where it means nothing? Lame
Says he talked over with family. I guess they don’t value a Vandy degree either.
Seems like it was long time ago when Miles was coach. What year was he let go? They are doing some serious digging down there. No telling what they will find. LSU could be in deep $hit.
Don’t you have riot or drug deal to attend? Or did you sleep past your bedtime. Next plane to third world awaits you.
He definitely has mental issues. He needs to be banned. We don’t want him. Valdosta has huge history and tradition. Don’t let this a$$hole screw it up.
What’s purpose of reply when if you do it’s shoved to bottom of thread. SDS is lame.
I don’t think that’s the case. His screen name is funny take on Dawgs.