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I just think the absence of fans will negate a lot of the homefield advantage many SEC teams are used to.
Matty you described Marine boot camp. Tear you down, stress you out, rebuild. I'm not sure that is right analogy for athletes but I get where you are coming from.
They might be overwhelmed in first game but I see Arkansas breaking sec drought before season over.
I agree with LSUSMC. Let the players transfer and play. You cut out games, start late, and then penalize athletes. SEC needs to grant all these requests.
I have nothing against University of Mississippi. But both Mississippi schools made a big fuss over state flag, the Rebel mascot, playing DIxie, but no condemnation over using Ole Miss. It was term used in slave days to describe the head matriarch of slaves on a plantation.
is Reese 17? I thought 18 made you a legal adult. He has chosen to use race card. Nobody forced him to make this statement. It's just sour grapes because he wasn't good enough to be full time starter because of other players ahead of him. He transferred because he had easier path at Ole Miss. By the way isn't Ole Miss a derogatory name for a program?
I was not aware of SCs qb situation. I always thought Hillinski was going to get chance to have the sophomore leap as they all talk about for true freshman starters.
It could be anyone's year if cards fall right. Can anyone confirm the red pants for me? I don't think they had a stripe in 1980 but can't find any images.
The Notre dame thing is getting old. Guess they are trying to create some sort of rivalry.
That's his style. At least he is consistent. He has always been that way and seems to have fun with it. More power to him.
Jake Rill.....why don't you do more of this instead of the other crap. You are on evening shift for a reason it seems.
I see SDS it at it again. They publish an article and then close the comments. The OtIs Reese article is prime example.nif they don't want comments don't publish the article.
Bro??? What kind of third world is Mike living in? Dak has been gone for while. Loser
Dirty birds was long time ago. 1998. glad to see you survived all the flooding in last 20 years from storms. Not an issue where I am.
Bayou why the hate for anything Georgia related?
I don't watch NFL. I thought this was a college site.