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This is a stupid article. I wish I wouldn't have read it.
Ben...thanks for comments.Classy on your part.Olive branch extended but Georgia fans endured whole off season of trolling not just from gator fans but coach as well. It stirs the passion.
Gator Jim .....I said the circle jerk crap on another post. It must have really bothered you enough to try to duplicate here. Try to be at least a little creative. But thanks for the compliment.
I can't stand the crew that called game. Levy is screaming whole time. I had column off but saw the play so i didn't hear comments. He does need to apologize and admit he was wrong or else he can't claim to be professional.
Goes to show how fortunate programs are to get a good coach and keep them. Alabama was in the wilderness before Saban.
I know it is rare for coaches to reach longevity today but I just don't see Kirby going away. I think he will be UGA coach for 20+ years.
I'm not like rest of gator losers and spend all day trying to make a point. I do this while thinking of them in most charming way.
It was about their game. Duh. But they didn't look that great with or without Frank's.
Glad someone has confidence. Although joe marks confidence is suspect. Loser
Still Sec Crap fest. Took dump in both places. Felt safer in Knoxville. too much criminal in Gainesville. I decided to hold it until Fla. With Mullet at every stop I don't feel safe with homoerotc dances. So I continued down 75. With the credit card fraud, assault and everything else i figured safer to dump on joe marks co jones gator jack gator Jim and also Ben.
I'm with you Dowar. I don't have Ga Black.
What kind of remark was that first post anyway? A Mullet lap dance in his future? Hopefuly Trask can avoid that the temptation and just play
Quit your cryin Ben and get ready for the mauling both sides of your lines are gonna suffer.
Don't try to be his Daddy. It's obvious he was missing something growing up.
With a name like yours it fits in well.
Do jones and Marks even watch Gator games? They are obsessed with UGA Stats. Beyond the long one( what was Tusk good for? He ran one in but we have 5 RBs to do that. Our pass game is built on speed. Our guys can catch and run. 60 yard screen is 6 points just like 60 yd bomb.
Hey Gators. Get ready for the beat down coming your way. Hunch back cousin Eddy will wear his new shoes around his shoulders. Oh I forgot he has vulture neck. Bunch of loser classless criminal people.
Smart,boxer, luscm Go away I hate you more than gators.