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I still dont think we will have football at all this year. There are just too many unknowns.
Way to kick a guy. Does he really deserve this?
They did one on UGA so now LSU. Expect a lot of these type articles for a while. Pretty much filler so writers can can work.
Maybe he thinks he can just write anything about TN fans cause he is TN grad.
Good luck. After UGA won first game was interested in seeing him play in Sec tourney.
It might just make me watch Falcons games. I usually don't care too much about NFL.
Hopefully he can get his mojo back.
It's about playoff expansion and recruiting. All these games will be on national tv so helps recruiting. Also paves way for more potential losses to make expanded playoff because of schedule strength. The CFP won't stay at 4 forever.
None of these are surprising. Lack of spring practice probably hurst Georgia more than anyone else considering circumstances.
Like Roger Staubach said when's about the system by man with funny hat (Landry) this case hoody (Belichek). Landry was successful but never went to another Super Bowl. Maybe Belichek can. In meantime Brady might do what Manning did and win Super Bowl with new team. Or be like Montana and be good but not quite with new team.
My girls band trip to NYC was cancelled after everyone paid. To me it's not about money but 2 broken hearts. I just don't think we cure everything by everyone staying at home. Life has to go on. What's next? No grocery stores? Beyond belief.
what would you suggest? Not venturing outside or coming in contact with anyone? How would that work in real life? Brilliant.
Forget Trump. You imply that other countries economies are crashing because of virus. Is ours supposed to crash too because of fear?
Nobody is pretending it's not happening but is avoiding being around other people the answer? Everybody's solution is to eliminate crowds. Is it 3 people? 300? 3000? 30000? It's not just sporting events. People are in crowded situations all the time. How about hospitals? Stop admitting people? How about large factories and offices? Just shut down? I mean come on.
Relax Army...nobody said it was top news or anything.Everything you mentioned is not sports related. Just a fun article. Talk about get a life.
I guess to prevent the spread everyone should stay home. Don't go to work. Don't go to grocery store. Don't go to airports. Don't go to movies or restaurants. Don't go to school. Or concerts. Stop living.
Amen tigers8116. And we will be seeing you fairly often in coming years. That's a good thing for both fan bases.
Frank Gifford was glue that held the mystique of MNF together. Once he left the original glory was gone.
Under appreciated.....I'm not gonna explain something you're u should know. Look it up.