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This article is old. Whether team of decade or not, we can cherish this. One game at a time, one season at a time. We have historically been good even during down years. My faith in program won’t change.
Great job Luke& co. Keep the big boys coming. It’s a line of scrimmage league.
I’ve often wondered what it would be like to cook and eat a goose. I hear they are tasty but produce lot of grease.
He was one that got away. Wish him best.
He deserves all the best. Seems like great young man.
Recruit better. Take some Tylenol for head. Had to hurt.
Great job gamecocks. My response to booches is under moderation by the communist SDs
There’s a bunch of decent ones in portal. Maybe JT Daniels after season.
Right about that. That’s Ear’s take on everybody. Monday morning Qb, captain obvious and “ he hurt me here” rolled into one vengeful person with audience. He will pile on anybody.
I wish I had majored in history. I went business and wound up in sales career where major doesn’t matter.
The picture reminds of kid in Heartbreak Ridge movie.
I never saw enough of him playing to have opinion but LSU needs the QB depth now.
That’s right. They weren’t prepared or motivated it seems. The fans want it more than players.
That’s not what he said. Whatever he said he’s not famous for it.
We would have lost with a Bama penalty on every play.
We won’t be motivated after Saturday. Sorry but true. Kirby expectected to coast and got hammered. Players are happy to be there.