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Did this dude include his own tweet as part of the article? Weird flex imo man.he also misrepresenting LSU (who was 10 players down) and had the second and third strings playing most of the game.
Don't bother they are gonna cry "bias" no matter what reason and logic matter not .
Do you even read articles ? This is 2hy you don't mess/prank with live mascots ...that's a real shame yall .
Lol I'm beginning to this everything ucf related is some elaborate marketing scheme...and it is genius cause we all fall for it .
I swear can anything happen in college football without Ucf making it about them. Total disrespect to FLA and GA . Should be funny to watch them get owned though.
It's a bad call LSU is right to appeal, plus I'd rather they had their best player so we don't have to listen to "we didn't have our best player" all year ...bring your best we want it ...ROLL TIDE
Rewind that Clip to the mizzu player with a blantant push to the head . And I have an answer to that BAMA trash crap he shouldn't have done it and it's not an excuse but get down off your high horse mizzu.
Lsu players " Hey I wanna get on the news this week " solution:talk redicilous/irrelevant crap about Bama.